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Best Bars To Go To In Kalamazoo, Michigan

Best Bars To Go To In Kalamazoo, Michigan

If you find yourself in Kalamazoo, MI, there are a few things you have to do. One of those is check out some of the bars the city has to offer. After spending five years in Kalamazoo, these are my top picks for the best bars in Kalamazoo.

1. Sky deck

If you want to grab a few drinks and have a view of the city, Sky Deck is where you need to go in Kalamazoo. This is one of my favorite bars in Kalamazoo because of the view. There’s just something about being up high enough to see the city around you that is relaxing.

Best Bars To Go To In Kalamazoo, Michigan

2. Kalamazoo Beer Exchange

This bar works like the stock market – which is part of the fun of this place. The most popular drinks go up in price and the prices of the least popular drinks of the night go down.

3. Bells Brewery

Bells is a great place to get a drink with some friends. One especially fun day to be at Bells is on the release day of Oberon. Though the brewery is absolutely packed on Oberon Day, Bells makes sure it’s a great time.

Best Bars To Go To In Kalamazoo, Michigan

4. Arcadia

I loved the atmosphere of Arcadia Ale’s Brewery in downtown Kalamazoo. It’s the perfect mix of a classic brewery and a classy brewery. It had a simpler industrial feel that I loved while I was there.

5. HotCat

You have to stop at HopCat even if it’s just to try the fries. I promise that you will enjoy their fries that are rightly referred to as called “crack fries”.

Best Bars To Go To In Kalamazoo, Michigan

6. Shakespeare’s Pub

44 beers on tap, specials every night – just check this place out, you’ll enjoy yourself.

7. Old Dog Tavern

I was only at this bar for a little but, but the inside and outside was great for hanging out with friends. 

Best Bars To Go To In Kalamazoo, Michigan

8. The Library Kitchen & Taphouse

Close to Western Michigan University’s campus, the Library was the first Kalamazoo bar I went to. Friday’s they have $5 pizza, $1 pints and $2 wells which make it a super cheap and convenient bar for college students to hang out.

9. The Grotto

Another of the first bars I went to in Kalamazoo, and again, close to campus, the Grotto is a fun place to grab a drink with your friends. It moved about two years ago, and I haven’t been there since it moved, but I did really enjoy the times I spent at the Grotto.

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Best Bars To Go To In Kalamazoo, Michigan

10. Niskers

Hockey fans, unite! Niskers is in the same location as the hockey bar on Drake Road.  If you’re looking for a bar where hockey fans can enjoy the game, a good beer, and a good burger, this is where you need to go. 

Best Bars To Go To In Kalamazoo, Michigan

11. Wild Bull

 This is more of a club than just a bar, but if you really want to get your dance on while you’re enjoying drinks with your friends, wild Bull is the place for you. There’s even an electric bull that you can ride while you’re there. 

12. O’Duffy’s Pub

Best Bars To Go To In Kalamazoo, Michigan

13. Y-Bar

Y-bar has a mac & cheese bar. That’s why you should go to Y-bar.

14. Entertainment District

The entertainment district is home to a  really cool outdoor bar. This bar has a stage, DJ, dance floor, tables, everything you could need to make your night great.

Which bar or bars will you be checking out when you’re in Kalamazoo? If you’re from Kalamazoo or are there now, what bars are your favorite – did they make my list? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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