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5 Best At-Home Workouts

5 Best At-Home Workouts

I don’t know about you, but working out has been my saving grace for the last couple of months. Even when motivation is inevitably down, my daily at home workouts have kept me afloat through all of this. In many ways, physical movement keeps me afloat in ‘normal life’ too. But sometimes finding a workout that can effectively keep you sane is hard to do. But because physical fitness is so important, so is finding a fitness routine that works best for you. 

As a runner, a yogi, a swimmer and more, my experience working out has been extensive. However, I totally understand someone when they tell me they simply can’t run more than 2 miles because it’s just that boring. So I decided to try out 5 different at home workouts to test out the best and the worst.

The following five at home workouts are some that I have tried and loved, because there’s no sense in me telling you what ones not to try. So sit back, relax, and take a look at the 5 best at-home workouts (imo). And they get up and try one!


1. Yoga

There are so many benefits to a regular yoga practice. As someone who is quite anxious, yoga has been one of the best ways to ground myself for years. Yoga comes in a variety of forms- from vinyasa (a faster paced, ‘flow’ type of class) to yin (a slower, long-hold stretching type) to meditative and restorative. Each teaching of yoga offers something totally different to the practitioner. But while each are definitely important to practice throughout your life, I have found a few specific examples of classes I feel are really a physical (more-so than mental) workout.

Yoga is the perfect at home workout because practically no space is needed. Just a few square feet for your mat or towel and this type of at home workout is ready to go!

SarahBessHutch on Instagram is one of the best yoga teachers out there. Sarah teaches power vinyasa classes where she brings in some pilates moves, strengthening exercises, and (of course) lots of full body stability and stretching. One of Sarah’s most notable classes is her “Handstand Flow”. There she teaches the ins and outs of handstand strengthening. So while it’s working towards a handstand posture, the class is designed for those that might not be there yet! She works with students on body control and strength awareness. Her classes can be taken through Zoom for $15, or a lesser amount if you need that wiggle room financially! To check out her class schedule, check her Instagram for her weekly classes! p.s. that’s her!


5 Best At-Home Workouts

2. Chloe Ting 

Okay, okay. I know this girl was all. the. rage. at the beginning of quarantine. Her youtube channel consists of series like “2 Week Shred Challenge” and “Get 6 Pack Abs”. These titles might make you skeptical of the workouts and their results (because nothing really happens that fast, right?). But let me tell you, as someone who has spent a lot of time working out in my life, these at home workouts are the furthest thing from faux! Her at home workout classes are usually HIIT style, with some body-weight strengthening exercises mixed in. So while I can’t speak on behalf of everyone’s 2 week transformations, nor do I think a 2 week transformation should be anyone’s fitness goal, Chloe’s videos are most definitely a great way to get your body moving every day. 

Chloe’s at home workouts are pretty short, so it won’t take up hours of your time. And you will be SWEATING by the end, no doubt. Not to mention, she is like the cutest person on the internet. So if you’re looking to get in a quick, intense, but low-impact and no-equipment workout, Chloe Ting is your girl!


3. Natacha Ocean

*looks up definition of goddess* 

*Natacha Ocean pops up on screen*

This girl is literally a fitness legend. One of the fittest fitness-influencers in the game, Natacha is a great role model for anyone looking to start or continue their fitness journey. While I (and many others) would define her as one of the “fittest fitness-influencers”, its not because of the way she looks. Though that does help. 

5 Best At-Home Workouts

But the reason Natacha has been so successful on her fitness platforms spans far beyond the body in the photos she posts. Natacha is actually a genius- a once PhD student and now sharer of this knowledge! Real exercise science is constantly shared with her followers in a variety of formats. And Natacha has had quite the fitness journey herself. Working through an eating disorder, training for IronMans and other ultra competitions and finally finding peace with her (extremely athletic) body are all part of her story. Natacha shares a lot of her content on Instagram and Youtube (where she also shares vlogs and other videos about her life, research and more).

