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15 Best Clean Eating Snacks For College

15 Best Clean Eating Snacks For College

Like almost everyone else, I started out 2017 with a resolution to eat healthier and to lose some weight.  Of course, that’s a lot easier said than done.  When I got back to school in mid-January, my apartment was stocked with pop-tarts, chocolate, pickles, and chips.  Something needed to change if I was going to keep to my new year’s resolution.  So, with that in mind, I searched Pinterest for some ideas and headed off to the grocery store. Keep reading for the best clean eating snacks for college!

What is “Clean Eating”?

Clean eating is a great way to begin living a healthier lifestyle.  Everyone has their own ideas of what is “healthy,” but clean eating takes it back to the basics by looking for whole, minimally processed foods.  Below I have compiled 15 clean eating snacks that are easy to prepare, and will fit into both a college schedule and a college budget.

1. Granola has compiled a fantastic list of granola recipes which can be found here.  In it’s most basic sense, though, granola is simply oats, nuts/seeds, and dried fruit cooked with syrup or honey.  It’s a very tasty snack that can be enjoyed alone or with something else (yogurt, for example).


2. Peanut Butter Energy Bites

This is probably one of my favorite recipes. ChefSavvy shared it the Spring of my freshman year, and I’ve made countless batches since.  My favorite thing about this recipe (besides the peanut butter) is that it only requires 5 ingredients and there’s no oven necessary!

3. Baked Apple Chips

My mom used to make apple chips for me when I was a kid, and it’s still a favorite of mine, despite the extra time that it takes to make.  Annemarie at has posted a great recipe on her blog, and it is well worth the two hours on a Sunday afternoon to make.



4. Frozen Grapes

So maybe you want something that takes a little less effort.  If you pop some grapes into the freezer, they make a great snack (especially when you come home hot and sweaty from the gym).

5. Fresh Fruit

While we’re on the topic of grapes, any fresh fruit also makes a good snack.  Plus, the natural sweetness means that you can almost convince yourself that you’re cheating your diet.  Bonus points if you can buy from a local farmer’s market!

6. Yogurt Parfait

I love yogurt and all of the creativity that can be put into making it into a snack.  When I go to the grocery store, I typically pick up a quart of Greek yogurt and bring it home to make parfaits with fresh fruit and granola (remember number 1!).


or, yogurt is also a great base for…

8. Smoothies

Some people may not like to drink their snacks, but smoothies are really convenient when you’re on the go.  Plus they’re really easy to make, and you can change them up day to day.

9. Trail Mix

Trail mix is another perfect snack for on the go college students.  I also like it because you can mix salty and sweet.  There are so many way to personalize trail mix to what you want, but I find some of my favorite varieties on Pinterest.


10. Air Popped Popcorn

I’ve never owned my own air-popper, but I lived down the hall from a girl who did.  The reality, though, is that most dorm rooms don’t have the space for extra appliances.  This shouldn’t stop you from making air-popped though, just stock up on paper lunch bags and popcorn kernels at the grocery store and you can use your microwave!

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11. Overnight Oats

 Overnight oats are typically more of a breakfast thing, but small batches can also make a heavier snack on the day where you know you will be late getting home for dinner.  There are so many ways to make overnight oats, I recommend making a simple Pinterest search to find a recipe that works for you.


12. Apple and Peanut Butter

Another really simple, clean eating snack.  Just slice up and apple and put some peanut butter (or your other nut butter/nut butter substitute) on it.  One of the kids that I babysit for also likes to put raisins on top and calls them her “apple cookies.”

13. Whole Wheat Pita and Hummus

I’m just gonna come right out and admit that I am a little bit of a hummus addict, but the first step to fixing the problem is acknowledging that you have one, right?  Anyway, hummus and whole wheat pita are another great, and really filling snack.

14. Fresh Veggies

Fresh veggies can be a great, healthy snack that takes almost zero effort on your part.  You can either snack on the veggies alone, or they are great paired with hummus or a homemade dip.  Again, I definitely advocate the farmer’s market if you have one near your campus.


15. Baked Sweet Potato or Zucchini Chips

 Last, but certainly not least, if you have a little bit of time to spare, Sweet Potato Chips or Zucchini Chips are definitely worth the effort.  It’s like having potato chips, but with less of the greasiness and gross additives.

So now you have 15 ideas for clean, healthy, and college-friendly snacks. Happy eating!

What do you think the best clean eating snacks for college are? Comment below.
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