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20 Beauty Tricks To Get You Through Every Phase Of College

20 Beauty Tricks To Get You Through Every Phase Of College

For the average college girl, makeup and overall beauty is a huge part of everyday life. (Look good, feel better right?) Whether it’s a full face for a night out, or a quick fix-up before you head to class, every college girl needs her beauty essentials. College is full of ups and downs, so to make sure your face can keep up with all the craziness, here are some beauty tricks to get you through the 4 phases of college!

1. The “Rushed First Impression” Phase

The first few months of school are filled with over-eager, yet extremely nervous freshmen just trying to get to know each other, and of course, make a good first impression. While you want to make sure that your face is beat enough to get you noticed (especially by the cute guys), you don’t have time before that 8am class to do a 40 minute makeup look.

These beauty tricks will help you get through all your phases of college!

1. First things first, make sure you have a beauty organizer so you’re not scrambling through all your products to find your mascara.

2. Choose products that have multiple uses! For example, eyeliner isn’t always necessary; the dark effect around your eyes can be achieved by applying heavy mascara or by using a dark eyeshadow. Your favorite gold shimmer eyeshadow can also double as a highlighter!



3. Get an all-in-one pallet. It saves major time!

4. Plan what you can do on the go! A lot can be done with a compact mirror and some serious multitasking skills.

2. The “Party Animal” Phase

For most people, the party animal phase is in full effect mid-freshman year. You’re comfortable in your surroundings now and you’re going out every chance you get. Going out (and probably getting drunk) will require your makeup to outlast the sweat, and possible tears, that could ruin your makeup. In these cases you’ll want some of these beauty tips!

These beauty tricks will help you get through your "party animal" college phase!

1. Wear waterproof mascara and use no-smudge lip products so the guy you’re feeling that night doesn’t leave with red lipstick all over him.


2. Don’t skip the primer! (Seriously don’t)

3. Use translucent setting powder to set your foundation and prevent flashback in pictures.

4. Bring blotting papers with you to blot away any oil or sweat that might settle on your face as you dance the night away!

5. WASH YOUR FACE BEFORE BED! If you think you might be too drunk when you get home to remember, leave a post-it on your dresser next to some makeup remover wipes. The only thing worse than going to sleep with makeup on, is waking up with makeup on. (Racoon eyes is not a cute look.)

3. The “Staying Alive” Phase

Everyone comes to the point in their college career where they’ve pulled one too many all-nighters, have more work than they can handle, overall stressed out, and can’t even think about the effort it takes to put on makeup. This can take a major toll on your face (especially during midterms or finals weeks). You may be dead inside, but your face doesn’t have to look it!

These beauty tricks are sure to get you through your "staying alive" college phase!

1. Use concealer with an orange hue to cover up dark circles and under-eye bags.

2. Invest in a quality face mask to rejuvenate your skin. Overnight masks work great for brightening up tired looking skin.

3. Use exfoliating face wash to clear up dead skin cells that cause skin to look dull.

4. Moisturize! Dry skin can leave you looking lifeless, especially in the winter. Try a moisturizing BB cream that acts as a light foundation for a more natural look.

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5. You always need to hydrate. This is the oldest trick in the book but drinking water regularly will keep your skin supple, hydrated and help get rid of skin and body toxins.

Drinking water will keep your skin looking great, especially during finals week!

6. When all hope is lost, throw on some cute sunglasses and call it a day. Some days you just have to take the L.


4. The “Go-Getter” Phase

This is every girl’s prime time in college. You’re getting great grades, your relationships are thriving, and you are on your ultimate grind. It’s also usually late junior year into senior year, when you start realizing that graduation is impending and you’re going to have to find a job or get into graduate school. You start hustling for internships and jobs, you network everywhere you go, and you send out more professional emails than you can count. What you need to go with your new ambition is makeup for your new confident spirit.

These beauty tricks are sure to get you through your "go-getter" college phase!

1. Avoid gaudy makeup looks, like dramatic cat eyes and crazy lip colors. Keep it natural and professional.

This natural eye look is very professional and great for work!


2. Keep it clean! Don’t be lazy when putting on your makeup, make sure you’re wiping off stray mascara marks and blending out your eyeshadow.

3. Less is more! Don’t go overboard with crazy colors, contouring, highlighting, and all the works; you don’t want to distract the employer from your amazing resume and talent, with your makeup. Avoid “party” looks like smokey eyes.

4. Make sure to get lots of sleep the night before any big interviews and use a hydrating face product so you look alive!

These tips to get a good night's sleep will help you look well rested for interviews!

5. Use teeth whitening strips before an interview or important meeting.

These are some of the best beauty tricks to get you through all your phases of college. Can you think of any more? Share in the comments!
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