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Best Activities To Pass The Time On A Long Flight

Best Activities To Pass The Time On A Long Flight

Long flights can be tough, some lasting as long as thirteen hours. Stuck in a seat not being able to get up and walk around as you please, you may feel yourself starting to go a little stir crazy. Plane seats are small and don’t give you much room in the first place, so you may wonder what can you do to ease your mind of the discomfort and pass the time? Here is a list of some of the best activities to distract you on a long trip.

1. Watch movies

Most flights now come with in-flight entertainment, and long flights more often than not include personal screens for all the passengers. Stock with genres ranging from classics to recent blockbuster hits, passing the hours with a movie marathon is a popular option among many flyers. Not only does it help pass the time, but it’s a good way to drown out the engine noise from the plane.

If none of the movie selection catches your eye there are usually TV shows or special programs included that you may choose from as well as a selection of albums from different musical artists, so don’t worry about not finding something to suit your tastes.

2. Read a book

Smooth plane rides make for great reading time. You should always bring a book or two with you packed into your carry-on. Lean your seat back and lose yourself to a world within the pages as you fly to your next destination. You’ll find yourself blinking in surprise when the next meal service comes three hours later.

If your seatmates are asleep and you don’t want to disturb them with your overhead light, travel-sized reading lights are easy to pack and provide you with just enough light to continue reading without bothering the people around you.

Best Activities To Pass The Time On A Long Flight

3. Play a game

If you enjoy videogames, then this is a great way to entertain yourself on any plane ride. Airlines allow for the use of portable game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, or if you’re a PC gamer you can use your laptop as well. Plugin your headphones and enjoy a personal gaming marathon during your flight. Who knows, maybe the person in the seat beside you will want to join in as well?

If you’re more interested in traditional games, a deck of cards is always a safe way to go. Play a game of solitaire or make up your own card game. Fair warning that even a bit of turbulence can scatter your cards across the aisle so you may want to steer away from a glossy deck of cards.

Best Activities To Pass The Time On A Long Flight

4. Get some work done

Since you’re sitting in one place with nowhere else to be, this is the perfect time to get important work or assignments out of the way. Take care of those last few emails you had to write, get started on the report, or edit your essay for your summer course. Take advantage of the time you have to be productive during your flight.

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If your work requires you to have access to the internet, many airlines offer in-flight wi-fi that you may purchase for a certain length of time ranging from an hour to the entire flight. Just, don’t be expecting lightning-fast loading speeds for anything.

Best Activities To Pass The Time On A Long Flight

5. Take a nap

It’s going to be a long trip, and chances are you’ll be exhausted after you land and have to go through immigration and baggage claim. Use your time on the flight to try and rest as much as you can, bring a sleep mask and a travel pillow for some added comfort, or if you know the sound of the engines will bother you then consider investing in some earplugs or noise-canceling headphones.

You’ll be surprised how short your trip will become if you manage to fall asleep, and on top of it, you get some well-deserved rest on top of it.

Which activity sounds most appealing to you? Leave a comment down below!

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