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35 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Girlfriend 2018

35 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Girlfriend 2018

We've rounded up the best Christmas gifts for your girlfriend for 2018 so you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift for her this holiday season.

We’ve rounded up the best Christmas gifts for your girlfriend for 2018 so you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift for her this holiday season. Whether you are on the hunt for a gift for a new girlfriend or someone you’ve been spoiling for years, you will find a great gift idea for your girlfriend in our unique and curated list. Our picks will also fit any budget so you are sure to find a gift you can afford. Here are the 32 best Christmas gifts for your girlfriend for 2018.

1. A floating wine glass

Because bringing a glass of wine in the bathtub or the pool is a smart idea. We can’t promise you won’t spill it, but it’s worth giving it a try.


2. Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Heart Oven to make cooking a little sweeter

This is the cutest heart shaped cast ironed dish ever invented. The perfect Christmas gift for your girlfriend who loves to cook! Show her how much you love her and her cooking this year!

3. A Trendy Faux Fur Wallet

We love this soft and classy faux fur wallet (which you can get in black or white). Your girlfriend will love it too!


4. The Bad Girls Throughout History book

The perfect Christmas gift for badass women! The 100 revolutionary women highlighted in this book changed the rules and challenged their time. Show your girlfriend how badass you think she is this holiday season with this great read!

5. An Adorable Panda Cookie Mug

If your girl has a sweet tooth this adorable mug is the cutest Christmas gift or stocking stuffer! Finally the perfect vessel for Oreos and milk.


6. A Letter Board

Letter boards are so trendy and oh so Instagrammable! Give it to your girlfriend with a cute message on it.


7. The Mixology of Astrology: Cosmic Cocktail Recipes

If your girlfriend likes booze and astrology, this is the perfect Christmas gift for her. Lots of cocktail recipes for every sign… This is one of the most unique Christmas gifts for your girlfriend this holiday season!

8. The Fujifilm X UO Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera with a Marble decal

This little camera is so trendy and probably all over her Instagram feed. Get her the marble decal for a little added pizzazz. Now she can be one of the trendiest Instagrammers out there who her followers will envy!


9. The Refinery29 Money Diaries book

If your girlfriend loves reading the Money Diaries, she will totally dig the new book from Refinery29. One of the trendiest Christmas gifts for your girlfriend in 2018… everyone’s talking about it!


10. A pretty floral watch from Olivia Burton

We love these classy (and oh so dainty) rose gold floral watches from Olivia Burton. This is a classic girlfriend gift, but it never fails!


11. A Venus Et Fleur Bouquet

This gift is pricey but totally worth it because it is one of the most unique gifts for your girlfriend you can find. These roses will last for other a year and look as good as new. If she loves flowers, she will definitely swoon over these.


12. A Baies Dyptique candle

The trendiest candle on the block and a must have for your Instagram goals home decor. Diptyque candles are the one item they probably won’t splurge on themselves but will love you for getting her for Christmas.


13. A Classpass membership

If your girl is into fitness and loves going to classes, Classpass is the perfect Christmas gift for her! She’ll be able to access every fitness class a full member has access to so she can book the workouts you want.

14. Edible Gold Lollipops

These edible gold lollipops are totally extra. This is one of the gifts to get your girlfriend for Christmas that she’ll love considering they’re absolutely delicious and fabulous at the same time!


15. A pretty phone case

What girl doesn’t want their phone to be beautifully decked out? A pretty phone case is one of the best Christmas gifts for her that you can guarantee will put a smile on her face! This cute Christmas gift for your girlfriend will have her thinking of you every time she takes her phone out!

16. A Huggable Llama Heating and Cooling pad

You can be sure that this is a Christmas gift your girlfriend is going to love. Cramps can be a total killer, but an adorable heating and cooling llama will help make all that pain go away! This is a thoughtful Christmas gift that she’s seriously going to appreciate you for getting her.


17. This insanely adorable unicorn portable charger

There are fewer things a girl hates more than when she goes out on a Friday night and her phone dies. But this magical, adorable unicorn portable charger is the Christmas gift to get for your girlfriend that will make that problem vanish into thin air! Her phone battery can stay charged all night long with some unicorn magic!

18. A Bubble Tea Kit to make your own boba

Boba is all the rage right now, and your girlfriend is probably one of the people loving this delicious drink! So, why not get her her own bubble tea kit? This Christmas gift for your girlfriend will let her make her own boba whenever she wants instead of needing to run out and buy some!


19. Wine soaps because that’s a bougie gift

Yep. Wine soaps are seriously a thing, and they’re going to be the perfect Christmas gift for your girlfriend. After all, what girl doesn’t want to soak in a warm bath with wine this chilly holiday season? These soaps will have her loving wine even more than before!


