8 Best Ab Exercises You Can Do At Home

These ab exercises are perfect for anyone who doesn't have time to hit the gym! All of these ab workouts can be done from your home!

Sometimes it’s nice to just be able to bosh out a decent exercise/work out at home. Or even add a little extra to that morning run with some quick and “easy” ab exercises you can do at home. You shouldn’t beat yourself up for not making it to the gym every day. If you are really struggling with motivation, this list of 8 ab exercises are perfect for just doing at home. They don’t require any equipment, although I’d recommend doing them on a carpet or roll mat if you have one! I have chosen a variety of ab exercises, check them out and see what you think for yourself!

Please note: I am not a fitness expert – these are just some exercises I have enjoyed… “enjoyed” doing!

8 Best Ab Exercises You Can Do At Home


1. Spiderman

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it’s just us sweating it out on a mat. The spiderman involves a plank position and then, individually bending your legs out to the side. Check out the image below! This exercise works on all of your core and especially on your obliques. The best part about this ab exercise? It tones your arms too! Holding this plank position really works your arms as much as your abs.

 8 Best Ab Exercises You Can Do At Home

2. Crisscross

Lie on your back (bliss, I wish that was it) then raise your legs from the ground and proceed to crisscross them. To make this harder, do this whilst also raising your legs up and down. If you’re doing an ab workout, set yourself a number of reps to work to or a time goal. You can just use the timer on your phone!


3. Knees to Elbow

Does what it says on the tin! Alternate your legs and arms, touching elbow to knee. When you relax you can really feel this in your higher abs. The slower the more effective at times… check out a demo here.

4. Toe Taps

Take up a plank position then alternatively, “tap” your foot out to the side and back in. Again, this also works your arms, your full core AND your legs. A little bit of everything. Check out “how to” here.

5. Reverse leg raises

I’ve realised a lot of these involve planking… but that’s good I guess! Tone up your arms at the same time… plus planking itself is a work out, let alone alongside some extra bits n bobs. Like this! This exercise begins in a plank and then goes into alternative leg raises. Great for the booty too!


8 Best Ab Exercises You Can Do At Home

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6. Plank jumps

This one is quite physical, but feels pretty good afterwards. Start in a plank, then jump both feet as close to your hands as possible. You end up in kind of a crouching position. Then jump back into a plank position. That’s one rep. This work out video includes a few types of ab exercises including jumps. Look out for this one! And maybe try out some of the others too if you’re interested.

8 Best Ab Exercises You Can Do At Home

7. Side Crunches

This one focuses on your “side abs” professionally called the “transverse abdominus.” Lay on one side and bend your top leg. Then proceed to do crunches as you would a normal crunch. Then switch sides. Check out this specific ab work out here.

8. Vs

Lie flat on your back, then lift your legs up straight. At the same time, lift your arms up straight. Bring your hands and feet as close as possible, so your body forms a V shape. Then return to lying flat. Keep your arms and legs slightly off the ground the whole time to make it a little bit harder.

I hope you are inspired to include some of these 8 best ab exercises you can do at home into your work out. Remember, you don’t have to spend loads of money on equipment to get a good work out.

Let us know what you think of these ab exercises, and comment your favourite ab exercises below!
Featured Image Source: www.youtube.com