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Belts That Will Tie Any Outfit Together

Belts That Will Tie Any Outfit Together

When you are making an outfit, you shouldn’t only think about the clothes. While they are usually the main part, there are a lot of other accessories that are important. However, when people think about accessories, the main focus there will probably be jewelry. There are more accessories that will help you make an amazing outfit. One of the most underrated pieces of an outfit is the belt. A lot of people only see it for its practical use of keeping your jeans up. While this is important and it is totally fair if that is the only reason for buying a belt, there is so much more you can do. Belts can have their own sort of style that will help make your outfit a little more dazzling. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can each make your outfit special in their own special way. You can use them practically, but also fashionably. Here are some belts that you should buy that will both literally and figuratively tie your outfit together.

Leopard Print

1. Leopard Print

It is always fun to have a wild style. You should be able to show that you can be a bit daring, even if it is in a small way. Be bold with what you wear, even when it comes to belts. If this is the style you want to try, then this is the belt for you. There is nothing that special about the cut of the belt, but the pattern helps make it exciting. The whole thing is covered with a ferocious leopard print pattern. Leopard print is typically associated with people who can be a bit wild and like to go all out. It shows that you don’t need to be buttoned up. Even if you don’t want to go completely out there with your outfit, you can be just a little different. If you wear the belt with an outfit that is more neutral, it will help make your whole look more exciting. Everyone will pay attention to when you have an outfit that can’t be tamed.

Blue Chain

2. Blue Chain

Belts can come in many different shapes and sizes. There may be a classic thick style that you know well, but that is not the only belt style. Like most accessories, each belt will have its own flair to make it special. This is a belt that is a little unique and very stylish. Instead of the wide style, it comes in a smaller chain pattern. This gives it a bit of an edge so that your outfit can have some character. T will create a hipper look to separate you from the other belts that people are wearing. Not only that, but this belt also comes in a bright sky blue. It will be a great way to give your outfits a pop of color. It is a fun shade that will allow you to seem a little playful with your style choices. Chain belts like these will be great for accentuating dress so that your outfit has something extra. Make your look pop with a chain that will help you be noticed.


Embellished Leather

3. Embellished Leather

Put a little sparkle in your outfit. Everyone’s outfits deserve to shine, even if it is just a little. This way, no matter what you are wearing, your outfit will be unforgettable. You don’t need to make your whole outfit shine and be overwhelming for everyone. If it is just a small dash of sparkle, your outfit will have the proper shimmer. That is why this belt will be a terrific way to complete your look. This belt is made out of leather, which helps you seem a little tough and shows that you are serious about how you look. While this would be wonderful on its own, that leather is certainly not the centerpiece of the belt. The entire belt is covered with sparkly embellishments that almost look like glitter. If the light were to hit your belt just right, your waist would look like a disco ball. If this were any bigger, it might be too much, but as a belt, it is just right. Wear this with clothing that is a little plainer and you will shine just right. Embellishments can make any outfit better, and it will make sure your belt is the star of the show.

Pink Bow

4. Pink Bow

It is always fun to add some femininity to your outfit. For years, people thought that looking girly meant you couldn’t be taken seriously and that your outfit would not be elegant enough. We are now at a time where people have realized that that is simply not true. We should all be able to embrace our girly side to create the prettiest outfit possible. If that is the side that you want to embrace, then you should buy this belt. This belt comes in a beautiful pale pink. It is a soft color so it can blend seamlessly with your outfit, but it is bright enough so that you can bring some liveliness to your belt. All of that makes for a cute belt, but there is a little bit more to this belt that makes it extra special. Like a delightful birthday present, this belt has a beautiful pink bow in the center to wrap everything up. It will be like you are the present for people’s lives. This may seem a little youthful, but it can also be a little chic. If you wear this belt, people will see that you love some femininity and that you believe it is a gift to any outfit.

Clear Hip Belt

5. Clear Hip Belt

While belts are always really cute, maybe you would prefer people to focus on the rest of their outfit. You might just want to use a belt to give you a bit of a waist or bring your whole outfit together. While you always have the ability to go big with your belt and that can always be cute, it is okay to be different. If you want a belt that is a bit more subtle and will allow people to focus on the rest of your outfit, then you should buy this one. The detail of this belt that allows everything else to shine is the fact that this belt is clear. That means that when you are looking at this belt, you are just seeing straight through to the outfit. There are a lot of belt holes in the belt so that you won’t be hiding the fact that you are wearing a belt. This will be the part that shows that you like to be unique with your accessories. Even if you are using the belt to show off the rest of your outfit, the belt can still be interesting. Let your outfit shine as much as you want and let this belt show that you are working it.


Floral Pleather

6. Floral Pleather

There are some patterns that are true classics. They have been around for a long time and they are guaranteed to make any site of clothing or accessory look nice. These are patterns that you can count on if you are trying to look dashing. In this case that pattern is a floral one. It is a general opinion that flowers are pretty to look at, This opinion usually transfers over to outfits, and can help make them cheerier. So if you want that cheeriness in your look, then this is the belt for you. This belt has the cut of a thin black belt, and then it is covered in a bunch of white flowers. Even though this is a pattern made up of neutral colors, it still has a look that will stand out. This is a very fashionable pattern so wearing this belt will show that you care about how you look. If you wear this with some solid colored clothing, the belt will be able to look its best. When you want to be fashionable, you should have some flower power.

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Red Studded Butterfly

7. Red Studded Butterfly

Even though belts are accessories, there is nothing wrong with them standing out. A lot of belts can be somewhat simple in how they are constructed, but that does not mean that some belts do not go the distance. You can try to find something that will not just be something extra, but something amazing. This is a belt that will be so much more than what you might expect from a belt. It comes in a gorgeous sparkly red in shade that you can help but love. The belt is then covered in a white netting to give the belt a little texture. Then there is the best and most eye catching art, the belt buckle. The belt buckle is a jeweled red butterfly surrounded by an oval of more red jewels. This belt is certainly elaborate, and that is what makes it different. This would be terrific if you were going out somewhere nice and you want to impress people. If you want to go all out, you should be free to do so, even if it is with something as small as a belt.


Outer Space

8. Outer Space

Accessories can be used to show off your interests. Usually this pertains to fashion interests, but that does not always have to be the case. It can show off what you love in life so that people can get to know you through what you wear. Outfits should make you happy, and your interests will make you the happiest. That is why this belt could be a great addition to your wardrobe. The basic layout of the belt is that it is a black belt with a western belt buckle. This is a classic look that would already be cute, but the pattern of this belt makes it really special. The whole belt is covered with many pictures of planets, stars, and other images related to outer space. This would be a great belt for anyone who likes anything that is astronomical. If anyone were to see you wearing this belt, they would already know that you love space. You will definitely look stylish, but people will be able to tell that your looks march to the beat of their own drum.