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10 GIFs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At University Of Vermont

10 GIFs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At University Of Vermont

Take a look at these true signs that you or someone you know spent time being a student at University of Vermont! UVM is a great place.

Sometimes it’s difficult to describe life at UVM. Much of it fits the typical college experience but a lot of it is unique as well. Its location, campus and student body surely make it stand out! Whether you’re still searching for schools, or you’re a busy undergrad looking for some relatable content, we’ve got you covered. Here’s ten incredibly accurate GIFs that describe what it’s like going to UVM. These are the signs of being a student at University of Vermont.

1. When you’re running to catch the CATS shuttle.

Whether you take it to class every morning or you just want to get to Trinity as quickly as possible, you know you’re going to rushing towards that shuttle when it stops because time is just that precious. Elbow room is equally precious because…


2. When you attempt to find a seat on the shuttle.

There often is none! The shuttle is well-known for being jam-packed with people. That means that if you’re looking for an empty seat or space to breathe, you’re most likely out of luck. And that situation can only result in a squished or standing commute. Better luck next time! This is another one of the signs of being a student at University of Vermont.

3. When you and your friends are walking around Burlington.

There’s nothing better than being with a group of friends in downtown Burlington. Whether you’re heading to a party or just going to see a movie, all you need is a quick shuttle ride (through GMT or UVM’s own at night) and some spare change and you’re all set!


4. When you’re chilling out on the University Green.

You can study here or you can relax here. You can even picnic here! The food trucks nearby are super convenient for this (RIP Pam’s Deli). Of course, nothing tops the view of Waterman, of College Street and of Williams Hall that you get when you hang in this area.


5. When you’re eating dining hall food.

Let’s be real here. None of the dining halls on campus offer very exciting things. And what they do offer is cheap and full of carbs. Some might find a certain charm in this. Others might begrudgingly bite into their burgers, cursing out Sodexo between breaths. But close to everyone can agree that there are better options out there. This is another one of the signs of being a student at University of Vermont.

6. When you’re eating at Brennan’s/The Skinny Pancake.

Speaking of better options: bar food and crêpes! Brennan’s offers wonderful quesadillas and salads while the Skinny Pancake offers sandwiches, breakfast platters, poutine and various other local specialties. Eat up but be aware because…


7. When you speed through your meal points plan.

Add the Marché to the two places above and you have a recipe for broke and hungry UVM student. After this, it’s your credit card, cash or Cat$cratch. Rest in peace. This is another one of the signs of being a student at University of Vermont.

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8. When you want to say something political but you have to be as calm as possible.

Activism is big on UVM’s campus and, even if you’re not participating in one, you are bound to see a protest any day while you’re there. On a micro-level though, sometimes you just want to shout your views at someone making a mockery of them to your face. Stay calm and you’ll make it through no problem.


9. When you’re walking to your next class in the snow.

A little snow doesn’t bother most Catamounts. Vermont is known for its chilly weather. A downside of this though is that UVM doesn’t often close for snowstorms so, if you really don’t like winter weather, then you’re not going to enjoy your commute. This is another one of the signs of being a student at University of Vermont.

10. When you show up late to the Naked Bike Ride.

And thus, we finish off this list the way some students finish off their semesters. The Naked Bike Ride is exactly what it sounds like it is. Prepare yourself ahead of time. It will shock you if you’re not; you’ll be just like Troy Barnes below otherwise.


Now wasn’t that relatable or what? Leave your responses in the comments section down below if you have experience being a student at University of Vermont!

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