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Best Activities To Try When Traveling To New Places

Best Activities To Try When Traveling To New Places

When traveling to new cities, states or countries there are endless new things to try and do, it can be overwhelming. In this article we’ll outline the basic activities to try when going to new places to give you a foundation of how to plan your trip. Additionally it’ll steer you away from your comfort zone, so you don’t simply stick to what you know even when going to new places. 

1. Try new restaurants

This seems obvious, but some people are just not adventurous eaters and will locate chain restaurants that they have back home, because its within their comfort zone. Push the boundaries and try a restaurant you’ve never heard of, and even better  restaurant that isn’t a chain, and is local to that area. 

Maybe there are certain ethnic cuisines you’ve always been scared to try, or they aren’t available where you live. Traveling is the best way to try new meals, and broadens your horizons. 

Best Activities To Try When Traveling To New Places

2. Find local shops/vendors

Granted that when you realize you forgot to bring toothpaste or have an emergency that results in you needing to buy new clothes in a pinch, you can stop at a Wal-Mart or Target for those necessities. But if you’re going to do some serious shopping, seeking out the locally owned businesses is one of the most fun activities of traveling (at least to me, because I love to shop!)  

Go to the stores that seem quirky, or eclectic and find something new that you love. Or go to a local crafts fair or farmers market and check out the local vendors and artisans. It’ll give you a bigger sense of the community in that city, and make you feel a little more apart of it. 

You’ll also meet more of the locals, this way and likely have interesting conversations with vendors or business owners. You’ll learn about someone else, about the community and walk away having made more of a connection to the place you’re visiting after getting to know someone who lives there. 

Best Activities To Try When Traveling To New Places

3. Visit at least one museum

Visiting museums is pretty standard when traveling to new cities, or countries, and one of the best ways to learn about that area. Try visiting several, if you have time, and of a variety of topics. Art museums, history museums, or science museums all have something to offer, especially if you don’t have access to these displays or works of art back home.

Best Activities To Try When Traveling To New Places

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4.  Attend a live performance

Attending a concert, ballet, symphony, or play is always an enjoyable experience and might be way more fun in a new, exciting place, because everything feels slightly different. It’s also a great activity in the evening when you’re tired of site seeing and walking, and just want to relax, but aren’t ready to go back to your hotel. You might even make new friends, almost a guarantee if you attend a live concert. 

In addition to live performances seek out other events that are going on in the area, like a festival, carnival or some type of fair. 

Best Activities To Try When Traveling To New Places

5. Seek out national parks/monuments/historical sites

If you’re wanting to learn more about the city, state or country you’re visiting, seeking out historical monuments like statues or national parks is one of the best ways to do this. It’s also usually more peaceful than walking around a noisy city, after you’ve been exhausted by all that shopping. 

Best Activities To Try When Traveling To New Places

Do you have any places you’re traveling to soon? What activities will you be trying the next time you visit a new place? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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