Best Badger Game Day Outfit Ideas

Badger game day in Wisconsin, Madison is unlike anything else you will find; the streets flood with students, parents, children, spirited Badger fans of all ages sporting red and white. If you haven’t experienced the fun of Jumping Around in the student section, I highly recommend putting it at the top of your college bucket list (trust me, you won’t regret it). Now, you may ask, “What does one wear to badger game day?” You’ve come to the right place–let an authentic Badger give you the lowdown. Keep reading for the best badger game day outfit ideas for UW Madison students!

1. Badger Game Day Bibs.

The striped red and white Badger Bibs may be one of the most iconic articles of clothing on the UW-Madison campus, an essential for any Badger football fan. Throw on a Badger sports bra and white or red converse and you’ll fit right in with the thousands of students wearing the same popular look.

2. “Drink Wisconsinbly” shirt.

What’s Wisconsin best known for? Our love for cheese and beer. The “Drink Wisconsinbly” shirt is an essential shirt for game day to show both your love for game day and for having fun–the Wisconsin way.


3. Face stickers & lipstick.

Complete your gameday outfit by dazzling up your face with some Badger face stickers and red lipstick–popular options are Bucky Badger stickers or the Wisconsin “W”. This truly puts the finishing touches on your apparel and amps up your school spirit game. Use with caution: if worn during a sunny game, you may or may not be left with Bucky Badger tan lines on your face.

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4. Sconnie Fanny Pack.

That’s right ladies and gents–we’re bringing back fanny packs. They’re incredibly convenient and prevent you from losing your keys and phone while jumping around to House of Pain. You will fit right in with thousands of other fanny pack loving fans and elderly women alike.

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5. Hockey jerseys.

Wearing hockey jerseys at a football game may sound a little ridiculous, but they’re one of the more popular outfits next to bibs. Plus, they’re thicker, so they’ll keep you warmer during the colder months of football. Throw on leggings with your hockey jersey for a super comfy-cute outfit.


6. Sconnie crop tops.

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a Wisconsin crop top. There’s only so much time before the Wisconsin weather hits and instead of crop tops you’ll be wanting to wear snow pants, so take advantage of the opportunity while you can.

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7. Cheerleader outfit.

There’s no better way to show your school spirit than by sporting a Badger cheerleader skirt and shirt; live up to your image by cheering louder than everyone else around you. Bring your pom poms, too, if you’re looking for the final touch on the outfit.

8. A cute red dress

If you still want to look cute on game day, why not wear a pretty dress and boots in your school colors.


From overalls to fanny packs, you really can’t go wrong with any Wisconsin Badger attire. We Badgers hope to you see you on a game day–on Wisconsin!

What are some other good badger game day outfit ideas? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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