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Best Cocktails To Make With Titos

Best Cocktails To Make With Titos

Summer is basically here, so it’s time to think about the refreshing drinks we all need to cool us off. Titos’ is one of the best brands of Vodka, at least in my opinion. Titos vodka pairs well with a ton of mixes, and is one of the smoothest Vodkas. If you’re making cocktails this summer, here’s some of the best cocktails to make with Titos!

Titos & Limeade

You can consider Titos Vodka and limeade a cocktail, if you’re putting it together in a shaker. You can also just add the juice and Titos and mix it in a glass with a spoon. Limeade pairs better with lemonade, and seems to taste a lot less sugary for some reason. You can also just do lemonade, vodka, and squeeze a fresh lime or add a little lime juice to your cocktail to give it some extra zest and citrus.

Long Island Iced Tea

There’s a ton of alcohol in Long Island, but they are definitely one of the most popular cocktails. Rum, vodka, tequila, triple sec, and gin make up the recipe for alcohol inside a Long Island. Using the right proportions for the alcohol, mix along with lemon juice and coca cola, to make the perfect Long Island. 

Moscow Mule

This is one of the most simple cocktails ever – that only needs three ingredients to make a cozy drink that is suitable for year round. Ginger beer, lime juice, and vodka make up a moscow mule. Using Titos as your choice of vodka can make it taste even better – especially when it’s poured in its classic, copper mug.Best Cocktails To Make With Titos


Vodka Sunrise

You’ve heard of a tequila sunrise, and so a vodka sunrise is pretty much the same – just with a different choice of alcohol. So if you don’t like tequila, but you love a sweet, pretty cocktail, this is for you. It’s also one of the simple cocktails you can make at home using just grenadine, orange juice and Titos. The way to make this cocktail resemble a sunrise is the way it is poured. You can drop your ice in a glass, pour in your vodka, your orange juice and then the important part to finish the sunrise – grenadine syrup. This makes the perfect color scheme for a drink to remind you of a sunny summer day.

Best Cocktails To Make With Titos

Berry Mule

Similar to a Moscow mule – but with an extra touch. Adding muddled blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, or strawberries into your mule can make it have a more fruity taste to it and still being a refreshing drink for summer. You will still need your ingredients of Titos Vodka, ginger beer and lime juice and the berries will add a little extra sweetness to this classic cocktail. 

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Hawaiian Mule

Okay, mules are just super popular, to be honest. And what sounds more like summer than a Hawaiian cocktail? Even if we aren’t traveling to Hawaii, we can still drink some fruity cocktails that will be sure to remind us of relaxing on the beach with some sunshine. What makes a mule a Maui Mule or a Hawaiian mule, is the use of passion fruit within the cocktail. You could use pineapple flavored vodka to make a Hawaiian mule, or you could Tito’s vodka (which as you can tell from this article, you can’t really go wrong with). You will still need your ginger beer, fresh lime juice (unless you want to use sweetened lime juice), ice, a copper mug (for the real  Mule experience) passion fruit juice or purée, and then – pineapple! You will mix together the passion fruit juice or purée, along with the ice, ginger beer and vodka. You can then dice up pineapple for your mule, or use pulp from a pineapple into your drink. You can garnish this mule with mint for the last touch on this cocktail. There are a ton of ways you could make a Hawaiian mule, but this way will definitely remind you of nice, summer weather, Hawaii’s palm trees, and beaches. You can make mules in a lot of different ways by keeping the three ingredients that make it special – ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice and also add your own twist to this type of cocktail or try beloved recipes for other mules.

Vodka Soda

One cocktail that is on the lower end of calories, and is especially delicious with Titos vodka instead of another vodka is the simple drink that is vodka soda. All you need is vodka, club soda, and a lemon or lime to squeeze into your cocktail. You can also use flavored seltzer instead of club soda to add some more sweetness to your drink. Since seltzer already has no calories, it can make for a good alternative to a sweeter, more sugary cocktail. One good vodka soda cocktail is, Titos vodka, Polar’s Orange-Vanilla seltzer, ice and a garnish or squeeze of lemon to add some citrus to the mix. To make your cocktail even tastier, you can try a splash of cranberry juice – which vodka and cranberry juice on its own seems to be a classic, go-to drink to order at a bar or a restaurant. Another way to make a simple vodka soda, is to do club soda, or seltzer, Titos vodka, and lime juice. Sweetened lime juice especially can make the drink not taste as strong, since club soda doesn’t have much flavor anyway, while fresh lime juice can add a refreshing taste while staying on the less sweet side of cocktails to drink! Next time you’re thinking of what cocktails to make for your dinner party, or just to drink with your friends – give Titos vodka a try for when you want to get creative with making cocktails, and check out these refreshing cocktails for the summertime!

Best Cocktails To Make With Titos

What are your favorite cocktails to make at your house or have at a restaurant? Is Titos Vodka the best vodka in your opinion? Let us know in the comments!