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10 Benefits Of Having Succulents In Your Dorm

10 Benefits Of Having Succulents In Your Dorm

Succulents are really popular and a lot of people are getting into plants right now-but why? There are many benefits to having plants in your home besides just looking nice. These are 10 reasons why you should join the bandwagon and get some succulents for your dorm.

But first- What are succulents? Succulents are plants with thickened ‘leaves’ and are freshly engorged so that they can retain water in dry climates which makes them beneficial and easy to take care of.

1. They Look Nice

Plants are the best way to brighten up a home or give life to to your environment. They’re pleasing to look at and are relatively small so they don’t take up a lot of space. You can get succulents that range in color from green to turquoise to purple to red so you can match them to the decor of your space. There are many ways to displaying your succulents from having a regular planters box or a hanging planter or a planter that attaches to the wall like a shelf. Either way succulents will help to liven up and enhance the look of your dorm or apartment.

10 Benefits Of Having Succulents In Your Dorm

2. They’re A Good Hobby

Succulents will give you something to look after and take care of. Keeping something alive is no easy feat but a plant is a good way to start. You have to watch them everyday to make sure they’re still alive and not dying and they keep you occupied. Taking care of them is something you’ll learn to enjoy doing and you’ll get a sense of gratification when you see them thriving. You might even become hooked and start acting like a crazy plant lady (or sir) and you’ll be glad you did because of all the other benefits.

3. They Keep You Responsible

Taking care of a plant might be the easiest thing you can take care of but it’s a good first step if you plan on getting a pet when you graduate or have your own place. Most people start with a fish when they think they’re not quite ready to get a pet but a plant is an even easier way to start. Plus, a lot of dorms don’t allow animals so a plant is a good way to feel like you’re taking care of something without getting in trouble.

10 Benefits Of Having Succulents In Your Dorm

4. They Purify The Air

We all know that plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen which we need desperately as it is one of the key ingredients in our composition. But how do they purify the air? Succulents and majority of house plants remove 87% of VOCs (volatile organic compound) by pulling trapped air in VOCs into their roots from the soil which they convert to plant food. VOCs are a byproduct of boring fuel which create pollution and is bad for our health, by removing VOCs, plants help us breath better air.

5. They Improve The Humidity

Everybody knows the benefits of having a humidifier in your home especially when you’re sick as it can help prevent colds and coughs and diseases-well plants do the same thing. Plants provide for around 10% of the moisture in the air which helps humidity and by having them in your home you will also improve the humidity in your home making you healthier and more readily to fight off sickness.

10 Benefits Of Having Succulents In Your Dorm

6. They Give You Fresh Oxygen

As discussed earlier, plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen which is important for us because our one of our bodies’ primary components is oxygen, but besides just needing oxygen to survive, there are many benefits to having fresh air. Adding some fresh oxygen to you home or dorm is good for your digestive system, it improves your blood pressure and heart rate, it makes you happier, strengthens your immune system, cleans your lungs and lastly, gives you more energy and sharpens your mind. Who can say no to those benefits?

7. They Improve Your Focus

No one is quite sure of the exact science behind it but in studies, people have been found to have more directed attention when in nature or looking at plants. Other studies have found that people with plants in their offices were more productive and took fewer sick days. The strongest research has been linked to people in nature but there are still some attention benefits to having some plants around and what better place to improve your attention span than in your dorm studying for a big test?

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10 Benefits Of Having Succulents In Your Dorm

8. They Increase Your Pain Tolerance

Again, this finding is based on studies and a study found that people with plants in their home took less pain medication but this correlation could be caused by a number of reasons. Still, it couldn’t hurt to have something to reduce pain when you have a headache from staying up all night whether you were studying or out partying.

9. They Enhance Your Memory

Studies have found that having plants around can improve your memory by making you retain information by up to 20% more than when not around plants. This can be especially useful in your dorm when studying for test and doing your reading. Why not have something around that will help you in school all while looking nice.

10 Benefits Of Having Succulents In Your Dorm

10. They’re Relatively Easy To Take Care Of

Compared to other plants and living things, succulents are very low maintenance and will give you the biggest sense of accomplishment with you see them thriving, blooming a reproducing. All you have to do is water them once a week and for the most part, keep them out of sunlight. Although succulents do require sunlight, most need very little and should never be in direct sunlight. They should be kept pretty cool at around 50-60 degrees. Other than that, you are set!

From beautifying your room to boosting your mood to improving your health and mental productivity, succulents are a must for your room. You’ll get instantly hooked and soon your dorm will be filled with plants!

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