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10 GIFs That Describe Being A Student At Florida State University

10 GIFs That Describe Being A Student At Florida State University

Take a look at these accurate GIFs that show what it is actuallu like being a student at Florida State University! FSU is unique!

Students from Florida State University are a diverse bunch. We’re from different graduating classes and different majors; we participate in different extracurricular activities during our time on campus; we come from different backgrounds and even different countries. But at the end of the day, we’re all proud ‘Noles. Here are some GIFs that reflect what it’s like being a student at Florida State University.

1. Trying to Find Parking on FSU Campus

Despite the growing number of parking garages, there never seems to be anywhere to park on campus. If you live off campus and drive to class you’re used to being either obscenely early or obscenely late. There is no in between. You’ve occasionally tried to get creative with your parking and have the ticket from FSUPD to prove it.

Florida State GIF Parking Spot


2. Going to the Leach at the Start of Spring Semester

Everyone’s trying to start the Spring Semester off right by honoring their New Year’s resolutions. A lot of those resolutions involve personal fitness goals. Fortunately, FSU has the Leach Center to help meet those goals. The Leach is probably the best gym in Tallahassee and it’s totally free for students. Unfortunately, you won’t get much working out done the first week back after winter break because it will be an absolute madhouse. After a few weeks, it’ll die down as resolutions are inevitably broken, but in the beginning – if you’re serious about getting your #gains – you’ll have to hit the Leach as soon as it opens to beat the crowds.

Florida State GIF Gym After New Year's

3. Beating UF at Literally Anything

Even if you don’t watch the football games, the FSU/UF rivalry runs deep. Better football team, better research program, better school colors. I mean, really. Who would choose orange and blue over garnet and gold? It’s a no-brainer. Whatever the competition, whenever FSU beats Florida, it makes you smile a little bit.


Florida State GIF FSU vs UF

4. Experiencing the Rite of Passage That Is the Strip

It’s hot; it’s crowded; it’s a Florida State rite of passage. And it’s a really good time – if you’re absolutely sloshed, that is. The Strip is a short walk from your dorm so it’s the place to be for a cheap, scuzzy night out. Sure, it makes you feel a little dead inside, but that doesn’t stop you from ordering another Y Bomb.

Florida State GIF The Strip


5. Getting Brunch at MadSo

After hitting up the Strip on Saturday night, you need Sunday morning brunch at Madison Social to recover. Greasy breakfast food and overpriced mimosas are the perfect cure for your hangover. Bonus points to MadSo for being close enough to campus that you can walk. Brunch is no fun if you have to be the DD.

Florida State GIF Madison Social Brunch

6. Trying to Go Anywhere on Game Day

FSU home games can be a lot of fun, as long as you don’t plan on going anywhere in your car. The entirety of FSU campus and most of Tennessee Street and Gaines Street are one big traffic jam. If you’ve got tickets to the game, hopefully you live close enough to Doak that you can walk. Otherwise, you’re gonna have a bad time.


Florida State GIF Game Day Traffic

7. Seeing the Starbucks Line in Stroz

The Starbucks in Strozier Library is one of the busiest in the state of Florida, no lie. Since the baristas are taking orders from both sides, there’s almost always a wait. So when you see someone standing at the counter, agonizing over their order, it drives you crazy! You just want to get your chai tea latte so you can go back to pretending to write that research paper that’s due tomorrow. Is that too much to ask?

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Florida State GIF Stozier Starbucks

8. It’s Officially Sweater Weather But It’s Still Hot AF

Sweater weather is the best part about fall. It’s cool enough for jeans, boots, cute scarves, and, of course, sweaters, but not so cold that you have to wear a parka everywhere. Unless you live in Tallahassee. An FSU student wearing a cardigan and drinking a pumpkin spice latte in October will probably get heat stroke. Still, it might be worth it for that autumn aesthetic.

Florida State GIF Sweater Weather


9. Hanging Out on Landis Green to “Study”

Landis Green is great for catching up with friends, pick-up games of soccer or ultimate Frisbee, or just some quiet studying in the shade. Or, rather, procrastinating. When your campus is as beautiful as ours, it’s hard to focus on homework. You’re pretty sure that 80% of your tuition goes into landscaping.

Florida State GIF Procrastination

10. Hearing Ms. Killings Say She Loves You

Whether you remember her from when she was a cashier at Suwannee Room or you know her as Madame Ambassador now, Ms. Killings wants you to know: “Hey, baby. I love you.” Every student who passes through her dining hall gets a little bit of Ms. Killings’ love. If you’re lucky, you get a hug. I’m not crying; you’re crying.


Florida State GIF Ms. Killings Hugs

Which of these GIFs do you relate to being a student at Florida State University? Let us know below.

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