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Best Activewear You Need Today

Best Activewear You Need Today

If you love working out, being comfortable, or trying to get into working out, then you know that your activewear is crucial. At least for me, I know it feels 100% more motivated when I have a cute new workout set to put on. But even if you were someone who doesn’t enjoy working out, everyone does enjoy being comfortable. I can confidently say that activewear can be some of the most comfortable clothing on the planet. Activewear has evolved into super cute sets, leggings, sports bras, and tank tops that people are obsessed with, to the point where people are wearing activewear with Blazers and trying to dress it up. Let’s be serious when we are getting dressed. Cute and comfortable is always the goal! So, keep reading about my favorite activewear brands.

1. Lululemon

Keeping it classic with Lululemon, I love their leggings, sports bras, tank tops, shorts, Baker shorts, pretty much everything. I love how they constantly change color designs and have many different styles for the same article of clothing. For example, if you go online and search leggings, you’ll find a bunch of varying length leggings, styles, thicknesses, and materials. I loved that they have different lengths because it’s someone shorter. I like from my leggings to cut right at my ankle instead of like rolling over; I find that super annoying! So, I love that you can choose different length leggings. They are also constantly changing their inventory and trying to stay with trans. I also like that you get a warranty on your clothing. Because it is expensive and that this is important. I would like that if you had a pair of leggings and maybe they develop a whole or start to pill you can bring them back to the store and exchange them for a new team and if they don’t make that kind anymore then they will send it up to a seamstress have them fix it or let you pick a similar pair. I think this is important, especially when you’re spending so much money on an article of clothing. So, I have to say Lululemon is a classic, but I love all of their activewear.

2. Athleta

I have recently become obsessed with Athleta; they have adorable, cropped tanks. They’re like a haltered sports bra but have an extra two or three inches at the bottom so that you can wear it as a tank top with a more highly suited pair of leggings. I’m utterly obsessed with them and how they make me feel, and they support my chest, which I love! I love their running shorts and zip-ups from Athleta as well. Take always have cute sets and partners with different athletes, which I love. I think that’s so cool and fun. If you haven’t tried Athleta, I highly recommend you go online or go into a store near you to try some things you will love. They have leggings that feel like butter, and if you’re someone who likes to run outside in the winter, they’re a bit thicker, which I love. Highly recommend checking out Athleta for a new activewear set.


3. Free People Movement

Free people movement is super unique for athleticwear. Super cute and super comfortable! They always have fun seasonal colors and patterns, but it’s a unique take on activewear. They offer onesie-styled activewear, essentially a pair of leggings sound together with a tank top. I don’t think this is something that I would feel comfortable moving around, but people do love them and rave about them. If you like doing more yoga, barre, or dance classes, it’s popular because you don’t have to worry about flashing anyone in your tank top. But you can wear them for anything, and it’s an enjoyable, youthful way to dress for working out. If the onesie isn’t for you, don’t worry, you can still shop free people movement; they have plenty of more classic items like leggings, sports bras, shorts, and work and other workouts. I recommend checking out free people training if you want to try something new like the onesie or stick with something classic like your typical sports bra and legging set.

4. Alo Yoga

I think that aloe yoga might be one of my favorite brands of anything. They always have excellent quality, fantastic colors, and adorable brands. I love everything they do! They have the cutest little tennis skirt, the most durable biker shorts, and the most comfortable leggings. The other day I was on their website, I found the cutest gingham-styled white and pink biker shorts. I don’t think I’ve been so obsessed with something for a long time! They also branch out a little more and do cute hoodies and jackets in the fall and winter that are so comfortable and great to put on before or after a workout class or for a walk outside! Their activewear is super comfortable and can be worn for any styled workout. I’ve worn my leggings for interval runs on the treadmill to a yoga class and hot yoga studio. And I have found that their workout clothes are designed for all types of movement, which I love because with some brands, not every legging style is compatible with every workout style. If you’ve never bought from aloe yoga before, I highly recommend you have a store that carries alley yoga near you, or you go on their website because I’m sure after seeing the first few items, you will quickly become as obsessed as I am!

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Whether you love to work out or not, for everyone who wants to feel comfortable, I’m more likely to have a better perk out when I wear activewear that makes me feel good about myself. I know it sounds crazy, but I think it’s true! For those of us who like to work out in our activities where it’s essential that we feel comfortable and supported by the pieces we’re wearing, I find that these brands that I’ve suggested do that. They all offer various sizes, colors, patterns, styles, and lengths to tailor to your unique body, which I love. I hope you check out some of these brands and fall in love with them as I have!