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Best Chinese Restaurants In Toronto

Best Chinese Restaurants In Toronto

Chinese food is arguably the most diverse type of food out there, ranging anywhere from varieties of rice to different tasty chicken, to well-steamed veggies. Thankfully, Toronto’s home to a wide number of great Chinese restaurants, but with so many options, it may be hard to know which place is the best to eat at. Keeping that in mind, here are the best Chinese restaurants in Toronto to help quench your hunger!

Wok Of Fame – $$ (Lunch) – $$$ (Dinner)

Starting off our list is Wok Of Fame, a one of a kind All You Can Eat style Chinese buffet located in Brampton. The combination of the location, food, excellent staff, and vibe, all come together to make this restaurant the ideal Chinese restaurant.

One of the unique things about Wok Of Fame is that while they have the regular buffet section where the food is made in the kitchen, they have a separate section as well. In their wok station, you take items from a long table you want in your food, and see the chefs prepare your dream sauce or food exactly the way you want it. I haven’t seen this anywhere else in Toronto, and it makes your food much more personal, knowing it was made exactly to your liking. No matter what you choose to eat, there’s no going wrong eating at Wok Of Fame.


To add to the already soothing vibe the restaurant creates, they have live entertainment in the form of piano playing. I don’t need to say why this is simply classy and reminds you that you’re in an exquisite place.

Mandarin – $$ (Lunch) – $$$ (Dinner)

Mandarin is Ontario’s most popular Chinese food chain, and for good reason. The restaurant has such a large variety of food, that no matter your taste, you’ll find something you love. While it’s an all you can eat buffet, you can still order take-out, if that’s your preference.


They often have special meals available in the buffet throughout the year, adding several items during holidays, such as their famous red velvet cake during Valentine’s.

Mandarin is the perfect location for a birthday, family outing, date, or other occasions. The food’s great, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy your time here.


Kwan Dim Sum – $$

This is the best dim sum place you’ll find in all of Toronto. It’s located in the heart of Toronto, and the food is quite cheap for the quality. Their menu offers a wide range of Chinese delicacies, and their shrimp dumplings are top-notch.

Due to being downtown, Kwan definitely kept college students in mind, keeping their prices low, and food, quality, and service excellent. They serve the dim sum in small wooden bowls, and the great presentation of the food makes you feel like you’re eating in China.

No matter your budget, I highly recommend you try Kwan, as you’ll rarely find a restaurant so close to the beautiful Chinese culture (even more fascinating if you’re not from there).

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Asian Legend – $$

Rounding up our list is the Chinese food chain, Asian Legend. The location in particular I recommend is right on Dundas Street, one of the busiest parts of Toronto.


They’re open much later than most restaurants too, always giving you the option to eat late if you’d like.

Asian Legend specializes in dim sum, and make mouth-watering stir fry (whether you prefer beef or chicken). Their smoked duck is top quality (bar none in the city), and I highly recommend you eat it with their “Yangzhou fried rice with shrimps and BBQ Pork.”

There are so many delicious items on their menu that you’d have to go there and experience it for yourself.



These are our best Chinese restaurants in the Toronto area for you to visit. Let us know your favorite Chinese dish and which restaurant you prefer to eat at!

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