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The 12 Best Areas In San Diego State University To Make Out at

The 12 Best Areas In San Diego State University To Make Out at

Check out the best make-out spots San Diego State University has to offer! Judged by how remote they are, how scenic they look, and what they bring, these areas on campus will be the perfect getaway from all that annoying school stress!

1. Adobe Waterfall

San Diego State University is a campus filled with secrets, and this little waterfall is just one among them. The Adobe falls is very remote, very clandestine that hardly any students know about it. In order to preserve that secretive nature, we won’t tell you where it is… but you have the name itself which is more than not even knowing it exists!

It is a small but beautiful waterfall surrounded by nature and a tunnel. Its remote isolation mixed with romantic scenery will put anybody in the mood!


The 12 Best Areas In San Diego State University To Make Out at

2. Electrical & Computer Engineering Secret Room

There exists another remote spot that offers privacy and quietness. It is located within the Electrical & Computer Engineering building, on the office floors between the 90’s rooms and the roof access in the engineering block. It is a wonderful but very isolated room, very out of the way and not at all public… So obviously it’s perfect to bring a partner and make out at! Do your thing (well, not that thing) and never feel publicly judged here again!

3. PSFA Basement Floor

The PSFA building is one locale nobody would suspect of holding a basement floor. And yet, it does! In PSFA’sbasement floor, there exists a small library that hardly anybody ever goes to, usually because nobody knows it exists. It’s great because it’s remote but not too out of the way from campus and it’s quick to enter and leave the area. 

4. Turtle Pond

The great thing about turtle pond is that, while it’s in the middle of a very public area, the only place you can sit is a bench only facing the pond! It’s under the shading of nice trees, there’s a bit of nature to watch, and it faces away from other people.


The people walking behind your make-out sessions would be too busy slogging up the slope it’s situated by to notice. That slope is finally good for something other than making students miserable!

The 12 Best Areas In San Diego State University To Make Out at

5. Aztec Center Green

The Aztec Center Green is so-called for its wide-sprawling stretch of grass that blankets a wonderfully decorative area. This spot is mostly known for the numerous movie nights that play on it for students and visitors. It’s amazing and absolutely beautiful. Plus, it’s not very crowded. Have a picnic here or just lay on the grass and smooch until your 1pm class. There’s so much space that your make out won’t be in anybody’s visual or physical radius!


6. Stone Monument on Campanile Walkway

Those famous stone monuments that sit at the very center of so many people’s path through campus. They are wonderful and magnificent. Yes, you can sit on them. They’re not just decorative. It’s a small and somewhat intimate seating area though, given its roundabout design has every seating facing each other. But, if you’re the first people there, you’ll most likely have the whole structure to yourselves!

7. Hallways

Ha! Just kidding. Nobody should ever seriously consider hallways as their designated make-out spot. San Diego State University is not a high school, and even making out in the middle of those hallways was already annoying. Don’t block people from passing by!

8. Scripps Cottage/Campanile Park

The Scripps Cottage and Campanile Park. It’s felt as though these two locales are pretty intertwined, as they do border each other especially since the former is a bit small with few seating arrangements. Come certain times of the school week, these areas are sparsely populated. And if they are populated, they’re usually big enough to give everyone their own space. Just steer clear from the inevitable guitar player about to sit there. 


9. Student Union

This might seem like an odd choice, but the Student Union structure is actually a pretty decent spot to get your healthy dose of tongue and cheek! It hosts so many rooms and seating areas, not to mention restaurants and alleys, that the potential for some much needed 1 on 1 time is limitless. Go ahead and scope out the area first if you wish, or be daring and do it (again, not that it) wherever you both end up! Just as long as it’s not a hallway.

The 12 Best Areas In San Diego State University To Make Out at

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10. Remote Art Building Sections

The Art buildings seem very isolated from the rest of the San Diego State University campus. They’re on a downward slope, and they can feel very out of the way should you not have a class there. That is why they are the perfect spot to discretely smooch-ify your partner!

Between Art North and Art South, the former has better remote areas to offer that are definitely out of the way and private. Plus, you’ll both be surrounded by gorgeous artwork, murals, and collaborations to really help settle in that romantic mood!

11. Remote Love Library Areas

Let’s take a moment and appreciate how big San Diego State University’s Love Library is. It’s massive, so much so that it requires two structures and an underground network to store everything it has. This a big place and big places more often than not include unexplored areas very few go to.


Whether it’s at the 4th floor’s maze-like bookshelves or in the remote Media Center on the 1st or 2nd floor (this writer cannot remember and refuses to go back and check), there are a lot of options here! 

12. Love Library Study Rooms

On the 3rd floor of the Love Library building resides small, little study rooms meant to be for students who want to take serious consideration for their academics. And then there’s you and your partner.

Get access to one of these study rooms, bring some study material, close the door, and enjoy all the intimate privacy as you both want. Well, almost private. There’s a huge window that looks into the room. But it’s not like anybody will actually stay and look through it! Bring school supplies and enjoy a quasi-study quasi-make-out session!


Interested in trying these spots out? Where have you and your partner made out? Let us know in the comments where YOU think the best make-out spots are!

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