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20 Best Boho Travel Outfits For Any Trip

20 Best Boho Travel Outfits For Any Trip

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Packing the perfect suitcase can be quite the ordeal when you find yourself with an overwhelming number of options and nowhere to pack them all. The best way to conquer this crisis is to stick to the essentials and make a plan. Think up some of your best outfits and pack one for each day. Here is a list of the best travel boho outfits for any trip!

1. The go-to dress

Everyone has that one dress that is constantly coming to your rescue in a situation with little hope.

2. Jean shorts and sweater

You just can’t go wrong.


3. Show-stoppin’ jumpsuit

The most comfortable way to make a serious fashion statement.

4. Rompin’ Around

A spin off of your classic dress, but possibly even better because who doesn’t love the idea of flowy shorts?!

5. To the maxi

Another way to keep the comfort in fashion. Especially great for the actual traveling part, it’s basically like wearing in a blanket.


6. Canadian tuxedo

Denim on denim is one of the best ways to show low-key confidence. Mix and match your washes for some extra flare.

7. Fancy pants

Find yourself a fun, printed, soft pair of flare fancy pants and never look back. You won’t regret it.

8. Graphic T

A cotton T is one of the best go-to pieces. Print on a cool design and it’s even better.


9. Hi-low skirt

For those traveling to warmer destinations but leaving someplace colder, the hi-low look is a great choice. The length will keep you warm as you leave and the low cut will allow for some airflow in the heat.

10. Not Your Boyfriend’s jeans

So much better than wearing those tight skinny jeans that you can barely breathe in when you sit. Make the look even better with a DIY ripped-up pair.

11. Bring back the jean skirt

Just another way to look super trendy on your travels. Go with one that’s not too fitted when traveling to keep it comfy and casual.


12. Free flowin’ shorts

Like I already said, who doesn’t love the idea of flowy shorts?!


13. Joggers

The trendy version of sweatpants for those who don’t want to look like a total bum but also don’t want to put in more than minimal effort; a great alternative.


14. T shirt dress

Basically like taking the graphic T and making it long enough to not have to wear any pants. Can’t really think of anything better.

15. Off the shoulder top

One of the best ways to add a feminine flare to any look. Pair with a statement necklace or layered little ones for a power look.


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16. High wasted flare jeans

If you find the right pair, these are extremely flattering and can take any outfit to the next level. Experiment with different washes to find your best fit.



17. Culottes

A fun twist on the fancy pants, with a more cropped look and airy feel. Light and easy for any traveling.

18. Black everything with an accessory blast

Classic and timeless, enough said.

19. 2 piece set

One of the easiest ways to put together a great look.


20. Overall – the best

Hands down my favorite look and very similar to the jumpsuit. A staple that allows for styling room to make the outfit your own.

May all your travels be trendy, wherever they take you!

Any other suggestions for cute boho travel outfits for any trip?! Share in the comments below!

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