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10 Belts To Dress Up Any Look

10 Belts To Dress Up Any Look

Belts are such an underrated accessory, but why? They add an extra layer onto your outfit while giving you the opportunity to show off a little more of your personal style. Yes, the classic black and brown belts are still in style, but these 10 belts will give you inspiration to step out of your comfort zone. If you’re looking to add some finishing touches to your outfits then this article is for you!

#1 Leopard

Leopard print is one of the biggest trends following us into 2020 and we are living for it! You can find this pattern just about anywhere and in any form of clothing, from the best selling midi skirt to even a pair of boots. If you’re looking for a more casual way to add leopard to you’re closet, a belt is the perfect way to do that. If you dress simple or like to wear more neutral colors, this style might be the best for you since leopard goes with just about anything and everything.

Leopard print


2. Grommet Belt

Grommet belts have been taking over social media and are worn by many celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, Camilla Cabello, and many more. The best part is, size is not a problem with grommet belts since they have so many holes. This style falls more on the grungy side but can turn an outfit instantly trendy. This belt can be paired with any shade of denim and even when warmer weather rolls around, cinched around a dress. The grommet belt adds a lot of personality to your style. 


3. Rhinestone

This trend is slowly on the rise and you might not have seen it quite yet, but stores like Urban Outfitters are styling these with just about anything from jeans to even wrapped around a black denim jacket. You can also pair this belt with graphic tees or oversized sweatshirts, it is extremely versatile. How you decide to style this belt can give off different vibes from dressy and expensive, to casual and cool. However, this belt does not function as well as the others, it is more of a statement piece, so keep that in mind if you are looking for a sturdy belt. 



4. Hoop

The hoop belt has been seen on the social media scene for some time now, but they are still a big staple piece. Since this belt is made up of loops, it is easily adjustable to just about any waist size. It also comes with a lobster clasp that is easily attachable and detachable making it the perfect belt to wear on a night out. This belt is totally giving off the 70s free spirit vibes! You can find the hoop metal belt just about anywhere, making it one of this seasons hottest belt trends.

hoop belt


5. Logo

Most of you if not all have either seen the Gucci belt or own one yourself. The logo look is very in even though it is such a simple design. We live in 2020 and many people show off through their fashion, and most through belts. Even though the logo look is very minimal, it also gives off a lavish and luxurious look to the most simple outfits. Yes, they are pricey, but you are getting in return a quality product that will last forever and will always be in style. If you are like me, a college student you aren’t looking to spend a fortune on a belt, places like Valentino and Nordstrom Rack offer great prices for this style of belt. 

Logo belt

6. Western

The western belt gives off a very sturdy and strong vibe through the oversized silver belt buckle and the black leather strap. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, I’m going to look like a cowboy. This belt is the perfect in-between of western with a modern flare. With that being said, you can dress this belt up with a cute pair of black booties or even dress it down with some sneaks.


Western Belt

7. Studded

The studded belt adds an edge to your outfit without giving off too much grunge like the grommet belt. This belt is so simple and classic that it can be paired cinched around a dress or with band tees and denim. If you’re going to a concert or a night out, I recommend wearing this style. This look would go good with black booties or even a stylish heel.

Studded belt

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8. Chain

Chain belts completely took over the spring and summer 2019 runways and sending a message of uniqueness and creating your own path. Chain belts are closely related to the hoop belt I referred to a little earlier (#4). The chain belt comes in silver and gold, giving you the opportunity to pair it with other silver or gold accessories like rings and necklaces. This style belt is mostly used for style than function.

Chain belt


9. Pop of color

With most neutral colors like black and white, it gives you the opportunity to add a bright color to your look. Neons are extremely in style and will easily draw attention, but they also make lighter colors that add just as much to your outfit without screaming look at me! Whatever color you decide to get, it is fun to tie in the color with your shoes! If you are dressing up try to pair your belt to some booties or heels, but if you are dressing down use sandals or sneakers. This will give off a put-together look!

Pink belt

10. Classic

You can never go wrong with using a classic brown or black belt to tie together your look. They go with just about any wash of denim or cinched around a dress. These classic belts can also be styled with the same colored boots or shoes. Compared to the other styles, these belts can seem a little boring, but with the right buckle, they can be super trendy. The buckle could be square or circular depending on personal preference. You can never go wrong with having a classic look.


Brown belt

What are your favorite belts? Tell us in the comments!