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8 Of The Best And Saddest Songs To Listen To After A Breakup

8 Of The Best And Saddest Songs To Listen To After A Breakup

Whether your depressed and wanting to mourn a breakup with an S/O or your wanting to scream some relatable lyrics at the top of your lungs, there’s nothing quite like listening to music to fuel your pain after a breakup. To get your sob fest or your karaoke session started, this list of songs will give you all the inspiration you need.

1. Without Me by Halsey

There’s no way you can get by this one. Halsey sings with such passion and fury in her ever-popular song to her ex, you almost feel as if you went through the same breakup as she did.

Halsey singing Without Me GIF

2. Child by Kota Banks

This song by relatively new Australian pop singer Kota Banks is a great one for anyone who has felt like they parented a young boy in their last relationship. In her song, Banks alludes to the relatable scenario of a lover who acts like he’s ‘still in school’, and she wants a big bad man! We can definitely say we’ve been there!

3. Don’t Call Me Up by Mabel

It’s so so important to finally reach that stage of feeling like you no longer want your ex to call you up or contact you ever again. That feeling comes with time, but most of us can’t wait to reach that realisation where all of a sudden all you want is to go out with your best friends and you don’t want to hear from your ex. In Mabel’s catchy upbeat song, you’ll be dancing around your bathroom getting ready for a night on the town or maybe even a night on the couch. Who cares?

Mabel singing Don't Call Me Up

4. New Rules by Dua Lipa

Who can steer away from Dua Lipa’s mega hit from 2017? In her chart-topping song, Dua Lipa describes the new set of rules she must now abide by when it comes to her ex-lover? No communication, no allowing him over, no sleepovers, etc. Sounds very reasonable but also difficult at the same time. Many of us fall into the trap of letting our past lovers back in. But Dua Lipa is here to remind you that you’re not alone in letting them back into your life.

Dua Lipa's New Rules

5. We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez

Now it’s time for a little change of pace. Sometimes after a breakup, all you want is to just wallow in the tears that will inevitably fall anyway. Charlie Puth’s We Don’t Talk Anymore is a great way to feel the pain of a breakup while also reminiscing some of the good times. Guaranteed to make you cry.

Charlie Puth's We Don't Talk Anymore Lyrics

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6. Let It Go by James Bay

This one is a bit of a tearjerker, especially if you’re extremely sentimental to memories. Let It Go captures all the beauty and hardships that come with the beginning and end of a relationship. From ‘throwing clothes across the floor to teeth and claws to slamming doors at you’. We’ve all been there. The heartache that comes from letting someone in, only for them to hurt you.

7. When I Get Low, I Get High by Ella Fitzgerald

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned classic from Ella Fitzgerald. And when you’re not wanting to feel too sad about the breakup anymore, listening to When I Get Low, I Get High is a great way to uplift your spirits. The enchanting classic by Ella Fitzgerald talks about taking a night out on the town with little to no money under her belt and hoping she doesn’t run into her lover who could kill her vibe. A mood we can all relate to.

8. thank u, next by Ariana Grande

Arguably the most popular song of 2018, Ariana Grande’s smash hit thank u, next was an ode to all of her past lovers. In the song, Ariana Grande thanks her exes for all they have taught her and how she has realised she doesn’t want to pursue a relationship with anyone but herself as of this moment. This is a realisation we can all definitely learn from. A lot of the time, we get so caught up in the comfort of being with a partner we forget the fun we can have with our very own company. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as learning to fall in love with yourself.

thank u next by Ariana Grande title lyric

Did you listen to any of these songs after your last breakup? Or do you have your own playlist of anthems ready? Let us know in the comments below!

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