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8 Best Apps To Keep Your Life Organized

8 Best Apps To Keep Your Life Organized

8 Best Apps To Keep Your Life Organized

We’re all so busy that sometimes we need help staying organized. Carrying a planner or a notebook and pen everywhere just isn’t always possible, and what could be more useful than an app to help you out since you almost always have your phone with you and use it for everything else? Nothing that I can think of. So, here are the 8 best apps to keep your life organized.

1. Evernote – subscription

This app is great for people who want one app for multiple purposes. With Evernote, you can make notes, set reminders, and share calendars and to-do lists. This app does require a monthly subscription so if you’re looking for a free app, you’ll want to look elsewhere. However, as far as an easy and convenient app, this is one of the best apps.

8 Best Apps To Keep Your Life Organized

2. Google Drive

If you’re a student, a writer, or a professional who wants access to work on your documents on your phone and laptop, you probably already have this app on your phone, and for good reason. This app is super convenient because it allows you to work where ever you are. I loved this in school and still love it now because if I’m sitting in the car, on break at work, or even relaxing in a bath, I can work on my projects whenever the mood or need arises. I find this app super easy to use and organize.

3. Notes

If you don’t want to download Google Drive or any other app to make notes or lists, then the notes app that came with your phone couldn’t be any more convenient. You can search the notes and organize them into categories so your lists and other notes are separate.

4. 24me – subscription

s far as finding an easy app that you can sync with google calendar and set notifications for, this was my favorite. It’s a lot like the Evernote app but feels much more like a planning specific app. It does require a monthly subscription to utilize the full app, but if you don’t mind that this app is probably one or the best planning apps I’ve used.

8 Best Apps To Keep Your Life Organized

5. Outlook or any other email app

When it comes to emails, I need a good app. I love the Outlook app because I can sync my calendar with it, but I love the Email – Edison Mail app because it makes unsubscribing from mailing lists super easy. I personally have two apps to help keep my personal and professional emails separate, and these are the two I use. If you don’t want to download new apps though, the mail app on iPhone works just fine.

6. Calendar

Another app that comes with your phone is the basic calendar app. This app is super basic so if all you need is to put in appointments and birthdays, this app is great for you. The downside to this app is that you can’t set tasks if you’re like me and like to make to-do lists to stay on track.

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7. Google Calendar

I love this app for the same reasons I love Google Drive. It makes it super easy to manage your life from both your laptop and your phone. You can also share this calendar with others to make managing family schedules much easier.

8. Scannable

If you don’t like paper clutter all over your desk or office space, this app lets you scan all of your documents on your phone and onto your computer through the app. I used this in school all the time and now use it to hold onto old stories I’ve written so I don’t have hundreds of papers in folders.

8 Best Apps To Keep Your Life Organized

Bonus: if you have an iPhone, use your clock app to help you stay on schedule. In the clock app, there is a bedtime feature where you can set what time you want to go to bed each night, a reminder that it’s time for bed, and a subtle alarm sound, and you can even monitor how much sleep you get each night. I use the clock app to set alarms in the morning so I know what time I need to leave for work and to manage my time when I’m working on projects so I have set breaks and don’t take too long on any one thing.

When it comes down to it, organization apps depend on your individual needs and lifestyle, so which apps do you use? I’d love to know in the comments!

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