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9 Best At-Home Date Night Ideas

You don’t always have to go out to a fancy restaurant to have an awesome date. At-home date nights can be just as fun, if not more. I’ve come up with nine at-home date nights that will help you save money and grow closer as a couple.

1. Build A Fort

This is such a fun way to bond with your S.O. and have a comfy place to cuddle when it’s finished. Use some old sheets or curtains for the walls and ceiling. Get some snacks, cover the floor in pillows and set up your laptop for movie night. You can even hang string lights to add some mood lighting. Sometimes, we all need to let our inner child out. 

2. Cook Dinner Together

This is such a fun one! Cooking with someone else can be so playful and relaxing. Look up a yummy recipe online, stop by the store to grab ingredients, and get to work in the kitchen. Once you’re done, you have an entire meal to enjoy together. Plus, this is a perfect chance to throw some flour at bae. They will never see it coming.

3. Game Night

If you are competitive like me, this one is perfect for you. Set up your fav board games on the floor and have a tournament. Monopoly, Life, Battleship, cards, whatever you want. Whoever wins a majority of the games, get’s a free massage at the end. Game on!

4. Netflix And Chill

Who doesn’t love a good Netflix binge-watching session? Cozy up on the couch, que up your fav show like “Friends”, “That 70’s Show”, or “Stranger Things” and go to town. Order a couple pizzas and you should be set for the night! 

5. Backyard Star-Gazing

This idea is made for warm summer nights when the crickets are chirping and the stars are brighter than ever. Lay in a hammock if you have one, otherwise just lay out some blankets on the grass or climb up to the roof. This is a perfect time to have deep, philosophical convos and really get to know each other. 

6. Backyard Picnic

If the weather’s nice, set up dinner in the backyard, either on a blanket or an outdoor table. String twinkle lights above and light some candles to add romantic ambiance. You can even set up some outdoor speakers to play your favorite songs. Such a perfect romantic night in!

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7. Spa Night

If you are in need of some relaxation, this will get you excited. Do matching face masks, soak in the hot tub or bubble bath, and sip on some bubbly. By the end of the night you will feel so rejuvenated you will wonder what day it is. This is the goal. 

8. Outdoor Movie Night

This at-home date night idea is great if you have a rooftop patio or larger outdoor space. Hang a bed sheet between two trees and set up a projector to watch your favorite movie together. Set up a pillow fort and pop some popcorn to munch on! Such a fun idea for summer nights. 

9. At-Home Date Night: Read A Book Together

Are you a book nerd like me? Well if you are, you will be stoked about this one. Find a book that you and bae both have been dying to read and take turns reading it to each other. Switch off chapters and before you know if you will have completed an entire book together! Such a great bonding exercise for couples and you might even learn something new.

Well, there are my nine best at-home date night ideas for couples who are either broke, bored, or just looking to spice things up. I hope you will give some of these a try and let me know in the comments which date night idea you are going to try next!

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