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15 Benefits Of Drinking Cucumber Juice

15 Benefits Of Drinking Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice has so many benefits that you would never even realize. Drinking cucumber juice can improve your overall health and help your skin glow. Packed with nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, and silicon. Cucumber juice is a great detox for your body and can improve a variety of digestive problems. How exactly do you make cucumber juice? Simply just wash and cut two large organic cucumbers and blend them in a juicer, then enjoy! The ideal amount of this juice to drink each day is between 12 and 20 ounces. Two cucumbers will produce about 16 ounces of the juice. So, what exactly can this drink do for you?

Boosts Your Immunity

Cucumber juice both benefits and boosts your immune system. By drinking a glass every day, this juice will help protect your body from sickness and diseases. Since the drink is packed with vitamins C, K and A, your body will grow healthy and strong. With a stronger, healthier immune system, your body will be able to fight off infections fast and efficiently.


Detoxes Your Body

Need to flush out all the toxins and unhealthy substances in your body? Cucumber juice is great for detoxes. After a weekend of unhealthy eating or drinking, I find refueling with cucumber juice leaves me feeling fresh and clear. For extra benefits, choosing to add mint or lemon to the juice will eliminate any unwanted bloating.

Alleviates Digestion Issues

Do you frequently find yourself facing digestive issues? Whether you deal with heartburn, indigestion, gastritis or ulcers, cucumber juice can be your new BFF. Due to its light consistency, this juice acts as an all-natural laxative and allows you to forget about your digestive problems. Drinking cucumber juice even relieves constipation! 


Improves Your Sleep

Do you spend nights tossing back and forth wishing you could just fall asleep? Do you deal with unwanted stress and anxiety? Drinking cucumber juice benefits your mind by easing your nerves and completely calming you down. Feeling less stressed and worried leads to more improved sleep cycles. Drink a glass before bed and completely destress! 

Cools You Down

Cucumber juice is great for cooling down your body temperature. When you’re feeling completely overheated and worn down, cucumber juice will act as a cooling aid to your body. This is extremely beneficial to drink during the summertime to lower your body temperature during a hot sunny day.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Since cucumbers are such a great source of potassium, cucumber juice benefits you through lowering your blood pressure. Your blood pressure rises when there’s a high amount of sodium and a very little amount of potassium in one’s diet. Risks of uncontrolled high blood pressure include (but are of course not limited to), stroke, heart attack or kidney/liver damage. Take proactive steps into keeping your blood pressure down!


Helps Hangovers

If your hangovers consist of extreme headaches, drink cucumber juice before heading to bed, or even when you wake up in the morning. Due to the high amount of vitamin B and electrolytes in cucumbers, cucumber juice benefits you by reducing the severity of your headaches. Definitely worth a try!

Hydrates Your Body 

Cucumber juice can easily be compared to flavored water. Cucumbers are made up of 95% water, so they’re extremely proactive in hydrating your body and filling it with electrolytes. Its high content of water leaves you feeling rehydrated and less bloated. 


Cures Bad Breath

This is something I had no idea cucumber juice could help with. Due to how the juice hydrates your body, it allows one to produce much more saliva. With increased saliva production in your mouth, the odor-causing germs and bacterias can flush out, resulting in better-smelling breath. 

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Great for Skin

Hydrated skin means healthy skin. For that natural glow, drink a glass of cucumber juice each day. Cucumber juice benefits your skin in a variety of ways such as calming inflammation, redness and blemishes. The high antioxidants in the drink improves skin from within. For an extra boost, lay cucumber slices on your eyes to eliminate dark circles.

Aids in Hair Growth

Always wanted long luscious locks? Heres a tip, drink cucumber juice! This juice benefits your hair by allowing it to grow faster and improving its overall quality. The enzymes within help people with hair loss problems. Instead of drinking the juice, you can even wash your hair with it daily for stronger results! 

Enhances Eyesight

Another great benefit of drinking cucumber juice is improvement with your vision and eyesight. The juice supplies vitamin B, and calcium magnesium, which are crucial for healthy eyesight. If you are not getting the correct supplements of these you are more likely to see blurred vision or eye twitches. 


Helps With Weight Loss

When your body can easily flush out toxins, it is much easier to lose weight. The antioxidants within the drink boots your metabolism, which allows you to burn calories much faster. The drink itself is extremely low on calories since it is made up of 95% water, so drink as much as you want to benefit your body without feeling guilty! Who knew being healthy could be so easy? 

Boosts Energy 

Without enough vitamin B, your body can face extreme fatigue, poor concentration or irritability. Nobody wants to hang out with someone who is always cranky and tired, so drink your cucumber juice! Cucumber juice benefits your energy levels as it boosts them up due to the amount of vitamin B it gives your body. 

Delivers Antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that protect your cells from damage. Drinking cucumber juice is a great source of antioxidants, so your body will be prepared to fight toxins such as air pollutants, cigarette smoke, and X-rays or industrial chemicals. 


Now that you know all the benefits cucumber juice can do for your body, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get juicing! Let us know below how this juice helped you feel. 

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