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Best Bluetooth Speakers For 2019 You’ll Love Listening To

Best Bluetooth Speakers For 2019 You’ll Love Listening To

Best Bluetooth Speakers For 2019 You'll Love Listening To

A good pair of bluetooth speakers is a tech purchase that significantly raises the standard of one’s daily routine because it adds music to your life without the fuss of wires. Can you really put a price tag on something that can replicate the sounds of a real-life orchestra playing Bach while you poop or Sade’s voice right next to you as you cry in bed? Unlike headphones, speakers mean no plastic irritating your ears — you can listen to music from a distance and fully enjoy the acoustics of your bathroom. Most importantly, unlike headphones, speakers allow you to listen in the shower — some are even water-resistant! Read on for some great bluetooth speaker options:

Stylish: Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Speakers

If you are wanting a great piece of decoration as well as a fine piece of audio equipment from which you can blast Hamilton, these Bowers and Wilkins speakers are the perfect cross between the two without any compromise. They appear to be gravity-defying and have amazing sound quality — who can complain? Since these speakers are on the bigger side and designed for home use, they are not very portable and certainly not ideal for bringing to the beach. As stay-home speakers, these are very well rated by customers. The biggest downside would be the price. If your standards are not too high, there are many options for bluetooth speakers that cost much less. Just read on for some more budget-friendly options.

*Best Bluetooth Speakers For 2019 You’ll Love Listening To

Portable: Bose Soundlink Micro

No matter how amazing something is, it does not matter if you do not have it on you when you need it — this goes for cameras, laptops, and speakers. If something is such a pain to take out with you when you leave the house, chances are that you won’t have it when you want to use it. But these Bose bluetooth speakers are so tiny you won’t even have to think about before throwing it in your bag. This model would be great for group outings as well as solo nature walks if you get bored of nature sounds. Of course, you could always use these at home in the kitchen or in the shower since they are waterproof as well! For something of its size, the sound is unbeatable.

*Best Bluetooth Speakers For 2019 You’ll Love Listening To

360 Degree Sound: Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

These Ultimate Ears speakers are great if you want something that gives you sound from all angles. The medium size lands these speakers in a happy middle ground between ultra-portable and so big that it is limited to home use only. The Wonderboom speakers are rugged, affordable, waterproof, and groovy-looking with many different colours to choose from. If you are looking for an effortless way to listen to booming music, give the Ultimate Ears range a go!

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*Best Bluetooth Speakers For 2019 You’ll Love Listening To

Reliable: JBL Flip

The JBL Flip is super long-lasting with great sound for a reasonable price. Its size is easily portable without being so small that the sound appears improbable. It sits perfectly on kitchen or bathroom counters for dance parties in the shower or whisking eggs to the beat of your favourite tunes. These speakers also travel very well. Being the size of a small water bottle, these speakers fit perfectly in backpacks both large and small. After years of use and many accidental drops, the battery on mine is the only thing that is beginning to show wear and that’s not a complaint.

*Best Bluetooth Speakers For 2019 You’ll Love Listening To

Music can intensify energy, complement activities, or help you process emotions. Bluetooth speakers are an easy way to bring music into your everyday life. Now that the market is flooded with a broad range of speakers of all price points, styles, and features, there aren’t many barriers stopping us from bringing them into our routines for an effortless dose of daily art.

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