But the truest Natacha fans follow her workouts through her personal fitness guides (accessed by an app that easily tells you what exercises you’ll do that day, how to do them, and how many reps/sets of each one). Natacha has a variety of fitness guides- from a beginners guide for those just entering their fitness world to “Home”- a guide focused on at home workouts (perfect for right now!), and “Cut”- which includes nutrition information along with weekly workouts to help achieve your most fit self. 

If you want to try any of Natacha’s at home workouts or gym workouts (if it’s safe where you are), she shares many of them on her Instagram and youtube channel. Once you try a few, you’ll surely want more, so you can purchase one of her guides then! But even if you don’t purchase, her public content is expansive enough for you to get weeks and weeks of workouts and workout inspiration. 

4. Nattbfit

Natalie Bally, the Gymshark athlete, self-care advocate and fitness-influencer extraordinaire, is the person behind her instagram account @Nattbfit. Natalie mostly focuses her workouts on weighted lifts, with body weight and HIIT workouts sprinkled in. Starting her account just a few years ago, Natalie now has over 317k followers. Her instagram is the app housing most of her fitness content. From classic ‘leg days’ to a weekly ‘shoulder pump’, she hits all parts of the body during her workouts.

Like many of us, Natalie was stuck at home for the majority of 2020. So much of her content is perfect for at-home workouts. Her instagram posts show her in her very own living room, doing her best to stay active during this weird time. Her workouts are super fun (weirdly) and actually super simple too. Even her lifting workouts are not too advanced so even beginner can do them!

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Natalie is a CPT so she definitely knows what she’s talking about on the fitness front. But she also speaks out a lot regarding mental health and self-care. 

5 Best At-Home Workouts

Like Natacha Ocean, once you have a good foundation from Natalie, you can also do these things on your own! Their accounts provide us with some much needed inspo to start (and complete) some at home workouts, but after you understand the types of exercises they do and how to pair exercises together, you’re all set to continue your journey on your own. Or stick around for them to share more info with you practically every day!

5. Run! 

Sorry, but the last at-home workout I’ve been trying lately is running. I love to run. But I didn’t always like to. In fact, I quit soccer because it included too much running, decided to high-jump because the sprinters’ track workouts were too annoying (literally sprinters… not even distance!), and probably fell in love with volleyball due to the lack of running required most of the time. But I have actually come to love running, especially in a time like we’re living now.

Not only is running a great way to stay active and get a great workout in, but it’s also quite meditative. Put in some headphones or even go without music (like me!), and allow your running time to be wholly yours. The best part of these at home workouts? You don’t even have to stay home to do them! As you wander down running paths and trails, let your mind wander too! 

Which brings me to my running tips:

  1. Try to run on a trail, path, or wide street. Anywhere outside is so much more amusing than a treadmill where you stare at the same ticking number on the screen the entire time.
  2. To start out, don’t kill yourself. Start by running just 15-30 minutes at a time, then work your way up to 5, 7 or even 10 miles once a week. But if you aren’t here yet, don’t stop! It takes a ton of time to build up mileage so take it slow while still challenging yourself to have a workout you enjoy. 
  3. Go with a friend. Being able to chat with one another or hang out is a great combination of working out and socializing at the same time. If you guys don’t like to run far…
  4. Try it on a track or field. Sprint workouts are a fun and fast way to get your daily fitness in. Many of them can even be found on Pinterest!

Working out and staying active is crucial all the time, bust especially right now. After months of chaos and being cooped up, try to get your body moving. Whether you try yoga, a HIIT workout, body weight circuit or go for a run, these ‘at-home’ workouts are a great way to jumpstart your fitness motivation. Plus, we have barely anything to do right now (especially without the time commuting to and from work), so “not having the time” doesn’t even have to be an excuse anymore!!!

Try one of these at-home workouts on your own? Have other ideas for us to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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