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10 Benefits Of Getting A Work From Home Job

10 Benefits Of Getting A Work From Home Job

In the age of COVID-19, work from home (or remote) jobs are quickly becoming the norm. They allow you to do the same things that you would accomplish in the office, but in front of a computer at home. This form of employment has been on the rise ever since the onslaught of the internet, and COVID-19 has been the catalyst for pushing the work from home job further into the mainstream. Here are 10 benefits of getting a work from home job.

1. Getting to stay home

The most obvious benefit is getting to stay home! Most jobs in the office require employees to commute to work every day where you will have to get up early, brave traffic, and deal with coworkers. At home, however, you can get up whenever you want, the only commute you may have to take is from the bed to the office, and the only coworkers you have to tolerate is your family. Also, your business casual can become just casual, as no one will know if you work in your pajamas all day. Overall, staying home is going to be way easier for you. Commuting alone is one of the main reasons people hate their office job, so working from home is the obvious solution, and way more comfortable at that.

10 Benefits Of Getting A Work From Home Job

2. You can work from anywhere

The main benefit of a work from home job is of course working from home, but another benefit often overlooked is the ability to work anywhere. Got to go visit your parents back home? No need to worry, just take your laptop, and you can complete your work from there. Going on a vacation and need to finish some last-minute assignments before relaxing for a couple of days? Finish them on the plane. Work from home jobs means all of your work takes place mostly through the internet, so as long as you have an internet device, you can stay on top of your job.

3. You can hold down a part-time job

Need some extra money? Having a work from home job opens up the possibility of getting a part-time job. Because you are not required to put in hours at the office, you can use that extra time to get a part-time job. While this does mean you will have to be extra efficient will your time, having a part-time job would not be possible, or at the very least exponentially more difficult, with a non-remote job. This possibility would allow you to make more money with your time, which is something we are all looking to do.

10 Benefits Of Getting A Work From Home Job

4. More time to pursue hobbies

If you have a job that requires you to go to the office every day, you likely are spending the bulk of your day there. This means time to pursue anything that makes you happy is, for the most part, out the window. Having a work from home job provides the flexibility to give yourself off days based on your desires. This time can be used to do things that make you happy, notably your hobbies. 

5. Saving money

Commuting every day to work can get expensive. Whether it be traveling by car or public transportation, both costs add up over time. Staying home means you are spending $0 on commuting every day, which means your work from home job is saving you quite a bit of money. Working at an office often means you will have to eat out for lunch, which is also something not required when you work from home. Overall, a work from home job is way more cost-effective than a non-remote job.

10 Benefits Of Getting A Work From Home Job
6. Better for your mental health

Working from home means you have more time to look after yourself. Working from 9 am to 5 pm every day at an office means self-care would have to be pushed to the back burner. Working from home, however, gives you the freedom to define your schedule around your specific needs. If you like to go to the gym in the middle of the day, that is something now attainable with a remote job. If you like to cook your lunch, you have the freedom to do so, whereas a communal microwave in the break room would likely not cut it. If you like to meditate throughout the day, your home is probably a more zen environment than an office. Overall, working from home is going to be better for your mental health.

7. No coworker drama

Keeping a screen between you and your coworkers is going to cut coworker drama down to a minimum. For those of you who hate having deal with annoying coworkers, a work from home job is the ideal choice. No pointless meetings, no awkward break-room socializing, and no micro-management from your boss are some huge plusses of working from home.

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10 Benefits Of Getting A Work From Home Job

8. Better for the environment

Commuting has already been mentioned in this list, but the reasons for avoiding commuting go beyond yourself. Avoiding commuting is much better for the environment. Every day, countless people have to commute to and from work, putting a heavy strain on the environment. Working from home means you are doing your part to cut down on vehicle pollution, and protecting the environment for the future.

9. Freedom to live anywhere

Non-remote jobs require people to come into the office every day, and when the office moves, you have to move. A work from home job means you are not tied down to living within a certain radius from the office. So, if the office moves, you won’t be forced to move as well. This also goes both ways. You have the freedom to move wherever you want. So if your company is based in NYC and you want to move to Chicago, go for it! This is is a huge freedom provided by work from home jobs.

10 Benefits Of Getting A Work From Home Job

10. Less likely to pick up sickness 

This is the most relevant reason to consider working from home. COVID-19 is incredibly contagious, and working at an office is going to put you at a huge risk of catching it because of your proximity to coworkers. This also opens you up to other sicknesses besides COVID-19. Just know that working at an office means that if one coworker comes to work sick, you may get sick as well. Working from home alleviates that risk, and will prevent you from picking something up from a coworker.

Are you considering working from home? Did one of these reasons convince you to start working from home? Let us know in the comments below!

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