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10 Best Boutiques Near Tulane

10 Best Boutiques Near Tulane

Shopping in a city as big as New Orleans can be overwhelming.  While it may be tempting to stick to big brand stores you already know, New Orleans has amazing boutiques with unique identities that you have to check out. These boutiques range in price and style and have something for everyone. Here’s a breakdown of eight of the best boutiques near Tulane’s campus so you can start planning your next shopping trip!

1. Marigny House

Marigny House is one of my favorites stores because the story behind it is so wonderful. The store was opened by two best friends with completely different senses of style. That being said, the store still has a cohesive vibe that blends their style choices together flawlessly. Prices average somewhere between $30-$50 making it a good option when you don’t want to break the bank. Also – you MUST check out their accessories while you’re there! Their store is an aesthetic dream, so don’t forget to snap a pic while you’re there. Also – their Instagram game is FIRE!

Have you started shopping for your New Year’s Eve outfit yet? Check out this adorable piece from Marigny House.


2. Shake Your Bon Bon

As one of the most expensive boutiques on this list, Shake Your Bon Bon is home to a gorgeous array of clothing and accessories from top tier brands. Shake Your Bon Bon specializes in clothing sets and “are firm believers in mixing and matching.” If you are looking for timeless pieces to last you past your Tulane days, this is the place to be! Rounding out their classic style, you can always count on Shake Your Bon Bon to be carrying some amazing vintage pieces.

In need of a Christmas Eve dress? Check out this adorable green number!

3. Swap

Two words: Sustainable Fashion. Swap is the place to go if you are looking for designer items on a budget. All of their items are always in excellent condition and many still have the tags! Everything in the store is discounted at least 70% off of the original price. Swap is also a great place to go if you are ever looking to make some spare change. They take walk-ins for consignment and their Maple Street location is walking distance from campus! Important mention: their Magazine Street location is right next to Whole Foods and Pink Berry – Snack Time!


4. Jean Therapy

Jean Therapy definitely runs on the pricier side, BUT they have a ton of affordable clothes and accessories as well. I got the cutest beaded earrings there for just $18. On the other end of the price spectrum, Jean Therapy always has an amazing collection of the sought-after Krewe sunglasses. Shopping there is always a good time because the women who work at Jean Therapy are always super nice and willing to help you find the perfect fit. Jean Therapy also carries a bunch of New Orleans merch (They might love Zion even more than Tulane students) if that’s what you’re searching for. Last, but not least, Jean Therapy carries loads of Jeans!


Wardrob is the newest boutique on this list, having opened this August! If you love Jean Therapy, but are looking for something a little less expensive, then this is the store for you! Wardrob is actually the sister store of Jean Therapy, created with the intent of marketing to a younger audience with a more affordable selection of merchandise. Wardrob would be my go-to pick for fun graphic tops! Wardrob is also filled with adorable accessories, many of which are Tulane or Saints themed, and many others that you can personalize however you would like. Oh, and it’s right next door to Jean Therapy, so it makes for an easy 2-in-1 shopping trip.

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6. Babe

Babe is also one of the more expensive boutiques on this list, but their selection of amazing merchandise is well worth the higher prices. The store itself is the only one located on Freret Street and is primely located next to Blaze Pizza if you’re hungry for a bite. That being said, this boutique is an easy walk from campus, so you won’t have to spend half of your shopping budget on Ubers! Babe is a great place to check out for your frat/srat formal dress, but they also have a great selection of accessories and activewear!

Is this horrendous cold front getting you down? Check out this adorable Sherpa jacket from Babe!

7. Blink

You might know Blink as the neighbor to the old LF on Magazine St. (R.I.P), but it has so much more to offer than that! With most items in the store (including shoes!) coming in at under $60, Blink is a great go-to for budget-friendly shopping. Out of all the boutiques on this list, Blink would probably be my pick for super trendy shoes that won’t drain your bank account. Checkout Blink in February to find adorable Mardi Gras accessories.  Better yet, if you don’t feel like leaving your dorm room,  you can shop directly off of their  Instagram! Blink is also a great place to shop if you’re looking for two-piece sets or cocktail dresses.


8. The Elizabeth Chronicles

With every item in this boutique coming in under $100 (many of the items actually coming in under $50), The Elizabeth Chronicles may just be my favorite place to shop on a budget. The store is unbelievably adorable, and if you don’t immediately fall in love from just the pink doors outside, you’ll fall in love with the classic aesthetic inside this boutique. They currently have adorable NOLA earrings in stock, which I highly recommend you check out (They’re only $40 and would make an excellent Christmas present for yourself or your roomie)! TEC also has the BEST social media game of all the stores on this list, and I would highly recommend following their Instagram!

What’s your favorite boutique near Tulane? Let us know in the comments!