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6 Best Cities To Travel To Over The Summer

6 Best Cities To Travel To Over The Summer

Take a look at these best cities to travel to over the summer 2018 season! Whether it it overseas or in the USA, we have you covered.
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Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Ciao! Salut! Hallo! Ni Hao! Shalom! Ola! Hej! Czesc! Thinking of taking a vacation before the hectic Fall semester ? Try some of my personal favorite vacation getaway locations ! Looking for some culture ? London is the place for you. Looking for some relaxation? Honolulu is the place for you. Looking for a “wow” factor ? Capri is my favorite for best cities to travel to. Each city has its own traits and characteristics, find the right one for you with this guide.

London, United Kingdom

Hip! Posh! Extravagant ! London offers everything. From the globe theatre to the London Eye, there is something for everyone. The children can go to the London zoo. The teens can go sightseeing and shopping (visit Carnaby for younger brands)  and maybe even a bar. The drinking regulations are that if you are between 16-18 you can have an alcoholic beverage if you order food. But if you are 18 or older, you may do as you please. The adults can enjoy Michelin restaurants parred with a show in the evening. London is a great city whether it’s for a family vacation or a trip with your friends!


Capri, Italy

The epitome of the “million dollar view” is on the island of Capri with its breathtaking scenic views of the city and its natural landscape. If you take the little tram up to the top of the viewpoint you can see the uninterrupted beautiful view. Looking down, you can see the cobalt blue sea with mega yachts in the water and people tanning on the white sand beaches. At eye level, there is a forest of greenery that blankets the rocky island that makes Capri a picture-perfect destination. Along the single-pathway, there is a nice mix of luxury shops and local boutiques. If you go to Capri, you have to try the espresso and gelato and just sit and take in the amazing surroundings.

Honolulu, US

Honolulu is like a tropical resort that still has cosmopolitan feats. On the nature side, there are surreal views from the top of the Diamond Head mountain. With just a 30 minute hike, the pathway takes you to an amazing viewpoint where you can overlook the city and the Pacific Ocean. Another main attraction would be the watersports that are available at most beaches. You can surf, snorkel, parasail and even go on a submarine tour. But my absolute favorite activity would be snorkeling in the clear blue water of Hanauma Bay. After a day of activities, take it easy and go have a nice meal at the Vintage Cave Club at the Ala Moana mall. If you like warm weather, this is one of the best cities to travel to.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is known for the glitz and the glam, famous for its casino, Formula 1 car races and it’s posh environment. This European city is one of the best cities to travel to becuase it is recognized for its luxury and extravagant display of wealth. Even if casinos and gambling are not your scene, just go into the iconic Monte Carlo Casino to experience the ambiance and the opulent surroundings. One would assume that in the city, known as the playground to billionaires, the taxes would be incredibly high to upkeep the lavish surroundings. But contrary to popular belief, there is no income taxes or capital gain taxes in Monaco.

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New York, US

The city that never sleeps! New York is where dreams are made. Within just one city there are several distinct environments within the different neighbourhoods. Some of my favorite areas are Chelsea, Little Italy,  Soho and Times Square. In Chelsea, aside from the art galleries and different restaurants, there is the High Line. The High Line is an elevated promenade that has a view of both the neighborhood and industrial landmarks. Little Italy is basically a piece of Italy that has been copied and pasted into the heart of the city. Soho is the best place to shop in the city as it has both high-end boutiques and fun pop-up stores. It is also the place with some of the most instagrammable cafes in New York. Try one of my favorite milkshakes and burgers at Black Tap! Can you really say that you have been to NYC if you haven’t been to Times Square? Times Square is the most iconic part about the city, with its ginormous advertisement signs and the three-storie billboard signs.

Paris, France

Paris is famously known as the City of Love and is one of the best cities to travel to.  Any romantic imagines going with their significant other and roaming the cobblestone streets of Paris. Paris has so much to offer. If culture is your forté you will find the art amazing. Visit the louvre to see the Mona Lisa. If you are a foodie, Paris is the city for you. From the colorful macarons to seared foie gras, there is something for everyone. If you are into fashion, Champs Elysee is something that you have to check out. Make sure to remember to ask for value added tax (VAT) if you buy things within Europe! You can get money back because the cities refund you part of the taxes of your purchase.


Which of these best cities to travel to are you going to try this summer? Let us know in the comments.

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