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Best and Worst Coachella Weekend 1 Outfits

This Coachella there was a lot of neon, crotchet everything, cowboy boots, cowboy hats and Euphoria inspired makeup. Sadly, I felt like a lot of people (including celebrities) did not dress up as much this year. In previous years, people would go all out. I guess it is the more affordable option. There were still great outfits. And some people needed the fashion police. Below I will be talking about some of the best and worst Coachella weekend 1 outfits.

Best Dressed

1. Bretman Rock

Bretman did not wear one single bad outfit. He absolutely killed it. The fit below was Y2K inspired. he wore a pink puffer jacket with a butterfly on the front of it. He wore a shimmery fishnet top and white cargo pants. He topped off the outfit with pink sunglasses, a small pink bag and white platform shoes. Chef’s kiss.

2. Bella Poarch

Bella’s looks were extremely different each day. On the first day, she wore a pink barbie outfit. The next two days, she went darker. This wasn’t surprising because that is more of her everyday style. The pink outfit was very different compared to her normal style, which makes it even better. Pop off, queen.

3. Paris Hilton

If you saw the videos on TikTok, you could tell that Paris Hilton was having the time of her life. Her bodyguard was running after her as she was twirling around through the music festival. As for her outfits, well, she is Paris Hilton. She never disappoints. One of her outfits gave EDM festival vibe. She was wearing a sparkly, see through dress with black star pasties. Paris added sparkly leggings with black platform boots. She wore a sparkly hat to match her dress. Lastly, she added a choker to finish off her outfit. Bow down to the master of fashion.

4. Harry Styles

Everyone was in awe by Harry Styles at Coachella. He not only wore an incredible sequined jumpsuit with a diving decolletage, which was designed by Gucci, but he also performed extremely well. During his weekend 2 performance, Harry Styles brought out his friend, lovely Lizzo, on stage and they both sang “What Makes You Beautiful.” Doesn’t that just make you so happy?

5. Doja Cat

Doja Cat went hard when she was on and off stage. The queen knows that her body is amazing, so she shows it off in every outfit. She wore 5 different outfits on stage. When she was off stage, she wore an Ottolinger outfit. Her top was a just one movement away from a nip slip. She paired her black top with ombre pants. To finish her look, she added Swarovski crystal. This outfit was designed by Brian Alan Nelson.

6. Saweetie

This outfit is giving me happy vibes. Her top is just two big Hawaiian flowers and her pants are pink and sparkly. The pants are reminding me of a mermaid because of the flowy and ombre look of them. Her hair is so fun  with the pink, purple, and blue colors. Is it just me or is her outfit making me extremely excited for summer? Like I want to go to Hawaii right now. Thank you, Saweetie, for this amazing outfit.

Worst Dressed

1. Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin

I paired Kylie and Hailey together because they wore the exact same thing. Just a leather jacket, white tank top and jeans. Everyone is so let down by these outfits because they dress fancier for a random Tuesday night dinner. They used to have some of the most out there ensembles. I don’t know what they were thinking. Like they couldn’t have wore like studded jeans at the very least?

2. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is another person who dressed down this year for Coachella. She wore a plain white tank top, white scrub pants, and a Balenciaga bag. I will give it to her that she at least wore scrubs, which is somewhat exciting I guess. Her accessories were even light. She wore a small gold neck chain and small earrings. Kendall definitely stayed cool in her all white outfit.

See Also

3. James Charles

James Charles showed off his BBL countless times at Coachella. For those who don’t know what a BBL is, it is a brazilian butt lift where they remove fat from other parts of the body and put it into your hip and booty area. As for his outfits, they were kind of boring. He wore a thermal printed catsuit with blue pants, which I thought was really bad. He took several booty pictures in that outfit. Another outfit he wore was giving me Adam and Eve vibes. It was green and brown with orange detailing. I think he wanted to look like it was flames but yeah…that’s not really what it was giving off. 

4. Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello is another person who did the bare minimum. She wore a white top with jean shorts. Like come on. You might as well pulled up in pajamas and that would be more exciting. At the very least, she added a bandana and green sunglasses. She came with a group of friends and most of them dressed up more than her. And she’s Camila Cabello. I guess stars just don’t care anymore. I mean I guess she is comfortable. I do have to say that I absolutely love her green dunks with a bandana print on the Nike swoosh.

5. Chloe Bailey

Lastly, we have Chloe Bailey wearing a neon yellow swimsuit with a neon yellow cover up. Personally, I think that neon clothing has gone out of style. To make her outfit worse, she wore hot pink Balenciaga sandals. This made her outfit look like it was clashing. Her robe was giving me karate teacher. Does anyone else agree? Chloe’s makeup and hair did look gorgeous though. Her other looks were much better. 

Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you think more need to be added to either list? Please comment down below.

Morgan Franssen

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