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Become The School Hit With These DIY Ideas To Make Your Notebook Unique

Become The School Hit With These DIY Ideas To Make Your Notebook Unique

Going back to school sometimes doesn’t sound as fun as you would like it to be. But small actions that change that fact can assure yourself a better school year, so it’s always a great thing to prepare for going back to school the best material we can! And we are not talking about going to the store and buying the most expensive materials, on the contrary we are thinking about getting creative and DYing them. And what better way to start than with notebook covers?

This way you can assure yourself no one is going to have the same notebook you do, plus you can save a lot of money by doing them yourself. It’s also a way of making yourself more enthusiastic of those subjects you can’t stand, well maybe language is not as great as you would like, but at least you have an awesome notebook to write everything in. Don’t be surprised if your friends start asking for you to personalize their notebooks to when you arrive to school with these amazing notebooks done by yourself!

1. Ombre Notebook Covers

The ombre trend consists of shades of color that break down from the most intense tone of that specific color to the lightest. You can make it in any color shade you desire, and you will need as simple materials as a sheet of white paper of your choice, crayons in the shades you want to break down, baby wipes and the notebook you will transform. Start by creating broad scribbles across the white paper allowing shades to slightly overlap, then use the baby wipe to blend colors in circular motions and repeat until you get the effect you want our notebook to have.

Allow the paper to dry completely and when ready proceed to wrap the ombre designed paper around the notebook to transform its covers. And there you have it, you can even draw or add a picture on top of the ombre paper and cover your notebook with it.

Become The School Hit With These DIY Ideas To Make Your Notebook Unique

2. Seashell Notebook Covers

This idea is perfect if you are one of those who is always carrying a small notebook to write you deepest thoughts. Transform your normal boring notepad into a small seashell notebook that will make you wonder if that is what Ariel carries when she goes to school. To make this notebook be sure to get some big seashells from a collectible store or real ones if you can find some.

Then make small holes on the top of the seashells that will work as your notebook covers and do the same to the folded papers you want your seashell notebook to have, it can be banana paper, thin cardboards or a colored paper if you desire. Bind both the seashells and the papers with a string as done in Japanese book binding. These seashell notebook works perfectly for gifting someone you really care about on their first day of school also!

Become The School Hit With These DIY Ideas To Make Your Notebook Unique

3. Marble Notebook Covers

Marbling things has been something we have seen a lot of recently in various areas. Including these techniques in your notebook personalization can definitely be a huge yes! The best thing is that you don’t need fancy materials or high cost products to create notebooks that will looks super expensive. To make this you will need contact paper, a large container with lukewarm water, nail polish of the colors of your choice, scissors and a plain notebook.

Start by cutting the contact paper a bit bigger than the notebook cover, then pour the nail polish as you wish, in this part you can use a various colors and a toothpick to move them around, then press the contact paper face down into the water on top of your design, remove and let dry. Once it’s dry, unstick the contact paper and place it on top of the plain notebook, cutting the edges to adjust as require. You can make as many designs as you want using this simple technique.

Become The School Hit With These DIY Ideas To Make Your Notebook Unique

4. Photo Dot Notebook Covers

If you are a huge fan of having what you love most closed all the time this is a great idea to personalize your notebooks for the school year ahead. Start by getting your favorite pictures printed, it can be photographs of your friends, your family, your favorite band or whatever you want to add, they can be also cut from a magazine. Trace circles on top of the printed images of a desire size and cut them.

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Paste them on top of your new notebook, to which you could have added a new background beforehand, you can paste them on any order you desire and even leave some close to the edges. Let them dry before trimming the circles you pasted alongside the edges and feel free to add more details to the cover if desire. You can repeat the steps on the backside of your notebook to make it more personal. Remember that uniqueness comes with creativity!

Become The School Hit With These DIY Ideas To Make Your Notebook Unique

5. Stitched Notebook Covers

Adding stitches to a notebook not only makes it super unique, but it also adds a seems pf artisan work to it that is super valuable. Get your plain notebooks or if you want a more different approach reverse the idea and make a plain center and a printed background to the notebook cover. Whatever you decided start by cutting out the central piece of your notebook, it can be a heart shaped, a square or circle, whichever shape you want to create is up to you. Paste it on top of the notebook an apply some Mod Podge on top of it, let it dry completely.


When it has dried out use a needle or take to pole holes where you want your notebook to have stitches on and proceed to stitch the design you poke out with your favorite color string. Once you have finished this step, if you want you can cover the inside cover where the end floss is with white paper or sticker paper but is not a mandatory step to do. This process can be made in a lot of different ways, you just need to figure out which one will be your favorite.

Become The School Hit With These DIY Ideas To Make Your Notebook Unique

Ready to get creative with your back to school unique notebook covers? If you do any of the ideas suggested don’t forget to share them with us in the comments below!

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