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16 Best Accessories For Remote Learning That Guarantee You an A

16 Best Accessories For Remote Learning That Guarantee You an A

Many students are scared that they may have to continue their education remotely because some of them feel that they learn better with an instructor present. And you may be a part of that crowd, which I understand. It can be hard familiarizing yourself with online learning because it feels like you have to learn everything on your own. And you’re scared you’re going to go from an A student to a B or worst type of student. But believe this, you can still get that A while going to school remotely, you just need the right accessories to help you get to it. These accessories were created to help students succeed any day, time, and place.

1. Desk

You most definitely need to add a desk to your list of accessories. You don’t plan on doing your homework in your living room while your family has the tv blasting, siblings screaming, dog barking, etc. Your focus is extremely important, which is why a desk is necessary to have in your room or in the quietest spot in your house. Plus, you’re probably going to have a lot of stuff sprawled out around you and you need a desk to hold your paperwork. I recommend a desk with a lot of space and enough drawers, which you can find here.

2. A Comfy Desk Chair

Along with the desk, it’s imperative to add a comfy desk chair. Your accessories for getting that A needs to make you feel comfortable as well, and getting a desk chair will help you relax while you work on your schoolwork. I like the desk chairs that lean back, enabling you to take moment to rest your eyes and relax your back from sitting up for so long. A desk chair with armrests, cushioned seats, a mesh back, and a rocking mode is the most comfortable chair that you must get now.


3. Good Laptop

It’s remote learning, which means you need a good laptop that can keep up with you while you work. I recommend this laptop a lot because it’s much needed, the Apple Macbook Pro with Touch Bar. The touch bar is basically the top function of the MacBook (escape key, brightness key, volume key, etc) but now touch screen. With the touch bar, you can scroll through images, edit videos easily, and control your music easily. This is a laptop perfect for your schooling and you can get it here.

4. ThinkVision Monitor

You have a laptop, why do you need a ThinkVision Monitor?

Good question! You know how you go back and forth from one tab to another, which gets tiring. With a ThinkVision Monitor, you can connect it to your laptop with an HDMI cord and it enables you to move from screen to screen with your mouse. No more minimizing two tabs to see both when you can view both on two screens. It promises productivity and simplicity. Get it now!


5. Bluetooth Mouse

Speaking of a mouse, there’s no need to buy a mouse with a cord attached when you can get a Bluetooth mouse where you can move about freely without worrying about any cords getting tangled up. While you do need to change the batteries when they run low, it’s not every week or month. A Bluetooth mouse is more convenient and you can get it here.

6. Router For Faster Wifi

A bad internet connection is the worst, especially when you’re working on schoolwork. Without a strong wifi connection, remote learning is going to be a pain in the butt. This is usually because there are a lot of devices are connected to the wifi or your location. And going to the dining room to get a stronger connection while there are a lot of distractions going on is out of the question. It would be best to include a wireless router to your list of accessories for remote learning. You are guaranteed to have faster and better wifi, which will help you with your remote learning. And if you want that for yourself, I advise you to get it now.

7. Hand-Held Tablet

Touch screen tablets are necessary accessories for remote learning because they are portable and enable you to get your work done anywhere and everywhere. Plus, you’re able to do a lot of handwritten work with it. If your instructor wants you to draw a graph or if you have a photoshop assignment, a tablet is freehanded than a laptop. Although the iPad is recommended a lot, I highly recommend the Surface Pro 7 because it has all of the features similar to an iPad plus an SD card reader, which the iPad doesn’t have. You would need to buy a separate device to transfer your photos from your camera to the iPad to work on them in Photoshop. They both work well with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, however, Microsoft Surface Pro 7, in my opinion, offers the same quality as an iPad but a lot more ports to connect different devices and it comes with a stylus. You have to have a certain generation with the Apple iPad to get a stylus.


Get the Surface Pro 7 here.

8. Stylus

A stylus is needed in your accessories list because it makes them simpler when you are using your tablet. Instead of using your fingers, which will put a bunch of fingerprints on your screen, use a stylus and you can keep your screen clean.

Get your stylus now.


9. Noise-Canceling Headphones

If you have parents who require you to do your schoolwork downstairs in the dining room or you’re in a loud coffee shop, you can always purchase noise-canceling headphones to go with your other remote learning accessories. They help drown out the unwanted noise around you to help you focus on your work. They come in different brands, sizes, and colors. Get them now while you can.

10. Surge Protector

Surge protectors are necessary for college dorms because they protect electrical devices from voltage spikes, which causes fires. You won’t need to unplug your charger, laptop, and printer from the surge protector because it has an off-switch. It never hurts to protect your house from electrical dangers. Get your surge protector here.

11. Microsoft Office 365 Subscription

A lot of schools are using Microsoft for everything! Video conferences, documents, storage, calendars, and email. A one-year subscription with Microsoft Office 365 is advised because you can use Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint offline and online, you have unlimited storage on OneDrive, and you can access it on any device. Unlike the free version, the subscription gives you access to different templates, stock photos, fonts, creative content, and icons. And the best part for me is the resume assistant because it’s difficult knowing how to have the perfect resume and the resume assistant will help make your resume look flawless and stand out at that interview.


Subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 now.

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12. Grammarly

You need Grammarly in your remote learning accessories list because not everyone has the perfect grammar. You want an A on that class essay or, more importantly, the college essay, Grammarly is the way to go. Not only does it help fix grammar issues, but it also finds better ways to phrase your sentences. Believe me, Grammarly will save you time and effort when you write. You can get the free version, which fixes basic grammar issues but doesn’t fully perfect the essay. Get the perfect essay here.


13. Dry Erase Calendar

These calendars are fun and essential to have as accessories for remote learning. I advise you to use colorful dry erase markers and colorful sticky notes because they stick out more and make everything pretty. You can hang it on your wall next to the desk to remind yourself whenever you are busy or you can have it outside your door to show your family your schedule.

Get it now.

14. Multifunction Printer

Add a multifunction printer to your list of remote learning accessories because a lot of instructors require their students to print their work, complete it by hand, and fax it back to them. And a multifunction printer enables you to do everything. It’s simple and convenient because you can do it from any device at any time.


Get it here.

15. Notebooks

Although your classes will be online, you may need to work out math problems and write ideas down, which is why you need notebooks. You don’t need to buy an excessive amount, but buying between 2 to 3 notebooks is good and you can get them cheap anywhere like here.

16. Multi-Port USB Hub

There are times where you need to get upload files from your laptop to your flash drive or upload stuff from your phone to your laptop. A multi-port USB hub enables you to upload from multiple devices unto your laptop. Accessories like these will help you with your schooling because they enable you to do multiple things at once. Get yours now.


Which of these accessories did you find most helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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