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22 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas To Inspire You

22 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas To Inspire You

A bedroom can be so much more than just a place where you go to sleep every night. When you’re living at home, your room is your place to express yourself. Your room can be a place for your imagination to run wild, and wall decor is a great way to channel this creativity. 

There are countless ways for you to decorate your bedroom walls. Here are 22 ideas for bedroom wall decor to inspire you in your bedroom decorating endeavors! 

1. Mural

Painting a mural on a wall of your bedroom is a great way to add a pop of color. If you’re not artistically inclined yourself, hire an artist or commission one of your artist friends to come in and paint a mural for you. It’s a great way to add a unique touch to your bedroom. 


2. Tapestry

If you like the look of a mural but you’re looking for something less permanent, try a tapestry. A tapestry allows you to dress up a wall with artwork without semi-permanently altering the wall. You can change the look as often as you want.  

22 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas To Inspire You

3. Photo Display

Here’s a good option if you have a ton of pictures of you and your friends. Create a photo display to show off your favorite memories while also enhancing your bedroom.


4. Art Prints

Many art museums will sell prints of works from famous artists, like Monet or Van Gogh. If you consider yourself a fan of art history, some of these prints could make nice pieces of bedroom wall decor. 

5. Poster

Get a poster to express your love for your favorite movie, TV show, musical, band, anything, at a store like Hot Topic. Posters are a classic way to liven your bedroom. 

6. Vinyls 

There’s just something so aesthetically pleasing about vinyl records. Work them into your bedroom decor by placing some vinyls in their cases on floating shelves. 


7. Mirror

A mirror can really open up a room. Add a mirror to a wall in your bedroom. 

22 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas To Inspire You

8. Book Pages

If you’re looking for something more artistic and unique to add to your bedroom walls, try making a collage of book pages from old books. You can get these from old books you’re looking to recycle or from gems you find at a thrift store. 


Go an extra step by using these pages to make some blackout poetry that speaks to you. It’s a fun DIY project that can add something personal to your bedroom. 

9. Wall Paper

Wall paper is a great way to turn a wall in your bedroom into an accent wall. Find a wall paper with a pattern and in a color that works nicely with the existing theme of your bedroom. 

10. Bookshelf 

Bookshelves can be both practical and decorative. Plus, there’s just something very homey about books on a bookshelf. Install a bookshelf to give your bedroom a studious vibe. 


22 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas To Inspire You

11. Shelves

Floating shelves can be a great way to display small collectibles. It looks more organized than just scattering your items on your desk or on an end table. Some floating shelves can bring your bedroom together. 

12. Ocean-Inspired Decor

When adding decor to a room, it may be helpful to draw inspiration from a particular theme. One of the most common themes for this purpose is the ocean and the beach. Find some ocean centric decor pieces to create a beach inspired display in your bedroom. 


13. Word Art

Have a favorite quote from a book or favorite celebrity? Turn it into some decorative wall art by painting the quote on your wall. There are also many word art decor pieces available to purchase at craft stores. 

14. Florals

Florals are another great area to draw inspiration for bedroom wall decor. Paint some florals on the wall or find some floral themed pieces to add to your bedroom.

22 Wall Decor Ideas To Inspire You 

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15. Hanging Decorations 

Hanging decorations can make excellent additions to bedroom walls. These decorations can add some dimension to your bedroom. 

16. String Lights

While string lights are commonly used as decorations in college dorm rooms, there’s no reason you can use them in your bedroom as well. String lights can serve as an eye catching decor piece while also adding some extra lighting. 


22 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas To Inspire You

17. Whiteboard 

The great thing about a whiteboard is that you have the freedom to change what’s on it whenever you please. Write out an inspirational quote if you’re looking for something artistic. Draw out your schedule, plans, and to do lists for the week or month if you’re looking for something more practical. However you choose to use it, a whiteboard can add a studious and professional vibe to your bedroom. 

18. Plants

Plants can add a breath of fresh air, both literally and figuratively, to your bedroom. A potted plant can make a nice addition to your room, especially if it has a window that lets in lots of sunlight. Succulents can add a bit of charm to your space. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, there are fake plants you can easily work into your bedroom decor plan. 


22 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas To Inspire You

19. Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a great way to express your creativity while also adding some life to your bedroom. Combine different works of art together to create a unique gallery wall. It’s a great way to add your own flair into your decorating plans. 

20. Wall Lights

Some lights mounted on a wall are a great way to add some more light to your room. They also serve as wonderful pieces of bedroom decor. Put one wall light on each side of your bed’s headboard for a symmetrical look. 


21. Chalkboard Paint

If you’re looking for some creativity and flexibility when it comes to decorating your room, chalkboard paint might be worth looking into. Give yourself a changeable accent wall by painting with chalkboard paint. This will give you the ability to create whatever you want with ease. 

22. Hanging Sculpture

Mounting a hanging sculpture on the wall is a great way to add some art to your bedroom in a unique way. It adds a pop of color while also adding some dimension to your room. 

What decor ideas will you be working into your bedroom? Let us know in the comments!

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