The 5 Best Brands To Buy Vegan Clothes

Conscious vegan clothes fashion choices has become a rising awareness globally. Not only for its cruelty free morale, but also for its contribution to a more sustainable environment. It is a good day to be vegan, with many brands taking that first step into prohibiting the use of animal furs within clothes, such as Prada (who recently just announced their latest support), however what brands are completely animal cruelty free? Here are 10 vegan clothes brands you need in your wardrobe!

1. Asos

The online shopaholics dream! This branch online, caters a majority of vegan clothes branded products (with exception to meat industry sourced products, that have a good practice of animal husbandry), meaning everything to a certain degree within Asos is an animal cruelty free option. Asos released a welfare statement online, declaring that as of May 2018 all products will be cruelty free, in addition to makeup- all products unless stated otherwise are shown to be not tested on animals in the pre production manufacturing process, with a PETA classification.

The 10 Best Brands To Buy Vegan Clothes

2. Dr Martens

This brand may not completely cater vegan clothes, however they have a section which is completely sourced with non leather substitutes, that very much so match up in quality to the non vegan options. Meaning if you have always wanted a pair Dr M’s, but couldn’t as you thought it conflicted with your values, you totally can have at it! YAY

The 10 Best Brands To Buy Vegan Clothes

3. KowTow

A brand established in 2007, with a ethical and conscious mission statement to provide products from sustainable sources. The products source their vegan clothes from organically sourced cotton with complete fair-trade policies to help maintain employment, in addition to sustainable water sourcing that has negligible effects to the surrounding land. The style of fashion that is advocated in this brand shows simplicity at its finest. The entire ‘less is more’ vibe, with a minimalism twist. Those who are lovers of neutral toned, structured clothes will love this brand completely. Be prepared to go on a spending spree…..

The 10 Best Brands To Buy Vegan Clothes

4. Stella McCartney

A very well known brand for vegan clothes, with an ethos of ‘protecting nature’ and ‘protecting people’, all items sourced from this brand are guaranteed to support nature without any negative effects socially and environmentally. McCartney has invested large sums of money in biotechnological research for productions of synthesised silks in addition to working hand in hand with NGO’s, for management methods to support production on the surrounding farm lands. This brand has maintained its principles with care and respect since 2001. A Designer brand that still accommodates to its surrounding nature and natural habitat, in addition to quality that cannot be differentiated from its real fur and animal counterparts.

The 10 Best Brands To Buy Vegan Clothes

5. Bayou With Love

This brand is fairly new in origin, founded by actress, sustainability and environmentalist activist Nikki Reed. Her products are ethically sourced, being made from recycled organic cottons and reused plastic products, in addition to low chemical dyes for the clothes. All her apparel collections at the moment are orientated around women and toddlers, however they have a simple yet wanderlust nomadic statement-a unique identity for the environmental conscious woman to physically represent being one with nature. Recently the brand itself released a new campaign featuring reused sourced jewellery, that uses gold originating from Dell computers that would usually be filling up landfills around the globe. This initiative has become so popular and supported by fellow celebrity influencers-a storm is brewing, Bayou with Love is about to take reign of vegan clothes and accessories internationally!

The 10 Best Brands To Buy Vegan Clothes

Fashion is changing, with more and more brands choosing to take the vegan clothes route, the only question that is left to be said is- will you?!

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