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6 Best And Safest Places To Go On Vacation Alone

6 Best And Safest Places To Go On Vacation Alone

If you’re thinking of doing some solo traveling and you’re not sure where you can go then keep reading. This list will tell you the safest and most exciting places for you to go and have a great vacation!

1. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is a capital and known to be a party city. After all, no one parties harder than the Koreans. But what you might be shocked to hear is that Seoul and Korea, in general, is generally a very safe place to vacation alone. You can walk around late at night by yourself without fear of being bothered or harassed. A lot of Korean people also have at least a basic knowledge of English and a lot of signs are written in English too so it is easy to get around.

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2. Tokyo, Japan

Crime rates are really low here and people are generally very helpful. Even if there is a language barrier, most of the time they will try to help whenever they can. And there are also a lot of mini police stations around so even if something did happen there would always be law enforcers to help. It’s such a big diverse city and there’s so much to do there that you will never get bored! It is the perfect place to vacation alone.


3. Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw may not seem like the most obvious place to travel to on your own but it is a really nice place. The people are very hospitable and friendly and a lot of them speak English so they will help you as much as they can. It has beautiful sights to see as well such as churches and historical buildings.


Stairs in the old town

4. Hong Kong

The whole of Hong Kong is so safe that one area couldn’t be picked out! Most people speak English here so you can ask people for directions without fear if you’re not fluent in Cantonese! You will be able to walk around or use public transport without worrying as people are very respectful and will not bother you. A recommended site here is the gorgeous Victoria Harbour which you must make sure you see if you decide to vacation alone here!

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5. Amsterdam

Again Amsterdam is very safe to walk around at night. People, especially women can travel around freely. There is so much beautiful architecture in Amsterdam and walking around the city really transports you to a dream world! The gorgeous bridges, sweet little restaurants, and wild bar scene make this a perfect destination to vacation alone.  Everyone is very friendly and willing to help if they can. And a lot of people do speak English so it’s easy to get around and ask people for help.


Walking through the Amsterdam

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6. Venice

As if you needed another reason to visit the gorgeous city of Venice apart from the food, the wine, and the sightseeing, the safety factor is also big here. Like all the other places mentioned on this list already, a lot of the people of this beautiful city speak English. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to learn the language. But if you find yourself stuck you can fall back on English. It is such a big tourist city that there are always so many people bustling around so you should never find yourself totally alone. It is a beautiful, relaxing city that you can easily maneuver around. So next time you want to vacation alone, picture yourself in Venice, a glass of wine in one hand and a big bowl of spaghetti in the other. It’s hard to resist!


Venetian facade

If you have traveled alone to any of the places on this list or have other cities or countries you want to recommend then make sure to leave a comment!

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