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10 GIFs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At Texas A&M University College Station

10 GIFs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At Texas A&M University College Station

These GIFs show what it is like being a student at Texas A&M University College Station. They show the ups and downs of this university.

Every school is unique with their own qualities that draw people to them, and for Texas A&M University it’s the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that everyone raves about. I saw it the first time I stepped on campus, and it is no joke. I am about to go into my fourth and final year at Texas A&M University, and I’ve gotta say that I’ll be sad to leave! I’ve made all my best friends at this school, found my future husband, and have made so many precious memories. You’ll be able to relate to these GIFs of being a student at Texas A&M University.

1. When the football team scores a touchdown at a game

If you’re a true fan of Texas A&M, you know that football is SUPER important. Say goodbye to your Saturdays because it’s the biggest season of the year!


2. Frustration at the 24/7 construction

There’s always a new obstacle creating traffic or blocking roads when trying to get around campus, whether it’s driving, biking, or just walking. We all have one of those “road rage” moments, don’t worry.

3. Getting your Aggie Ring

This is one of the biggest accomplishments you can receive at this University for it marks the hard work you’ve done to succeed at this school. The Aggie Network is remarkably huge worldwide, and everyone  respects the Aggie Gold on your finger. What a beauty.


4. Trying to find parking

Texas A&M University has the largest campus in all of Texas, with a record enrollment of 68,625 students in the semester of Fall 2017. With that many bodies around, it’s impossible to find parking and not be a tiny fish in a big pond. You’ll get to campus 40 minutes early and end up 10 minutes late for class. Ugh.


5. Getting no sleep during finals week

It’s a special time of year where everybody, even the students who get all their work done on time and go to bed at a regular hour, and I mean EVERYBODY pulls all-nighters, stresses over studying, and basically wants to pull their hair out while drinking 5 gallons of coffee a day for good grades. Everyone’s gotta freak out a little, don’t be alarmed.

6. Preparing for your ring dunk like

Once you receive your Aggie ring, it’s a tradition to dunk it in a pitcher of beer and chug it for the lowest amount of time. The beer is disgusting but the tradition is fun. This is one of the very true GIFs of being a student at Texas A&M.


7. Walking into fish camp like

The fish camp counselors always look CRAZY with their colored hair, lipstick, face paint, clothes and piercings. There’s always a little voice in your head that’ll have you wondering what you got yourself into.

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8. Walking up to the club…. Any day

Northgate is always open, and whatever day you feel like getting your party on, it’s guaranteed you’ll find someone who likes partying during the week too. And it’s always bumpin on the weekend! This is one of the most relatable GIFs of being a student at Texas A&M.


9. When you see someone walking on the grass

We’re pretty much the only campus I know who are really protective of their grass.


Just thinking about it has my mouth watering, how about you? This is one of hilarious GIFs from being a student at Texas A&M!


Which of these ideas of being a student at Texas A&M University College Station do you relate to? Let us know in the comments.

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