Beginners Guide To Laser Hair Removal

Removing hair seems like a never-ending battle. There is a multitude of ways to remove body hair, however, the results either don’t last long, or they are painful. And, after all of that, you can be left with rashes or ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal has always been on my to-do list. But I always thought that it would be something that I wouldn’t be able to do until I was well into adult hood. Well, I am here to tell you, look into it now! It will change your life.

Hair Colour

It is important to note that laser hair removal will not work as effectively on some than it does on others. The laser is drawn to dark pigment. For that to work in the most effective way, a dark hair follicle against fair skin, will have the best effect. If you have, blonde, red, grey or white hair, you will most likely have to have a number of extra sessions, and you may still not achieve the desired result. So if you are an avid fake tanner, this is a great time to take a break from the fake tan and embrace your fair skin in order for the laser to work its magic. This is important to keep in mind in order to achieve the best laser hair removal results.

Beginners Guide To Laser Hair Removal

Pre-Laser Prep

Before you have your first laser treatment, there are a few things that you need to be aware of before going in. Make sure that there is no fake tan or any leftover fake tan on the area where you are tanning. This also includes gradual tan moisturiser. One thing that may be slightly hard to avoid, but is very necessary, you must avoid sun exposure on the area for two weeks before your laser session. In order for the laser to penetrate the hair follicle and not just the hair itself, is to shave the area prior to getting laser. It is also important to you must not wax for six weeks before your treatment, shaving only! This will ensure that the hair is at its darkest and thickest. Last but not least, you must not be taking any antibiotics or supplements before laser, otherwise your skin may be slightly more sensitive and can result in burning and blistering. Okay, now you are ready for laser!

Beginners Guide To Laser Hair Removal

What To Expect

I was very nervous for my first laser experience, not just because of the unknown level of pain but also just because of how invasive it was. Going into your first session, you will have to have a quick consultation just so that you are aware of the risks and what to expect. I had laser hair removal on my underarms and Brazilian, and both areas took a total of less than five minutes, which blew my mind! The sensation of the laser itself, feels similar to an elastic band flicking you. I would give the pain a 2/10, totally not painful just a little bit uncomfortable. Anyone conducting your laser session will be super professional, as long as you go to a reputable and professional skin clinic, this is NOT an area where you should be looking for the cheapest option! It is not nearly as awkward as I had thought and was over so fast! The thicker the hair follicle, will cause the sensation to be a little bit more uncomfortable but it is over in a snap! This is a great thing to keep in mind for any beginner.

Beginners Guide To Laser Hair Removal

Post Laser Care

After your laser treatment, aloe vera is your best friend. Apply aloe vera to the area day and night for the next couple days in order to take the heat out of it. This will ensure there is not excess heat post-laser. Now, this could be music to some peoples ears, do NOT exercise for 48 after your laser treatment. You need to try to avoid friction and sweat. Otherwise, you will experience, excess redness, heat, possible rash and blistering. Take it easy for a couple days. No swimming in the pool or ocean for 48hours post-treatment and absolutely NO sun exposure!

Beginners Guide To Laser Hair Removal

What To Expect After

After about ten 10 your hair will start to fall out, imagine chia seeds just sprinkled everywhere. The hair will then grow back at a much slower rate. You are allowed to shave between treatments, which will occur every four weeks for the first few treatments. However, keep shaving to absolute minimum! or not at all if you can help it.

Beginners Guide To Laser Hair Removal

I can not recommend laser hair removal enough! Although everyone is different, If you think that laser hair removal would work for you, give it a go! Have you tried it? Let us know about your experience!

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