20. One Question a Day Journal

If your girl is creative and loves to write, then getting her a journal for Christmas is a great idea! This unique diary will allow her to ask herself one question a day as a way of tracking her life story. This thoughtful Christmas gift for your girlfriend will show her just how much you care about her creative side!

21. Instagrammable Away Luggage

If your girlfriend is an Instagram lover, then give her something for Christmas that she can show off in pics on her account! This away luggage will make for a great addition to all of her world travels. Maybe you can even take a romantic vacation for two with this away luggage!


22. A DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit

Mochi ice cream is a unique, sweet dessert that your girlfriend will love! Giving your girlfriend this DIY mochi ice cream kit for Christmas will have her making her own chilly treat this winter, even with the snowy weather! That’s how good it is!


23. A unique Kate Spade watch

A Kate Spade watch is guaranteed to be one of the best Christmas gifts for your girlfriend this year! The stylish look of this watch will make all of her friends jealous of the amazing boyfriend she’s got who would get her something like this!

24. A Mini Fondue Set

Who doesn’t love fondue? This mini fondue set will definitely put a smile on your girlfriend’s face this Christmas! Whether it’s cheese fondue or chocolate fondue, you and your girl will be enjoying this delicious treat together this holiday season.

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25. A cute Light box

A cute light box will be the perfect decor for your girlfriend to add to her stylish room this Christmas. This is one of the Christmas gifts for your girlfriend that she’ll seriously appreciate if she’s into home decor!



26. A fitbit Alta HR

It seems like everyone has a Fitbit these days, and if they don’t have one then they definitely want one. That being said, your girlfriend will love you for getting her this Fitbit Alta HR this year! The sleek, stylish look will be perfect on her wrist, and the adorable shade of pink will make her giddy! Definitely get her this as a surprise Christmas gift!


27. A Plush UGG Robe

Everyone loves a comfy robe to cuddle in during the cold December nights. Your girlfriend will be sure to adore this plush UGG robe as a Christmas gift from you! She’ll be snuggling up beside you in this warm robe during the winter evenings for sure!

28. An Amazon Prime subscription

Amazon Prime is way more useful than you might realize. If your girl is a big online shopper then a subscription to this helpful service will be a lifesaver for her! She’s going to be loving that 2-day free shipping, along with all the other luxuries Prime offers! This is definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for your girlfriend!


29. The Glossier Phase 1 Set

Most boyfriends don’t think to buy their girlfriends skincare products for the holidays. That’s where you can make a difference! If you get your girlfriend the Glossier Phase 1 Set this year, she’s going to love how thoughtful you are! And you’re going to love how soft and gorgeous it makes her skin!

30. An Aromatherapy Diffuser Speaker

There are fewer things more relaxing than aromatherapy and music–so why not combine the two? This aromatherapy diffuser speaker will have your girlfriend more relaxed and at ease than ever! This is one of the Christmas gifts for your girlfriend that will have her over the moon after a long day at work.


31. A Fruit Infused Water Bottle To Take Anywhere

Water is good for everyone, and so is fruit. Therefore, this fruit infused water bottle is definitely something your girlfriend deserves. You know, for her health (and taste buds). She won’t be able to put it down once she picks it up!

32. A mug cake recipe book

Mug cakes are both adorable and totally delicious. Not only will you be giving your girlfriend the gift of great recipes to try out, but also the potential for awesome mug cake Instagram pics! She’ll be bragging about the awesome mug cake recipe book her boyfriend got her all the time! This is a must-have Christmas gift!


33. A Kindle E-Reader

There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book on a cold night, so why not give your girlfriend a Kindle E-Reader for Christmas? She’ll love being able to download anything she wants to read without constantly needing to worry about making the extra trip to the bookstore or the library! This is one of the best Christmas gifts for your girlfriend on the market if she loves to read!


34. A Personalized bracelet with her birthstone

Trust us, your girlfriend is going to fall for you even harder than before if you but her this beautiful bracelet for Christmas. Not only is it personalized with her name, but with her gorgeous birthstone, too! There are fewer things more thoughtful than jewelry, but the personalization of this bracelet goes the extra mile! You can thank us for all the kisses you’ll get later.

35. A Birchbox Subscription

We already mentioned that a lot of guys don’t think to get their girl skincare products, so why not go a step further and get her a subscription to this skincare and makeup service? She’s going to adore having all of her products delivered straight to her doorstep every month! Out of all the Christmas gifts for your girlfriend out there, you can be sure she’s going to appreciate this one most of all.


What do you think are some of the best Christmas gifts for your girlfriend? What gift ideas for her did we miss? Tell us in the comments section below!

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