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Bed Comforter Sets That Will Look Great In Any Dorm Room

Bed Comforter Sets That Will Look Great In Any Dorm Room

Are you having a difficult time looking for a stylish bed comforter set that will look great in your door room this fall? Are you confused on whether or not to branch out and get a colorful bed comforter or to stay with the neutral colors like charcoal or cream? Below I have a list of the best bed comforter sets that will look great in any dorm that will not only look good, but will be comfortable as well! 

Let’s go floral! 

I believe that a Bed Comforter Sets can say a lot about someone without saying anything at all. The bed set that you choose is a part of your personality, so if you want to communicate to others that you are bright and lively, why not go with a floral comforter. It’s a fun pattern that will be perfect for your dorm room! There’s also hundreds of different styles to chose from. Want one huge flower on your comforter? Want one with a variety of flowers in different shapes and colors? They’re easy to find and one of the most popular designs as well!

Bed Set
Floral Daisy Pattern – Golden Yellow Comforter

Can’t go wrong with stripes!

Is a stripe design more your thing? Then check out this cute bed comforter sets from Target. It’s cozy, has a retro feel to it and is lightweight (but snuggly) which your friends will love if you’re having a movie night in your dorm room on a Friday night. 

Bed Set
June Journal Beach Stripes Comforter Set – Deny Designs

Solid colors are never out of style

You can never go wrong with a solid color bed comforter sets and with this navy color that is below, I can promise you that you will be as comfortable as ever after a long day of studying. I personally love solid colors, especially darker ones. They’re easy to find when searching for them in stores or online, they can match easily with you and your roommates room decor and they’re simple. They look good without adding too much. So if you’re unsure of what bed comforter set to purchase for you dorm room, just go with a solid color and you can’t be disappointed! 

Bed Set

 Embrace the circles

Do you want a bed comforter set that has details, but not too much that it becomes overwhelming? Then go for a bed comforter set that has a circle design. They’re fun, flirty and perfect if you want to add some color to your dorm room. You and your roommates can also coordinate and have similar designs if you’re wanting to go that route! 

Bed Comforter
Pink/Orange/Beige Modern & Contemporary Duvet Cover

Incorporate texture 

Do you want your Bed Comforter Sets to be different from everyone else’s in your dorm hall? Then add some texture to your Bed Comforter Set and you will be right on track to being not like the others. This beautiful 3D Floral Pattern is rarely seen, but perfect for your dorm room. It looks comfy too and you will definitely have a different set than your peers! 

Bed Comforter Set
Traditional Comforter

Go reversible

Are you a traveler? Do you want to bring some of your world-wide travels to your dorm room? Do you like light AND dark colors, but are not sure which one to choose from? Don’t fret, reversible bed comforter sets are here to say. I personally love this style of comforter. One of the main reasons is because if you accidentally get a stain on your comforter but are too busy studying to throw it into the wash, just switch it to the other side and you will be all set to go! 

Bed Comforter Set
Paris Gold Reversible Comforter Sets

Polka Dots!

Love polka dots? So do I! This style is a great way to bring some fun into the dorm room all while not being overwhelming or too full of design. I don’t think polka dots are as popular as they once were, but you can never go wrong with them. There’s a bunch of colors you can choose room and adding some texture to your bed with blankets, makes this style easy to pair with. 

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Bed Comforter Set
Cream Microfiber Modern & Contemporary Comforter Set

Show off your favorite sports team! 

If you’re anything like me, you love sports! Whether it’s basketball, soccer, football or hockey, showing off your favorite sports team in your dorm room is a wonderful way for others to get to know you. Plus, they’re fun! Do you and your roommate love rival football teams? Coordinate with them! You can find most bed room sets of your favorite sports team on their home websites!

Bed Comforter Set
NFL Dallas Cowboys 5-Piece Full Bed in a Bag Comforter Set

Square it up! 

Not a fan of circles or bright colors? Do you want to stay simple, but live life on the edge just a tiny bit? If so, then a square/window pane design bedroom set may just be the fit for you! Simple, yet classy, it’s a perfect style for any dorm room. A major perk? They’re not difficult to find, reasonably affordable and you can find them in almost every color of the rainbow. 

Bedroom Set
Truly Soft® Windowpane 3-Piece Full/Queen Comforter Set in White/Navy

Go colorful!

I love all colors of the rainbow and I think incorporating them into your bed comforter set is a wonderful idea. They’re fun, cool, stylish and flirty! Not only will this style of comforter engage people into your dorm room, but I can promise you that you will be making friends daily! If you don’t want it to be all colored, then just go for a splash! 

Bed Comforter Set
Tie Dye Rainbow Comforter Set – Ampersand for Makers Collective

Are you unsure of where to get your college bed room set? Then here are a list of places where you can purchase one before you head back to college this fall! Also, be sure to tell us where you bought your comforter set in the comments below.