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Best Activities For Rainy Days

Best Activities For Rainy Days

Rainy day, Best Activities For Rainy Days

You wake up in the morning and look outside your window only to be greeted with a grey sky and rain. I know this isn’t the best feeling, but don’t let it get you down. There are so many great ways to keep yourself occupied on rainy days that are both fun and productive! If you are in need of some suggestions, take a look at these ideas!

1. Meal prep

A great way to use your time on a rainy day is to meal prep. This can be for the week, or just for the next day or two. Not only are you being productive, but you are helping yourself prepare for the days when you don’t want to spend your time inside cooking. Choose a unique recipe and get prepping! Using the time on a rainy day to try cooking something new can also be a fun challenge.

Best Activities For Rainy Days

2. Paint 

Painting is a great rainy day activity as it allows you to remain occupied while creatively expressing yourself. Go onto Pinterest and get inspired and then paint something that can be framed and then hung up in your room! Not only is this rainy day activity an excellent way to relax, but you can use it to add artistic decor to your room. Don’t forget to play around with different materials to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Best Activities For Rainy Days

3. Bake

Baking is probably the most basic rainy day activity but it should not be overlooked. There is nothing better than filling your house with the scent of warm cookies or brownies while the rain patters around you. Get creative and try out different types of cookies or stick to the basic chocolate chip ones!

Best Activities For Rainy Days

4. Jewelry making 

Similar to painting, jewelry making is a great use of your time on a rainy day. Whenever you are out shopping, pick up a jewelry making kit with some extra beads and string so you are prepared for the next time it rains. Create some cute custom pieces that you can show off the minute the sun comes out again! Watching a few tutorials on YouTube or doing some research to ensure your accessories look professionally crafted might also be helpful, and is another way to keep yourself occupied on a dreary day.

Best Activities For Rainy Days

5. Shopping

Hands down my favorite activity to partake in on a rainy day is shopping. If I want to get out of the house I might go to a nearby mall, but usually, I prefer to shop online and from the comfort of my bed. When online shopping I tend to look for stores with free shipping and returns, just to make things a little easier. Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack both have excellent products, customer service, and return policies, so I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Best Activities For Rainy Days

6. Movie time

A rainy day sometimes calls for simply taking the time to relax and recuperate. Set up your bed to be extra cozy by adding some warm fluffy throw blankets and then turn on your favorite movie or tv show. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your time. If you want, make some popcorn or grab some candy so you have a yummy snack while watching the movie.Best Activities For Rainy Days

7. Reading 

Listening to the rain pitter-patter around you as you are reading a good book is probably one of the most relaxing feelings. Do some research, find a novel that interests you, and download it to the Kindle App on your phone, it’s that simple. If you are into physically holding your books, plan ahead and go to a bookstore and stock up on a couple of books so you are prepared the next time a rainy day rolls around.

Best Activities For Rainy Days

8. Make some tea

Sometimes the dreariness of a rainy day can be almost chilling. Warm yourself up by brewing a warm cup of tea. Sit by the window with your warm tea and enjoy the world’s peaceful serenity. This would also be great if you are planning to watch a movie or read a book.

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Best Activities For Rainy Days

9. Reorganize your wardrobe

If you are in the mood to get stuff done on a rainy day rather then relax, I recommend taking the time to reorganize your wardrobe. There are so many different ways to go about this. You could begin by going through all of your clothing and see if there is anything you would like to donate or sell. Then, you could color-code or itemize all of your stuff that is hanging up. If you really want to get organized, run to the store and pick up a few organizational boxes and displays. Furthermore, if you want to do a deep dive into your belongings, reorganize your bathroom and cosmetics too!

Best Activities For Rainy Days

10. Have a self spa day

A rainy day is a perfect excuse to dedicate yourself to self-care. Set up a mini spa in your house and reap the benefits. Light some candles, draw yourself a bubble bath, put on a hydrating or detoxifying face mask, turn on some soothing music, and relax. Follow up the bath with some hydrating lotion and a fluffy robe. Trust me, you will never feel more pampered. You could also add in an at-home mani-pedi or a hair treatment. The possibilities are endless, just chose whatever is going to make you feel the most luxurious and relaxed. 

Best Activities For Rainy Days

11. Plan your next vacation

Creating an in-depth plan for your next trip is a great way to spend your rainy day. Begin by choosing the location, then where you would want to stay, and even go as far as picking out restaurants that you want to try and attractions you want to see. Make sure to have a budget and plan it out accordingly. If you are going with friends, family, or a significant other, make a Google Doc and share it with them. Show off your hard work and get them excited about this upcoming adventure!

Best Activities For Rainy Days

What activities will you be partaking in on the next rainy day? Let me know in the comments below!

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