Best Apple Products To Buy In 2019

Apple is undeniably the most popular tech giant on the planet, and their devices are the go to for millions of people everywhere. Finding which of the apple products is best of you can be tough, as there are so many options available (there’s one for every possible need). So, I will help you, and show you the best apple products to buy in 2019!

Iphone Xs

Unsurprisingly, the first device on the list is the best smart phone Apple has to offer; the Iphone Xs. The unique design, simplistic user interface, and amazing camera, are just a few of the reasons why this phone is sought after by so many.

If you fancy a larger screen, you can opt for the Iphone Xs Max (same features as the Xs, but larger). The phone is near perfect, as Apple does what they’re best known for, maximizes compatibility. It is so easy to pair the phone with any of your other Apple devices, and connection to the cloud has never been easier.

*Best Apple Products To Buy In 2019

Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple watch has been under the radar ever since its release, although it is one of the best in the smart watch industry. The watch opens you up to a whole new range of possibilities, being able to make calls, send and receive texts, even play games, all on your watch.

It gets better if you’re interested in fitness, as the watch is fully equipped for all your health needs. You can put in your health goals, track your food, count your steps, and also has a heart rate monitor! The convenience level is endless with this watch, and don’t forget how stylish it looks.

*Best Apple Products To Buy In 2019

Apple Air Pods

The air pods are top of the line when it comes to earphones. Ever since their release, they’ve been a fashion statement in the industry, and for great reason. They look extremely appealing, are easy to store away, and come with all the functionality perks of all Apple products.

They’re simple to use, comfortable to wear, and very hard to break, making the air pods an overall great product.

*Best Apple Products To Buy In 2019

Macbook Air

When it comes to laptops, the macbook reigns supreme. The laptop is sleek, stylish, and very easy to use. The display is top notch, and the battery life is some of the best on the market (lasting upwards of 12 hours).

The Air has touch ID as well, increasing the security of your laptop. It’s very light and easy to carry wherever you want to go, and has a high quality Facetime camera to go with it.

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There are so many good features about the Macbook air, that you’d have to test the laptop for yourself. You will get fully hooked as soon as you hear the audio clarity from the speakers, and use the innovative Mac OS.

 *Best Apple Products To Buy In 2019

Apple Ipad Mini 5

The Ipad is such a great device, and a must have for anyone with children. It is the perfect kids device, it’s large, hard to break, and extremely easy to use.

The mini is smaller than the regular Ipad, making it easier to hold in the hands of people with smaller hands as well. Watching videos on Youtube and Netflix have never been easier, and the transition between all your favorite apps is so seamless, taking very little effort.

The battery life (all day capacity) and camera are state of the art, making your experience as pleasant as possible.

*Best Apple Products To Buy In 2019

Those are the best Apple products you can buy on the market today! Let us know in the comments which devices from Apple you own, and why you love them so much!

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