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12 Best Christmas Markets In Germany You Need To Visit

12 Best Christmas Markets In Germany You Need To Visit

These Christmas markets in Germany are an absolute must when you are visiting for the holidays! Their decor is something you should check out.

When it comes to Christmas, Germans know how to celebrate this festive season well with markets filled with Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts and you guessed it booze. If you’re thinking of spending Christmas abroad then the first place on your mind should be Germany, for a whole month leading up to Christmas you won’t be able to walk onto a street without being amazed by Christmas light and of course the German Christmas markets will be there all the time so you’ll never be short of Christmas spirit. Here are a few of the best Christmas markets in Germany.

1. Berlin

Why not head to the Capital for some Christmas spirit, it’s home to around 60 Christmas markets each different in their own way and worth visiting. You can get everything you ever want from these Christmas markets from amazing Christmas food which are traditionally German or handcrafted gifts perfect for giving to close ones. Some markets do charge to enter so make sure you check but they shouldn’t be more than a euro or two per person.


2. Cologne

If you want a Christmas market where you just want a bit of fun then Cologne is the place to go, it’s relaxed, friendly and full of festive fun. Cologne is also the best place to get gifts which have some level of though into it, not just those overpriced ones that aren’t even that great. You can even eat things like church shaped waffles and chocolate shaped into tools.

3. Frankfurt

Frankfurt is another famous city in Germany with a Christmas market known for it’s amazing food where you can eat so many type of sausage meats to pretzels sweet or savory and from gingerbread biscuits to a whole range of sweets. But there are also things like Christmas ornaments, decorations, toys and so much more which you will love.


4. Dresden

If you like something more traditional then there is a medieval Christmas market in Dresden which was the first ever in Germany and said to have been around since 1434! If you’re a history nerd then this Christmas market is perfect for you. It is also home to the tallest Christmas pyramid which is 14 meters tall.

5. Nuremberg

Nuremberg is one of the biggest Christmas markets in Germany which attracts over 2 million visitors each year and you have to go to see why. You can do everything from eating traditional German Christmas food like Nuremberg gingerbread to looking for the famous gold angels. The Christmas market in Nuremberg is one you have to visit when in Germany.


6. Esslingen

Esslingen is full of Christmas markets in Germany from medieval ones to circus ones to more traditional ones so there’s one for everyone. Esslingen it’s self is a perfectly preserved medieval town which has beautiful architecture which dates back as far as the 1600s, this town is a holy grail for anyone interested in history.


7. Munich

There are 24 Christmas markets in Munich and this great city has a lot to offer. You will feel like you’ve just walked into a Christmas fairy tale with little singing Santas everywhere. Munich is also home to one of the oldest Christmas markets in the world dating back to the 1300’s and is second to Vienna which dates back to the late 1200’s.

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8. Stuttgart

You can do all your festive shopping in the Stuttgart Christmas market, from gifts to decorations it’s all here. There are other things other than just shopping you can do like ice skating which is even better when it’s snowing. You can even eat chocolate covered anything here which is a Christmas dream.

9. Hamburg

Hamburg is another great place to go when in Germany, they have places like the Winterdom which is sort of like a winter wonderland and even a gingerbread village. But there are traditional Christmas markets in Germany too which sell the usual gifts and food which you can enjoy whilst there.


Do you know any amazing Christmas markets in Germany? Let us know in the comments.

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12 Best Christmas Markets In Germany You Need To Visit