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Being Led On: Why It’s Worse Than Breaking Up

Being Led On: Why It’s Worse Than Breaking Up

Being led on is a bitch. These signs you are being led on will help highlight if you need to watch your back. Find out why being led on is worse than dumped

At some point in time, you’ve experienced being led on and by now you know it’s absolute shit. Anyone who has the audacity to lead someone on is a pretty crappy person. It doesn’t matter what stage of the relationship you’re at, being led on hurts. Here is why being led on is worse than being dumped.

You Debate Your Self-Worth

Although it’s entirely the other person’s wrongdoing, you can’t help but question your self-worth when you are being led on. You are constantly questioning yourself, wondering if you are good enough to date. Is it your personality, looks or something else that’s holding them back from committing? These are questions that drive a person insane. Don’t question your worth or give into these mind games people tend to play when leading someone on.

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Your Feelings Are Devalued

Often times if you are being led on, the other person makes you feel as though your feelings are invalid. There is usually minimal sympathy when you are being led on. This can make it a lot harder to get over someone – especially when the relationship was never considered “official.”

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If you are being lead on, there usually is zero closure. The worst thing in the world is having your emotions messed with and then no recollection or apology. Assholes who lead girls on tend to avoid admitting what they are doing is wrong. They rarely have an explanation as to why they don’t want to hook up anymore. Which leads me to the next reason why being lead on is the worst.


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You Question What They Said

Generally if they do terminate the relationship, they come up with some false reason why it’s ending. Although hard to do, avoid all the “what if” scenarios in your head. It does you no good to wrack your brain for answers you most likely aren’t going to receive. There is no point in making sense of their behavior.

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You’re Time Is Wasted

Being led on sucks because your time is absolutely wasted. You invest time and emotion into what you consider to be a relationship only for it to be a letdown. When a guy leads you on, they are well aware if something is going to become of that relationship. If you are being led on your chances of finding someone who’s willing to settle down diminish. However, you can’t regret the time you’ve spent with them.

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