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Best 4th Of July DIY Party Decorations

Best 4th Of July DIY Party Decorations

Best 4th Of July DIY Party Decorations

Why is it fair that just because you’re the best host that means you have to spend so much money? Well now you can have a great party with decorations that do not cost insane prices! These are the best 4th of July DY party decorations and you will have no idea what you did your entire life without them!

Tissue Paper Fireworks

What’s the fourth of July with flaming bursts of color being hurled up into the sky? Well now you can have them right in your backyard! Or better yet, in your own home. All you need is some tissue paper, a stapler, some scissors and some basic folding abilities. All you need to do is fold each color tissue paper in half and in half again until you can fold it into a triangle. You then should be able to cut off the rectangle shaped excess piece. Next cut the folded edge of your stack to make it all separate layers. Fold the paper into an accordion and staple the middle. Make cuts on the edge of each individual paper and fluff them up. The voila! You have mini fireworks you can hang all over your house! Plus these fireworks are better for the environment especially if you reuse them every year!


Patriotic Lanterns

All you need for these DIY party decorations are a mason jar, sand, rocks, confetti or anything else to put at the bottom of the jar, an electric candle, and a mini American flag you can pull out of the ground from all the parades passing by. All you need to do is put the material of your choice at the bottom of the jar place the stickless flag around the inside of the jar and place the electric candle in the center. This lantern will add some festive mood lighting and will be a creative, but aesthetically pleasing touch as dusk creeps it way into your party.

Snap, Crackle, and Pop Containers

This is another decoration that you need mason jars for! But, for this one you will have to have some paper, glue and a marker. Using the marker write “snap”, “crackle”, and “pop” on each piece of paper. Then you can tape or glue the paper to each mason jar. This is one of the DIY party decorations that will cost you a bit more money because you have to fill the jar! For snap you fill the jar with pop its, crackle, is filled with sparklers, and pop is filled with bubbles! This is going to be a blast and a half for your party guests while they’re waiting for all of the delicious food.

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Red, white, and blue paper links

These paper links are going to be your cheapest and easiest bet that is going to be the greatest look of all your DIY party decorations. All you need is construction paper in your desired colors, scissors, tape, and a stapler is optional. All you need to do is cut the colored construction paper into long strips. Then, fold the strips into loops. You can staple or tape them shut. If you staple them, you are guaranteed they will stay shut! Don’t get rid of that tape just yet though! That’s how you are going to hang up your chains! Continue making these loops, but each new loop you make, loop the new piece of paper inside of the old one. There you have it! A super simple decoration you can hang on your wall, in a doorway, make into a flag, or whatever your creative DIY heart can come up with!


What DIY party decorations can you not even think about throwing a party without? Comment them below!

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