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The 6 Best Activities To Do During A Snow Day At Pace University

The 6 Best Activities To Do During A Snow Day At Pace University

Remember when you had a snow day as a little kid and could sleep in? You could pretty much lounge around and do nothing, or go out and play in the snow, and when you’d come inside, your mom would have a cup of hot chocolate waiting for you.

Snow days at Pace are a little different, especially when you still have class held over Blackboard and excessive amounts of homework due. Seeing that “Pace Westchester Closed” email is a blessing, but also a curse once you realize you still have to actually do classwork.

But it doesn’t have to be all work and no play! Here are some activities to do during a snow day at Pace to take advantage of that day off:


1. Go Sledding On the Hill Behind Willcox

Sledding is top tier in the best things you can do when it snows. It’s fun, and you can count it as exercise since you have to walk back up the hill every time, right?

Odds are you don’t have a sled stashed away in your dorm somewhere, but that doesn’t have to stop you. Grab a cardboard box that you can unfold, and fully unfold it. Wrap a big trash bag around it, and tape it around. Duck tape or packing tape is likely to work best, but any form will work. Once it’s taped down, you’re all set!

Sure, it might sound a little sketchy, but it does the trick. Just walk over to the big hill behind Willcox and the tennis courts and treat the snow day like you’re back in fifth grade. Plus, the parking lots behind it aren’t typically plowed for a while, so you have free reign to run around and make as many snow angels as you want. If you live in the Townhouses and don’t want to walk down, just do it on the mini hills up there! 


The 6 Best Activities To Do During A Snow Day At Pace University (PLV)

2. Have a Movie Day In the Lounge

The snow is great and all, but it sure isn’t everyone’s favorite. Sometimes it’s nicer to just stay inside and look at it rather than going out and freezing in it, especially if it looks like a blizzard outside. 

Staying in can make for a great day to just chill and catch up with your friends. Why not grab some friends, a lounge, and cozy up to watch movies all day together? You won’t have to move far from your bed, and you can even keep your pajamas on if you want. Not to mention most lounges have an HDMI hookup to the TV, so you can pull up Netflix and watch whatever you want. This snow day at Pace is a win-win all around. 


3. Make a Snow Person On the Lawn Near Your Dorm

If you really want to take your snow day at Pace back to the good ole days, building a snowman after a big snowstorm is a perfect way to do that. Sure, you probably don’t have a carrot to make a perfect nose, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improvise. Plus, everyone will be walking by your work before it (sadly) melts away and smile at how cute your little snowman is. You’ll likely get more people out of their rooms and playing in the snow. Whether it’s on the Alumni Lawn, or up at the Townhouses, grab some of your friends and head out to make a snowman. Bonus points if you ask them by singing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” without them getting annoyed. 

The 6 Best Activities To Do During A Snow Day At Pace University (PLV)

4. Have a Snowy Photo Shoot

Sure, it sounds like the most “basic” thing you could do, but why should that stop you? Freshly fallen snow is beautiful, and you’ll probably take a picture of it at some point to show how pretty it is. It can also be the perfect backdrop for your own pictures. Show off how cute you look wrapped up in your winter clothes and head outside for your snow day at Pace!

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Both the woods on the fitness trail or Choate covered in ice and snow can provide some nice winter aesthetics for your Instagram. Maybe even try and make the new solar tree work, depending on how creative you are? Just make sure you’re still bundled up and prepared to go outside in the low temperatures… one good post isn’t worth getting a cold if you don’t.  

5. Cook a Real Meal with Your Friends

Let’s be real, you don’t want to leave your room and walk to Kessel through that snow. Driving during or right after a snowstorm is never a good idea, and the shuttles don’t run into town when school is closed. Don’t make some poor delivery driver trudge through the snow and ice to bring you some dinner.


Snow days at Pace will have you missing a nice, warm home-cooked meal. Since your parents aren’t here to make you one, make your own! Grab any food you or your friends might have stashed away and stake out a kitchen to hang out and cook dinner together. No, warming up water for some Easy Mac or Ramen doesn’t count. You probably don’t have tons of supplies, but a quick Google search of ‘easy meals to make in college’ should do the trick. You’ll be happy you had that time to hang out, and that you’re eating a real meal. 

The 6 Best Activities To Do During A Snow Day At Pace University (PLV)

6. Stay In and Sleep

So you won’t be going out and physically doing anything, but it’s still a great ‘activity’ nonetheless. Take advantage of the break from your busy schedule and stay in and sleep. Your body will thank you for this day of de-stressing. Just make sure to set an alarm to wake up if you still have a quiz or your professor is being extra and still holding a Skype class session. 


No matter how you spend your snow day at Pace, you can’t go wrong with any of these activities. The day off will have you breathing a sigh of relief before all of the chaos resumes!

What else do you and your friends like to do on a snow day at Pace? Comment your favorite activities below!

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