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5 Best Cardio Exercises To Do In The Fall

5 Best Cardio Exercises To Do In The Fall

When people typically exercise outdoors, they think of running and jogging everywhere they go. Did you know there are creative ways you can strengthen your core? In cold weather, the muscles will stiffen and perhaps weaken as days go by. Exercising will help your muscles be kept in motion. Prepare your athletic wear and shoes. These exercises will have you warming up in no time. Improving fitness with cardio is better when done at least three days a week from fifteen minutes to an hour. 

You won’t have to stick with jogging during the workout hour. Along with other cardio exercises and strength training, consider trying something new. Grab a few friends and go for a fitness challenge. Share these routines and take cardio to the next level. Instead of heading to the gym, you can hang out in the fresh air. By the end, you will want to keep doing cardio exercises.

Enjoy the outdoors with the 5 Best Cardio Exercises.


1. High Jumps 

You can say that going to the park is a good place to begin cardio exercises. If you are walking down a park trail, you could have the time to do some exercises. High Jumps would be a good workout to start. To boost your stamina, you can do the following by jumping up and then landing back down on your feet. Doing ten reps five times will strengthen leg muscles. Take breaks in between sets to avoid fatigue. There are several types of jumping techniques such as squat jumps, box jumps, lateral jumps, etc. The point of this workout is to focus on the bottom half of your body.

2. Sumo Squat Jumps 

The Sumo Squat jumps focus on strengthening your muscles in the thighs and calves. Place your legs apart, past shoulder width length. Then, squat and unbend your knees to jump. Similar to high jumps, sumo squat jumps will help the lower half of your body. However, it adds pressure to the thigh muscles. Doing Sumo Squats for ten reps within five sets will motivate the muscles to enlarge and become stronger. If you become tired of sumo squat jumps, normal sumo squats can be done instead to add more emphasis on the glutes.


3. Jumping Lunges

When preparing to do jumping lunges, think about hopscotch. As you jump, you alternate your legs. At this rate, do so without moving your body forward. Just like the other exercises, jumping lunges will center around the legs, mainly the thighs and calves. Landing on your heel in lunge position will also add tension to hamstrings and glutes. Jumping lunges would be perfect for when you are taking a break from running or wanting to change up your morning walks.

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4. Side-to-Side Hops 

Imagine having a jump rope with you. Alternate hopping on your feet from left to right and vice versa. Your feet should be hip-width apart. When you slightly squat then leap, your hips would increase power and energy. Doing this constantly will even out the energy fueled on both sides of the hips. Otherwise known lateral plyometric jumps, this exercise works for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. If you are looking to increase agility to get your day going, side-to-side hops can help.


5. Lateral Shuffle

Mentioning another hip-moving on this list, lateral shuffle running drill is like sideways jumping jacks. Any lateral movement exercise promotes agility. If you are feeling energized, lateral shuffle running drills motivate your body to keep moving while also calming down the heart rate. Without too much effort, your body will receive the jolts of energy it needs to continue other workout routines. Doing drills three times a week is recommended to allow sufficient recovery. 

Which cardio exercises will you try? Tell us in the comments!

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