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Best Checking And Savings Bank Accounts For Students

Best Checking And Savings Bank Accounts For Students

Best Checking And Savings Bank Accounts For Students

Believe it or not, most college students are struggling to have and keep money in the bank account for many reasons. It is hard to keep money when you’re not working or have so much stuff to pay; on top of that your bank has all these ridiculous fees.

Continue to read to find bank accounts for students that could be helpful to you:

Ally Bank – Online Checking & Savings

Ally Bank has a great online savings and checking account that isn’t targeted towards students but definitely is perfect for them to jump on and start using. The online bank has no minimums and no maintenance fee for any of its customers.

They also have partnered with Allpoint ATM network and offer a $10 per statement cycle ATM reimbursement. The Ally Cashback Credit Card is an annual fee card that offers 2% cash back at gas stations and grocery stores, with 1% everywhere else.  If you can spend $500 in eligible purchases in the first three months, you can get a $100 bonus. Finally, there’s a 10% Ally Deposit Bonus if you deposit those rewards into an Ally Bank account.

Best Checking And Savings Bank Accounts For Students

Bank of America – Student Checking Account

If you are a student and are under the age of 24 years old, you can get a Bank of America Student Checking Account that includes no monthly maintenance fee. You can get all the perks of a non-student account minus the minimum balance requirements to avoid a fee.

The Bank of America’s Core Checking product has a minimum balance of $1,500 to avoid the fee. Bank of America has a suite of student credit cards such as the BankAmerica Cash Rewards™ for Students, that offers 2% cashback at grocery stores and wholesale clubs and 2% on gas for the first $2,500 in purchases each quarter. 1% on everything else.

Best Checking And Savings Bank Accounts For Students

PNC Bank – Virtual Wallet Student

PNC Bank offers a virtual wallet student account that waives the monthly service charge for up to six years. It also offers the features of virtual wallet, where their calendar to “spending zone” to alerting parents when the balance is low. There is a fairly extensive ATM network plus a PNC Bank Visa Debit card. You have online and mobile banking access and international services, that include language translation.

BB&T – Student Checking

BB&T offers Student Checking accounts for students who are 23 years old and younger. There is no minimum balance requirement, no monthly maintenance fees, and there is no direct deposit requirement to those fees waived. They have a large ATM network but they will not charge for two non-BB&T ATM transactions per statement cycle. This is one of the best bank accounts for students to enroll in and try.

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Best Checking And Savings Bank Accounts For Students

U.S. Bank – Student Checking

U.S. Bank offers a basic Student Checking account for students that doesn’t charge a monthly maintenance fee (if you want paper statements, it’s $2/month).

You get full access to online and mobile banking, all the apps and tools of a non-student account (bill pay, depositing checks, sending money) with a U.S. Bank Visa Debit Card for your spending. If you want checks, you get your first order free.

U.S. Bank also waives its fee on 4 ATM transactions when you use another ATM. There is no “other bank” ATM reimbursement though, U.S. Bank just won’t charge you.

Bank accounts for students are very useful and can limit the amount of stress that they have to deal with on a regular basis when it comes to their financial stability. Comment down below if you are a college student considering trying one of these accounts out.

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