10 Best Cher Tweets Which Are A Big Mood This Fall

These Cher tweets will have you laughing and wondering what she was thinking when she tweeted some of this stuff. Here's our faves!

Anyone who would describe themselves as more than just a “casual” Twitter user will no doubt have their own personal favourite accounts – a select few whose tweets never miss the mark; whether that be by providing comic relief, offering inspiration or simply acting as a go-to method for killing time. For me (and many others, I’m sure), one of these reliable tweeters is @Cher. Yes, the American Goddess of Pop, Emmy, Academy, and Golden Globe award-winning Actress and all-around icon Cher herself. You may ask how exactly Cher (now 72) could possibly be the most quick-witted, innovative and crowd-pleasing user at large in the Twittersphere, and I hear you, I do. But please, allow me to gift you these 10 iconic Cher tweets which will surely change your mind forever…

1. Hello, Cher

A simple, yet understated ode to the ordinary comings-and-goings of daily life. Twitter can be such a terribly busy, over-crowded and often aggressive online space – so it was good of Cher to take a moment to stop in the metaphorical street and greet us all collectively (and yet, so personally?).

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2. Her career

A personal favourite of mine, which I will name (for the purposes of this article) “self-reflection is key”. I would like to imagine what Cher was doing in the moments leading up to this tweet, as she tucked into her scrambled golden-goose eggs, or dusted (watched someone else dust) her plethora of shiny awards. Perhaps, as she rearranged her Faberge egg collection one evening, she paused for a moment to ponder what path she might tread next in life. Whatever happened, I’m glad her phone was in-hand.

3. Do you c her?

Both profound and groundbreaking, this tweet really captures the loneliness at the heart of the everyday social media relationship. We are free to interact with as many people from all across the globe as we choose on a daily basis – but from behind our illuminated little screens, how well can we really “C” each-other? Yes, well done.

4. Sorry, Cher, wrong number

Once again, Cher finds herself asking the bigger questions in life. What could this bold statement possibly mean? Well, one might choose to interpret this as Cher’s plea to the devastating effects of modern technology – what she’s really saying here is “is [Twitter] mother [nature]?” The answer is no, it simply cannot compare to the wonders of the great outdoors – good for you, Cher (I also choose to deny the possibility that this particular tweet was intended to kick off Cher’s very first text-conversation with her mother).

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5. Snap out of it!

Another life lesson here – always know your own worth, a skill Cher has clearly mastered. Constant technological problems? Divadom always did come at a price.

6. Madona’s B-Day

Sometimes, Cher is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle and encased in some of the greatest mysteries of all time. Other times, though – she is just Cher, and she tells it how it is. This was certainly one of these occasions; what else could you expect one of the greatest Divas in recent history to be doing on a rival stars birthday?

7. Gummy bears?!

There is something so uniquely pure about this one, and Cher’s signature lack of punctuation or correct spelling leaves much to the imagination. What exactly is the context here? I choose to imagine this was tweeted immediately after Cher popped her very first gummy bear into her mouth, reaching wildly for her iPad with an exclamation of true unbridled joy.

8. Don’t fight Cher

Oftentimes I find myself pondering Cher’s relationship with the ‘Caps Lock’ key in tweets like this one. Maybe she accidentally pressed it while flicking a toast-crumb from her keyboard, and chose to continue the remainder of the tweet in caps for artistic emphasis. Alas, we may never know, but what we must also remember is that Cher is a woman with strong beliefs (see her multitude of anti-trump rants), and of course, she punctuates them in the most Cher-way she knows.

9. Emoji bomb

Disregarding caps for now, Cher is also evidently fluent in the modern-language of Emojis, and here, she uses the art of the emoji to articulate something else she is proficient in – online clap-backs. Note that the kiss, heart, sparkle, and rose appear to have been among Chers ‘most used’ emojis at the time, while the knife and skull emoji were sprinkled methodically into her response to @GagasFMonster96. Nice.

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10. Life is hard

I was struggling to think of an appropriate way to summarise this diamond collection of tweets, which will no doubt be looked back on as some of the most important documents of the social-media age – but how could I? Well, thankfully there is (of course) a Cher tweet to do that for me. ‘O well life is hard & then u die’, she tweeted on the 28th of August, 2012, and I dare say a truer word has not been spoken since. This is probably one of the best Cher tweets.

Do you relate to these Cher tweets on a personal level? What are your favorite Cher tweets? Which Cher tweets did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!
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