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11 Best Cities To Live According To Your Zodiac

11 Best Cities To Live According To Your Zodiac

Picking a city based on your zodiac can be a great way to narrow down places to live! Keep reading for a list of the twelve best cities to live based on your zodiac.

1.Aries/ New York, New York

Aries are usually categorized by their determination which they definitely have in spades. They are natural leaders and relentlessly hard workers. Aries are incredibly ambitious and independent and thrive taking on new challenges. They love being stimulated by their surroundings and friends and can often be found with an eclectic social circle. 

The perfect city for an Aries is New York City. They have constant stimulation from the new people they’ll meet on a daily basis and the freedom to explore one of the best cities to live in the world. New York City is the perfect backdrop for Aries looking to accomplish their wildest dreams.


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2. Leo/ Los Angeles, California

 Leo’s are ruled by the element of fire and often have dominant personalities to match. Their intensity is palpable by those around them and they tend to naturally find themselves in leadership positions. Their flair for dramatics and their natural charisma often have them leaning to a career in the arts. They aren’t typically shy and thrive off being the center of attention.

Because they are innately brave and naturally creative they would do well in Los Angeles.


Whether pursuing a career in the arts or just looking for a city with ample sunlight, Leos will find plenty to do in the City of Angels.

10 best cities to live in based on zodiac

3. Cancer/ Raleigh, North Carolina

Cancer’s have a deeply ingrained value system and often prioritize family life over other endeavors. They are typically very loyal, trusting, and supportive. Many individuals who fall under this sun sign look forward to parenthood and are often highly sensitive to their surroundings. 


Because they are highly intuitive and able to quickly absorb the energies around them they are less suited for highly populated cities. Individuals under the Cancer sun sign thrive in more peaceful environments where they can direct their focus on loved ones. 

Raleigh, North Carolina is a growing city that has been ranked as one of the best cities to raise a family in. It is only a short drive from the beach for these water signs to enjoy an outdoor activity with their friends and families

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4. Pisces/ Paris, France

Pisces are often seen as dreamy, gentle souls and this definitely hits the nail on the head for them. They are romantics at heart and value genuine connection with others above all else. 

They have an affinity for the arts and are driven and intrigued by beauty. 

One of the best cities to live in for the Pisces individual is Paris, France. They have the ability to connect with people from all over the world and are immersed in a city filled with a rich and vibrant history. 


12 best cities to live according to your zodiac

5. Scorpio/ Dubai

Scorpio’s have dominant energy that is hard to miss. They are filled with fiery passion and ambition. This sun sign is incredibly loyal and constantly looking for ways to improve themselves. 

Because of their driven natures and inclination towards status, Dubai would make a perfect city for the adventure-seeking Scorpio. 


They’ll fit right into the fast-paced nature of the city and turn all their dreams into a reality in this gorgeous setting.

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6. Taurus/Boston, Massachusetts

Individuals under the sun sign of Taurus are inclined towards logic and generosity. They love the luxuries in life and prefer to relax and spend time kicking back with friends. They tend to be very practical and stubbornly set in their ways. 


A great city for this sign is Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is a melting pot of culture, art, and academia. There is a strong sense of community and great outdoor recreational areas for the earth signs.  

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7. Saggitarius/ Las Vegas, Nevada

This sign is ruled by their curiosity and sense of adventure. They love exploring new terrain and usually love most outdoor activities. They are intelligent and deep thinkers who thrive in new and exciting situations. 


Las Vegas offers the best of both worlds for this sun sign. If they’re feeling particularly wild and social they can spend time on the strip going to fun clubs and shows. For outdoor enthusiasts, Las Vegas has a whole undiscovered world of deserts and canyons that are ready to be explored. 

10 best cities to live in based on zodiac

8.Gemini/ London, England

Gemini’s are typically social creatures who are more adaptable than most and thrive on intelligent conversation and wit. They are sometimes impulsive and indecisive and prefer environments that can appeal to the different facets of their personalities.


London, England is one of the best cities to live in for Gemini’s. It allows them to experience a myriad of different cultures due to it being a global hub and their naturally dry sense of humor is a perfect fit. Gemini jet setters are also a short flight or train ride from several other countries to continue their adventures in.

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9. Virgo/ San Francisco, California

Virgos are often defined by their pragmatism, logic, and consistency. They often approach life with a systemized plan and focus. They appreciate intelligence and are very analytically minded. 

This sun sign is a perfectionist and enjoys being surrounded by beauty. 

San Francisco is one of the best cities to live in for this earth sign. Because of its major tech hub, Virgos won’t have any issues finding a job here that they’ll be happy in. 


12 best cities to live based on your zodiac

10. Libra/ Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is the perfect location for our Libra friends. They are often described as being diplomatic and focused on justice which makes this the perfect location for them. 

Libra’s romantic and charming nature will love getting lost in the rich history of D.C and they’ll definitely value the gorgeous architecture. 


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11. Capricorn/ Denver, Colorado

Capricorns are deeply connected to their earth element and thrive in an environment filled with natural beauty. They are hard-working and dedicated to their goals making Denver one of the best cities for them to live.

Denver’s start-up culture will have Capricorn’s feeling incredibly motivated and inspired. They are also surrounded by gorgeous mountains that they can quickly escape into whenever they need a break!


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12. Aquarius/ Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Aquarius is mostly noted for their ability to march to the beat of their own drum. They are fiercely independent and are often the most unique and quirky ones out of their friend group. 

Aquarians will love Amsterdam for its theatrical charm and liberal views. It is one of the best cities to live in for those looking for some non-conformity.


10 best cities to live in based on zodiac

Which city do you think is the best fit for your zodiac sign?! Do you love busy cities or ones closer tied to nature? Let us know in the comments!