10 Beers That You Need To Try If You Don’t Like Beer

Beers, 10 Beers That You Need To Try If You Don’t Like Beer

Some people don’t like beer. Maybe you tried the wrong one, or there’s something about the taste that just doesn’t appeal to you. Whatever the reason, you just don’t consider yourself a beer drinker. Well, these next 10 beer just may change your mind!

1. Yuengling

Number one on this list and dear to my heart, is the beer of beers. You know you’re doing something right if you’ve got the oldest running brewery in America. Straight from Pottsville, PA, Yuengling is a lager rich in history and flavor. Pronounced “ying-ling”, you won’t forget the name of this beer after you taste it. With a strong, robust flavor, this beer means business. You won’t get a watered down, low quality taste with this drink as you would with other beers. 

10 Beers That You Need To Try If You Don’t Like Beer

2.  Duck Rabbit Milk Stout

This beer comes from a quaint microbrewery in North Carolina. Though it is extremely dark from roasted grains, don’t let the color of this beer mislead your taste buds. Brewed with lactose, this beer has a subtle sweetness and creaminess that makes it easy to down bottle after bottle. Out of all of their beers, the Milk Stout is their best selling beer by far, and for good reason. If you’re looking for a smooth and subtly sweet taste, this beer is definitely for you.

10 Beers That You Need To Try If You Don’t Like Beer

3. Corona

Latin for crown, there is a reason why Corona beers have their name. One of the top selling beers on the market, Corona is a delicious pale lager that goes hand in hand with good times. This is the beer you want to associate with a hot summer day. Try making a pitcher of beer margaritas with this drink, or simply enjoy it with a salted lime. This beer is as refreshing as it is delicious.

10 Beers That You Need To Try If You Don’t Like Beer

4. Blue Moon

Another great choice if you still aren’t keep on beers. This is considered a good beginner beer if you are just beginning to test the drinking waters. Blue moon is a Belgian White beer that is very mild in taste, but fool of flavor.

With subtle hints of coriander and orange peel, these beers are aromatic and comforting to drink. The best way to enjoy these beers is to drink them draft style with a large orange slice garnishing the top of your drink. Blue Moon offers many varieties besides their original brew, so go forth and try them all! Responsibly, of course.

10 Beers That You Need To Try If You Don’t Like Beer

5. Not Your Father’s Root Beer

If you just can’t stand the taste of beers, period, this is the beer for you.  If somebody were to hand this beer to you without a label, you may not even know it was beer at all. Brewed with a delicious blend of herbs and spices, these beers taste exactly like root beer. However, with an above average alcohol content, beware of over indulging in these beers. It’s very easy to drink too much, too fast with these beers! Besides their Root Beer, Not Your Father’s offers a wide variety of other sugary drinks as well.

10 Beers That You Need To Try If You Don’t Like Beer

6. Guinness (Draft)

Guinness beers…where to even begin? Dark, rich, creamy, and oh so inviting. Enjoy this beer draft style to enjoy the best possible taste and flavor. Guinness has a genius draft system that enhances their already divine beers. The secret is a blend of mainly nitrogen and lower levels of CO2. The lower levels of CO2 in the beer allows for a thicker, creamier beer, and a beautiful head to top of your glass. Many people don’t like beer because of the taste, but these beers just may change your mind.

10 Beers That You Need To Try If You Don’t Like Beer

7. New Belgium Passionfruit

This summery beer selection has a very fruity, tart, tropical taste that allows for a refreshing take on beer. This light fruit beer is one of many delectable beers New Belgium has to offer. Though it has a slight bitterness towards the end of each sip, this bitterness is a nice balance to such a fruit-forward tasting beer. If you’re not fond of the taste of most beers, this beer will sit well on your palette.

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10 Beers That You Need To Try If You Don’t Like Beer

8. Samuel Adams Octoberfest

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s what fans of these beers will be cheering once Sam Adams Octoberfest begins to hit the shelves of their local distributors. This beer has a delicious malted flavor with notes of caramel that goes perfectly with the Autumn weather. If you’re not big on the taste of hops, these beers have very a very light hops taste. Drinking this beer is arguably like drinking silk. It just goes down so smooth. When the trees turn, expect to see the fans of these beers flocking to buy as much as they can before it is gone. This is one beer to definitely try before its season is over.

10 Beers That You Need To Try If You Don’t Like Beer

9. Moody Tongue Caramelized Chocolate Churro Baltic Porter

With a full line of incredibly interesting beers and flavors, Moody Tongue is definitely worth giving a try. Moody Tongue’s Caramelized Chocolate Churro Baltic Porter beer will make you hungry just by reading the label. However, don’t be fooled. This is not a sugary beer, but a beer meant to be paired with something sweet or savory. With a medium body and deeply developed flavors, this beer will have you wanting to order dessert after just a few sips. It’s a smooth drink, and you’ll notice notes of caramel, vanilla, and chocolate while you nurse your bottle. Try pairing these beers with ice cream, chocolate cake, or even a bacon maple doughnut. 

10 Beers That You Need To Try If You Don’t Like Beer

10. Shock Top Lemon Shandy

Another delicious, summer choice among beers, is the shandy. Shock Top’s Lemon Shandy is arguably one of the better shandies on the market. This smooth Belgian Wheat Ale has a pleasant citrus taste and aroma. These beers are on the sweeter side, and you will definitely notice a flavor reminiscent of lemonade on a hot summer day. These beers go down smooth, and are refreshingly crisp to taste as well. Again, if you’re not a big fan of the taste of most beers, this is a safe choice of beer for you to try. 

10 Beers That You Need To Try If You Don’t Like Beer

Did this article change your mind about beer? Did you see any beers you would like to try, or have any to suggest? Leave a comment below!

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