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The 10 Best Butt Workouts Just In Time For Spring Break

The 10 Best Butt Workouts Just In Time For Spring Break

Looking for the Best Butt Workouts Before Spring Break? You'll Find 10 Incredible Workouts Here that you need to try ASAP!

I know I know, spring break is on the radar. Feel the pressure already.

Now that the holidays are over, it’s the next thing to look forward to, or secretly dread because of that holiday weight. Don’t you dare worry!

I have explored the best butt workouts so your assets can look incredible in that sassy swimsuit that you are wearing on your spring break in Cancun (like where I’ll be). So here are the following 10 best butt workouts so you can simply stop worrying what your butt will look like on your next vacation.


1. Squats and Stair Steppers

I had to throw an extra one in here if you are simply at the gym and need some booty love. These butt workouts gives you definition, gets your booty poppin’ and allows for you to add extra weights (or resistance on that stepper). The best part about these ones, it doesn’t cost any extra money for that butt to look great!

2. Taekwondo or any other Martial Arts that involves Kicking (which is quite a lot!)

I say Taekwondo because it is known for its variety of kicks, but really any martials arts that involves kicking will do the trick. It’s amazing the variety of kicking you can find in martial arts including: high kicks, round-house kicking (to the face), front kicks, axe kicks, spinning hook or back kicks. All of these simple moves (with practice) will make your butt look amazing. This best butt workout will for sure make it so that you can have that butt looking shnasy in whatever you wear (or don’t wear) on spring break this year.

3. Pilates

Pilates in general is a good workout. Most specifically the heel beats, pelvic curl, and the leg kick back exercises are ones that specialize in glute toning. With the systemic practice and the guidance, you can have the butt you want in no time. It’s something that will make that butt look fabulous and you don’t have to go far to do it because there are pilates classes everywhere in its latest trend. And, you get to sculpt your abs, hamstrings, quads and arms in the process. Win, win, win and win.


4. Belly Dancing

I know this sounds a little strange, but stick with me. Belly dancing is popping up all over the country as an incredible workout so it couldn’t be ignored as I was looking for the best butt workouts around. It apparently activates muscles that you didn’t even know you had back there! Not only that, you’ll be strong, get to dance and then you will get the butt looking toned for spring break. Faaaaaabulous!

5. The Bar Method

For those of you who don’t know, the Bar Method uses isometric exercises to keep your body toned. Using stretching, body weight, push-ups, seat work at the barre and more, you get to use the consistent class routine to build up the muscles in your bum in a safe way. It is great for people who have been injured because you set your own limits to its guided instruction as well! This butt workout gets you moving and grooving, toning your body including the glutes.

6. Kettlebell Workouts

There’s a variety of kettlebell workouts that can make a huge difference for that butt! This best butt workout will test your butt’s ability to tense, swing that bell, and develop the muscles that you always wanted (or that you just added some plump to over the holidays). Not only will the swings make a difference. Deadlifts, squats, lunges and bridges can all incorporate kettlebells, which in turn make your butt plump up the way you want it to.


7. Aerial/Circus Workouts

Aerial workouts can be complex, but they really offer a great full body workout. Pretty much anything you can do on the ground, imagine adding your own body weight and making it by hanging on silks. Talk about a workout! Crunches, pull ups, hamstring curls and more can make your bum start to look like it can hum! This couldn’t be avoided in the best butt workouts exposé.

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8. Yoga

Yoga can bring out the zen, but did you know it can bring out your big, beautiful butt? I’m sure you’ve felt the yoga moves do something to your behind, but many of the poses give great complexity to the muscles in your gluteus maximus. It’s not just about the butt here, but certain exercises for sure concentrate on the butt, including: chair, Warrior III, side plank, locust pose and more! Add this to your workout repertoire so that the booty will be ready for your upcoming beach bum days.


9. Boxing

There are things called Booty Boxing, which specifically target the butt and its muscles. Don’t forget about the fun and the repetition when you kick backwards and work the butt in a way you forgot you could. It’s all about trial and error and having fun while developing the best butt you can!

10. Pole Exercises

Pole dancing have exercises that give you strength and confidence in your own skin. Ride that pole in ways that make you move your butt and hold it in positions you haven’t had to…in your life! This butt workout will give you a fun way to try something new and also give you the most expressive bum.



Me too. Most of these workouts will also develop our core and leg muscles as an added benefit. So let’s set up our next best butt workouts together! Write which best butt workout you are going to do before spring break comes!

For me, it’s only 10 weeks and counting… will you join me in trying the best butt workouts this winter?
Feature photo by @fairydust0 on tumblr.