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10 Best Apps For Incoming Freshman

10 Best Apps For Incoming Freshman

10 Best Apps For Incoming Freshman

Best Apps lists for helping you out in college are everywhere! Here are 10 of our favourite apps to help incoming freshmen!

1. EasyBib

EasyBib is a citation generator app that will save your life! If you’re trying to cite a book, you can scan in your book’s barcode or you can type in the title or ISBN. It also searches the web for academic articles and research papers you may be citing to find out the journals they came from, the issue and volume numbers, as well as the doi for the particular article. It will then create an MLA, APA, or Chicago citation for you! The EasyBib app is a must have for college freshmen!

2. Chegg

College is probably the most expensive time in your life. Not only do you have to pay for dorms, tuition fees, overpriced meal plans, and student association fees, but you’re also expected to take out a loan for textbooks that you often can’t even resell! Chegg lets you bypass the stress by offering textbooks for rent and also has electronic versions that you can access. On top of that, they also offer a feature for helping you find solutions to textbook problems. Chegg is practically a necessity for those difficult math courses! The app is free to use and costs $14.95 for a monthly subscription!


This one might be a little cliche, but having a dictionary on hand can be incredibly useful! is easy and free to use. is also built into the app so you can find synonyms for simple words to boost your essay grade with minimal effort! They also offer a science dictionary, medical dictionary, rhyming dictionary, and many more add ons for a small fee. Perfect for someone in sciences and English, or any other discipline where you’ll come across unknown words!

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4. Google Drive

You may be tempted to use Microsoft Office apps for your school needs, but Google Drive can be much more useful in a pinch! Google docs and slides are easily shareable for group projects and presentations, plus, you can access them from any device anywhere you go. You’ll never have the sudden jolt of fear when your laptop inevitably crashes during an important term paper because Google apps save automatically for you! Skip the hassle and use Google Drive!

5. Freedom

Freedom is an innovative app that allows you to focus your time on what really matters—studying! Using Freedom, you can block websites that you find especially distracting and you can even block the entire internet for a period of time that you set! Freedom is a must have for those that get distracted easily.

6. Evernote

If you like taking notes on your computer, then Evernote is the perfect app for you! Evernote is free to use and allows you to take notes, share your notes with classmates, make to-do lists and so much more! Keep your school life organized with Evernote!

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7. Canva

For when you want your presentation to go above and beyond to wow the professor, use Canva! Canva is free and allows you to search for stock images and vectors and also upload images of your own! Choose from thousands of preset templates and layouts and spice up your presentation with their great selection of fonts. Canva is a must have for those looking to impress.

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8. LinkedIn

This one is not just for the business majors! LinkedIn allows you to network, build connections, and find jobs that will help you on your future career path. You can search for jobs based on interest, skills, proximity to a specific location, and the industries you’re interested in. LinkedIn can also give you job and internship recommendations based on interests and job experience that you input! This is a great app for those thinking about their future!

9. Duolingo

If you’re a linguistics major, studying another language, required to take a foreign language for your major, or just taking a language class for fun, Duolingo is the app for you! Duolingo is one of the biggest free online educational language apps on the app store. Duolingo includes a mix of speaking, writing, and reading comprehension in their lessons to ensure that you’re properly learning the language. Prepare for those language classes by using Duolingo!

10. Facebook

Chances are, you already have Facebook, but you hate using it. Facebook is an incredible app to have if you’re studying in a foreign country or if you don’t want to live under a rock. Facebook boasts one of the easiest to use and most functional messaging apps on the market! Use Facebook Messenger to connect with the friends you meet at your college, especially if you want to create group chats or if you’re studying abroad. Additionally, Facebook can help you stay on top of events you want to go to and college-specific groups like textbook resell groups! Facebook isn’t just for middle-aged moms, it’s also for students!

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What did you think of our 10 best apps for incoming freshmen? Comment below your favourite apps to use at college!

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