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10 Benefits of Waking Up Early

10 Benefits of Waking Up Early

Waking up early means saving a bunch of time and a bunch of energy. You will get things done in a more efficient way because research truly does show more benefits in the early morning rather than late nights.

1) Energy

It is important to wake up replenished and have the mental capacity of believing in yourself—you can do it! You can get out of bed! As soon as you wake up, exit the bed, and more precisely, exit the bedroom! Do not grab your phone or make excuses for yourself.

As soon as you get a quick stretch in or a sip of coffee, you will have a burst of energy and be one-hundred percent ready for the day you are about to have.


Step outside for a fresh breath of air in order to get natural energy and make the most of the earth’s resources.

2) Sunrise

The sunrise is the most beautiful part of nature (now no worries, I am not discriminating against sunsets). The difference between the two is that one ends your day and the other debates it. Now, imagine, don’t you prefer waking up seeing the beautiful sunrise, and getting ready to dominate the day? I highly recommend getting a glimpse of the sunrise if you have windows in your house LOL! That’s just to emphasize the importance of scenery as well as fresh air!


Who knows, some days it may be pink, others it maybe purple.

3) Quietude

Do you know that feeling you get in the morning where you feel at peace? Well, isn’t it the most amazing feeling in the world? After you have gotten some dynamic movement as well as fresh air in your body, you should definitely take a moment to reflect on your prospective day and begin to feel gratitude for the present moment. I would suggest spending 5-15 minutes meditating or listening to Alpha waves to maintain concentration. If you have an outside area, you could combine the three of these options together and really have an all-natural debut to your day.



BREAKFAST! BREAKFAST! Breakfast is the meal of the day! From pancakes to crepes, to fruits to croissants, to waffles, to eggs, doesn’t that food just make you drool? Breakfasts don’t take too much time to cook and usually involves minimal ingredients for an astonishing outcome. Like you have heard ever so often, it is the best meal of the day and will keep you full for a very long time after waking up. You also have the opportunity to get all your macronutrients in at an early start—making it healthier and more energetic. Breakfast has only benefits, so do not skip this tasty meal just because you don’t feel like cooking or cleaning dishes.

5) Goals

Goals are super important, in fact, they are the most important part of this list! Without goals, you cannot accomplish anything and you will feel completely lost during the day. I would suggest thinking about some subconscious goals while you are mediating to begin the goal making process. Then, make a list of everything that needs to get done and write everything in order from most important to least. After, follow the list and try to accomplish as much as you can.


6) Planning

Planning and goal making go hand in hand after waking up. In order to achieve your goals, you must make and plan everything to do and at what time and which day. So after you have written the three main goals of the day, go ahead and open your planner and write everything down in order from the time you wake up until the end of the day—sleep time. This will help you remind organized and have an exact vision of what must be done and at what specific time it should be done. This will probably take 5 minutes at most so do not think that it is a waste of time—it will help you stay on task and achieve deadlines for work or school.

7) Amazing start

Come on! You can do this! Just tell yourself that it is possible and it is in your power to achieve everything you set your mind to! I highly recommend telling yourself positive words in order to maintain a grateful and optimistic attitude. Please be kind to yourself. Love yourself and everything that you do!

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8) Quick Workout/ Yoga

This is one of my favorites parts of the list! You should wake up motivated, in fact, research shows that after waking up, that is when a person has the most energy and the moment when positive thoughts are at their peak. Now is the chance to get in a 30-40 min workout based on what your body needs. You can do a list weighting session at the gym or simply some yoga in your bedroom if that is what you need. Plus, research shows that you are way more productive after an epinephrine release. So, if you plan on studying or working then a pre-workout will benefit you!


9) Use the extra time

Use the extra time to enjoy activities that you would not be able to at night. Go for a dance lesson, learn a new language, family time. The opportunities are endless! It gives you a tremendous opportunity to explore new facets of the world while being more energetic, accomplished, and happier in the long-run.

10) Sleep early

Do not go to sleep really late and expect to have energy in the morning! Make sure that you get the right amount of hours of sleep so you wake up replenished and ready to kill the day. I would recommend getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night! But, if that is not possible, I would recommend making adjustments using the previous tips in order to not waste any time on your phone or in any other way during the day.


Did you like these tips? What are some things that you do that give you energy? Comment down below!